Why Serenitree Avoids Harsh Chemicals Skincare Ingredients?

There are countless numbers of skincare in this world. You can find K-beauty, luxury skincare brands and many more genres from this industry. As seen from the number of specific consumer groups or niche markets, it is evident that fans of the skincare industry are very unique and infinite. There are a lot of skincare users regardless of their gender, race, religion or other backgrounds.

Regular use of skincare can make our skin slay, but that’s not the only reason why skincare is mandatory! Skin health should be our focus. Meanwhile, it is not that easy to immediately find safe and suitable skincare for everyone. Especially with the possibility that the products we choose contain “toxic” or harsh chemicals!

To avoid that from happening, it’s better to first read the explanation from Serenitree!

Effects of Using Harsh Chemicals on the Skin

In fact, the fierce competition in the beauty industry does not rule out the possibility that many skincare brands use harsh chemical compositions. Although not meant to create a stigma, the reality is most of these compounds can cause negative side effects on the body!

Basically our body, including the skin, is a biological creation. It’s logical that it is possible to react badly to man-made chemical compositions! Absorbed directly into the body and bloodstream, this chemical can make our body react. Initial minor symptoms may be in the form of: itching, redness and dry skin conditions leading to cracking on skin. Leveling up from the previous symptoms, the negative effects take the form of: infections, hormonal disturbances in the body, even the forerunner of cancer!

It’s terrible isn’t it? Of course, not everyone will experience the same symptoms. This all again depends on the strength of the immune system and different tolerances. One thing is for sure, too long exposure to harsh chemicals can certainly have a negative impact either temporarily or permanently on the body.

So are all chemical-based skincare bad? Are we forbidden to use it at all to keep the skin healthy?

12 Harsh Chemicals In Skincare

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, although harsh chemicals are bad news for the skin, there are some chemical compositions that we can use in certain doses.

To make it easier to distinguish which ones are bad and which are not, Serenitree is ready to spill 12 harsh chemical compositions that we must avoid.

  • Phthalates

This composition is commonly found in lotions and bath soaps. Negative side effects of Phthalates can be: endocrine hormone disturbances and developmental and reproductive toxicity.

  • Paraben

This composition is commonly found in lotions, moisturizers, shampoos, and deodorants. The negative side effects of Parabens can be in the form of: skin irritation, hormonal disorders, fertility and reproductive disorders and the forerunner of cancer.

  • Triclosan

This composition is commonly found in bath products and creams. The negative side effects of Triclosan can be: skin irritation, hormonal disturbances, impaired muscle function, and the risk of antibacterial resistance.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

This composition is commonly found in bath products and facial cleansers. The negative side effects of SLS can be: skin irritation.

  • Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs)

This composition is commonly found in moisturizing products, sunscreens, and facial cleansers. The negative side effects of PEGs can be: damaging the body’s nervous system and the forerunner of cancer.

  • Imidazolidinyl Urea

This composition is commonly found in shampoos, deodorants, creams and lotions. The negative side effects of Imidazolidinyl Urea can be: allergic reactions and immune dysfunction.

  • Triethanolamine (TEA)

This composition is commonly found in sunscreen products. The negative side effects of TEA can range from: redness of the skin, itching, to burning and pain.

  • Sunscreen Chemicals

From the name “chemicals” sunscreen, it can be seen that the composition of chemical sunscreens relies heavily on chemicals for their effectiveness. The negative side effects of sunscreen chemicals can be: skin irritation, hormonal disorders and even skin cancer.

  • Synthetic Colorants

Synthetic dyes are one of the ingredients that can be used for color effects in skincare products. The negative side effects of Synthetic colorants can be: skin irritation, clogged pores, and the appearance of acne.

  • Synthetic Fragrances

Just like synthetic dyes, there are also synthetic scent options for every skincare product such as shampoo or soap. The negative side effects of Synthetic Fragrances can be: allergic reactions, rashes and breathing problems.

  • Polyacrylamides

This composition is commonly found in sunscreen, moisturizer, lotion, shampoo and anti-aging skincare products. The negative side effects of Polyacrylamides can be: the forerunner of cancer.

  • Hydroquinone

This composition functions to brighten the skin so we will commonly find it in skincare that functions for brightening. Negative side effects of Hydroquinone can include: redness, dry skin, pain and burning on the skin.

These 12 ingredients are 12 taboos that you really have to avoid, especially those with sensitive skin. For those who have already used it, let’s look for other alternatives to be safe!

Look for Gentle Composition for Skin

Chemical-based skincare, moreover the 12 ingredients that we just discussed on average can trigger allergies, disrupt hormones and are carcinogens (potential cancer).

Whether you have sensitive or normal skin, Serenitree highly recommends always checking the information on the skincare label before use or purchase. Ask the experts or browse the internet if you still don’t understand it well. Maybe it seems like an exaggeration. But, who will be responsible when there is severe damage to the skin?

To make it easier, try to find skincare made from natural and natural ingredients. Automatically the risk of allergies, rashes or other symptoms will decrease. Most natural skincare products are gentle so there is almost no risk of negative side effects. This is what you should be looking for, gentle skincare composition!

There are countless skincare brands out there that provide skin care with natural compositions and of course gentle on the skin. Serenitree is one of its examples. For sure, you won’t find 12 taboo chemicals in this brand. There are various options for your skin problems too!

So what are you waiting for? Choose Serenitree, instant hassle-free and natural skincare!

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