Safe On The Skin, Environmentally With Recyclable Packaging

You must be aware that plastic is one of the elements that threaten the health of our earth, right? The increasing amount of pollution, including garbage pollution, makes the earth warmer or the term “global warming”. In addition, plastic waste that is not treated properly ends up polluting and harming both the environment and the organisms in it. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. As long as it has not been decomposed, it becomes a pile of garbage which ultimately threatens the balance of the earth’s ecosystem. Ecosystems are threatened, one by one animals become rare and extinct. Those are just some of the fatal plastic waste effects!

But, what does plastic have to do with skincare? Let’s take a look at the explanation below.

The Role of Plastic in the World of Skincare

From food wrappers, furniture, to cutlery, there are countless items made of plastic. Every day and every second, plastic waste is disposed of daily. Why is this material so common and used so often? One reason is that this material is strong, durable and relatively inexpensive compared to other materials. That’s why all over the world plastic is rampant.

This case also occurs in the world of skincare. Try checking the skincare you have now, for example your soap packaging. What is your soap container made of? Without a doubt 8 out of 10 people will answer: plastic. Amazed? Certainly not. It’s actually quite normal like this.

Then, let’s try to ponder it further. How many skincare products do you currently have? Starting from soap, shampoo, moisturizer and others. Maybe there are skincare with glass bottles or the like, but honestly, most of them are made of plastic, right? This is just plastic waste from 1 person. All we have to do is add millions and even thousands of other skincare lovers!

Actually, it doesn’t matter if plastic waste management is appropriate and applied in a disciplined manner. But unfortunately public awareness is still low, especially in Indonesia! Waste segregation has not yet been fully implemented in our country. As a result, waste recycling cannot be maximized!

The demand for landfills is increasing, but the recycling process has not been implemented properly. In fact, the more frequent burning of garbage, the less places for disposal. Even though you know, burning plastic material is one of the causes of “global warming” (through greenhouse gas emissions)! It’s dangerous to the health of so many!

The Dangers of Bad Plastic Waste Management

Both the environment and its inhabitants will be affected by the negative effects of uncontrolled plastic waste. If we don’t handle it, the more losses await. Here’s a list of some examples of the impact:

  • Pollution 
  • Natural disasters such as floods
  • Disturbed ecosystem
  • Threats to human health and other organisms
  • And many more!

That’s really bad! Ironically, this human phenomenon has an impact on the innocent. Have you ever seen a video of a seal entangled in plastic waste? Or a turtle with a straw in its nose? Maybe not everything is documented, but thousands of organisms on earth are suffocating and suffering from this plastic material. The innocent end up being the victims. Ecosystems that were once balanced have been disturbed.

Besides, are we humans comfortable living in the middle of a sea of ​​trash? Not good in the eyes and not healthy for the environment. Whereas we as virtuous beings can be more responsible for all our actions. We can limit, sort and process plastic waste properly if we want! So it is our duty to act on this issue from now on.

Skincare Plastic Waste Solution

Plastic is strong and durable, which is why many items, including skincare, also use this type of material. Its power is also what backfires on us because scientists predict that this matter is difficult to decompose! Even we have to wait hundreds of years more. But it’s not possible if we have to let plastic waste run rampant, right?

Plastic is a human creation, not from nature. That’s why we have to take responsibility and start handling it little by little! Here are some tips that you can do

  • Sorting out plastic packaging and recycling in its place
  • Reusing skincare packaging
  • Changing skincare packaging into other crafts such as plant pots
  • Buy skincare products that use eco-friendly packaging that is safe for the environment or that can be recycled (not single-use plastics)

I think you can do this step to deal with plastic waste, especially for skin care products. After understanding and undergoing this step, there is one more task that is no less important: Raising and spreading awareness to the surrounding community. Knowledge will be very useful if we share it, guys! Slowly but surely, this problem can be solved if the level of awareness increases. So, don’t forget to tell the people closest to you!

Serenitree Recyclable Packaging

Serenitree also wants to take part in changing the world to be more plastic free. That’s why our skin care products use recyclable plastic packaging. Not only for handling plastic waste, but recycling also brings many other benefits. An example is to train creativity to process waste into useful goods and have a selling value. Auto money!

The Serenitree packaging recycling process is really easy! You can directly visit the nearest waste bank. There is one more anti-complicated solution here! Serenitree, in collaboration with the Kertabumi Recycling Center, also accepts used packaging. Later we will process the plastic waste into useful crafts such as bags and so on.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry! From the content of Serenitree skincare to the packaging, everything is environmentally friendly. Serenitree believes that healthy skin must be based on a healthy environment too. Now, after understanding what the risks are and the steps we can take, this is the time! Even though it seems a little, our good intentions are able to bring about change for the better for the world.

Remember, don’t throw away your plastic waste! Let’s start recycling from now on for a healthier earth!

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