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Keep Your Skin Healthy With Serenitree’s Tips!

It is common to hear praises such as beautiful, smooth, clean, bright skin, and so forth. But, have you ever heard someone praise “healthy” skin? Maybe in certain situations there are, but that sentence is rarely heard! Whereas the essence of glowing, beautiful or smooth skin depends on the condition of its health. The health here applies to our whole bodies, not just the skin. It also includes the mind. Still confused? Don’t worry, let’s first understand the meaning of healthy skin!

Meaning and Characteristics of Healthy Skin

Serenitree have discussed in previous articles about skin in general. Basically our skin is the largest organ of the body, consisting of several layers. Each layer also has its own function that is useful for protecting the body from free radicals and external harmful things. Without skin, of course other organs could be more vulnerable! Not good at all!

Our organs are also interconnected and support each other. So, if our skin is healthy, it means our body as a whole is healthy. For example, if someone is having a cold or fever, the skin will look pale, right?

Here are the characteristics of healthy skin as a reference to maintain it properly:

  • The color on the skin is even, there is no or minimal part that is darker or lighter. Unless someone has a skin condition.
  • The texture of the skin is naturally smooth. Excess texture such as lumps or spots could indicate a problem.
  • Naturally hydrated.
  • The skin does not feel tight or excessively dry. Indeed, there are types of dry skin, but if the dryness has crossed the line, it means that something must be addressed immediately!
  • Free from acne and other skin problems.
  • Free from burning sensation, itching and others. Healthy and normal skin should have no negative sensations.

Congratulations to those of you who have taken good care of your skin! But for those of you who haven’t, calm down. There’s still time to change it. Let’s follow the Serenitree-style skin care tips!

Achieving Healthy Skin; Do’s

Taking care of the skin will not be enough if you only use skincare! As we have already discussed, our bodies are interconnected. So we have to take care of our health. It’s really easy, the steps are:

  • A good and balanced diet.

A balanced diet accompanied by adequate nutritional intake is essential for healthy skin and body. In other words, we have to take care of beauty from the outside and inside!

  • Use of appropriate skincare.

Of course, skincare also plays an important role! But you have to be wise in choosing the right product. Suitable for skin types, skin problems as well as safe to use!

  • Use of sunscreen

Hundreds of skincare will not be useful if it does not coincide with the use of sunscreen. Did you know that if our skin is exposed to UV rays, it will have the potential for skin cancer and premature aging!

  • Adequate water consumption

The human body is made up of up to 60% water! So that the skin is hydrated from the inside out, it is important to drink water. Remember, we have to drink about 2 liters every day.

  • Exercise regularly

By exercising, our body will have a good blood circulation From there all the nutritional intake that we consume can be absorbed maximally. In addition, the skin will automatically glow after exercise!

So, here are some steps that you can follow! Serenitree guarantees that your skin will glow up. However, we must do this step regularly. The benefits are definitely less visible if you only do it occasionally. Come on, fight that lazy feeling guys!

Achieving Healthy Skin; Don’ts

Indeed, skin care requires consistency and determination. We must do this routine as early as possible!

You want to glow up? Make sure to avoid these things:

  • Lack of adequate nutritional intake.

This is not only harmful to your skin, but your health too! The body can be more susceptible to disease. Moreover, it can stunt the body’s growth, especially children. 

  • Skincare made from chemicals/synthetic chemicals

Skin exposure to chemical-based skincare products can cause side effects. Especially in the long term. So always be wise in choosing yes!

  • Avoid bad habits like smoking

For those who like smoking or drinking, it’s time to rethink! Habits like these can have a negative effect on our skin and body.

  • Excessive use of make-up

Make-up aims to make the skin look “perfect” and beautiful. It’s okay to wear it, but make sure to give your skin some time to “breathe”. In addition, always clean the skin well from makeup because these components can clog skin pores.

  • Poor air quality

Generally, those who live in cool areas have healthier skin than those who live in hot and polluted areas. This is because cool air can keep the skin moist while hot air is full of polluting free radicals!

  • Excessive sun exposure

UV rays are not our skin’s best friend! It’s better if we take shelter or use sunscreen if we really have to be exposed to the sun.

  • Drastic weight loss/gain

Losing or gaining weight can be affected by diet, exercise and others. Whatever the reason, anything extreme is not good. Stability and consistency will be much healthier!

  • Dehydration

One thing is for sure, not drinking enough can cause dry skin! Especially when combined with hot weather. It will be like the Sahara Desert! 

  • Lack of exercise

Do you know the reason why skin can glow after exercise? When we sweat, the skin pores open. All the dirt that clogs the pores can come out right away!

The Key to Glowing Skin: Healthy Skin

So in conclusion, to pursue skin goals is actually not difficult. As long as we have real intentions and actions within us. How expensive or how much skincare can not guarantee beautiful and smooth skin. Likewise with doctors or beauty clinics.

Bottom line: keep your skin healthy!

In addition to the importance of skin health, we must also take care of the body optimally! You don’t want a negative effect, do you? 

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