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7 Benefits of Citronella for Skin!

Citronella if mixed with sugar cane must taste good, but have you ever heard of Citronella as one of the skincare ingredients? As it turns out, apart from being a kitchen and food spice, this herbal plant is very beneficial for the skin. One of them is as an acne skin helper! Citronella itself has antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent (shrinks pores) properties. No wonder, this natural ingredient does have tremendous health benefits. Perfect for this fasting month, it can be a solution for dull, dry, and acne-prone skin.

Want to know what are the full benefits for our skin health? Stay tuned, Sereni-Trees!

Solves Acne & Irritation Problems

Acne can occur due to the blockage of dirt and dead skin cells in the pores. However, the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of citronella are responsible for effectively cleansing our skin. On top of that, this natural ingredient can also treat inflammation so that it can resolve acne symptoms or the appearance of new pimples! Not only acne, other problems such as rashes and irritation can also be relieved by regularly using citronella-based skincare.

Astringent (Shrinks Pores)

Who has big pores? Citronella has astringent properties, which means it’s perfect for shrinking pores naturally. This astringent component is especially useful for oily and sensitive skin as it reduces oil production without compromising the skin’s natural moisture. In addition, this natural astringent is also effective in dealing with blackheads that are difficult to remove.

Brighten Skin Naturally

Dull skin can be caused by a build-up of dead skin cells! Citronella can be a natural exfoliator (minimal side effects). Moreover, the vitamin C content can brighten and reduce dark spots on our skin. Very multifunctional and interesting to try!

Solving Cellulite Problems

It’s not that easy to overcome the problem of cellulite, but we can camouflage it little by little with citronella. How come? It turns out that this natural ingredient can improve blood circulation and skin metabolism, which can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. On top of that, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of citronella can relieve inflammation and promote healthy skin cell regeneration. That way, we can reduce and disguise cellulite! But, it is not instantaneous and must be used regularly.

Protects Skin From Mosquito Bites

Believe it or not, while the scent of citronella is very soothing to humans, insects don’t like it. Odour compounds like citronella repel mosquitoes and have repellent properties against them. Not bad right, especially in this transitional season, there is no need to overuse chemical mosquito repellents! No more mosquito bites!

Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

There are several reasons why citronella can potentially prevent skin cancer. Firstly, its antioxidant properties (from citral and geraniol) can protect skin cells from free radical damage. Secondly, this natural ingredient also has photoprotective properties that can protect the skin from excess UV/sunlight. Even so, you should still use sunscreen for maximum protection!

Relieves Skin Irritation & Inflammation

Sereni-Trees do you often have allergies or skin rashes? Citronella has anti-inflammatory properties, so any symptoms of skin inflammation such as redness, swelling, and so on, can be resolved naturally. Its anti-microbial properties can also speed up healing and protect the skin from infection or bacteria. Plus, the calming scent of citronella is guaranteed to relax you! 

Health Benefits and Other Issues

It turns out that Citronella is not just limited to the skin, it has a myriad of health benefits for the body as a whole! For example, we can solve problems such as: reducing hair dandruff, losing weight (provides a diuretic effect for detox, reduces the risk of cavities (fights streptococcus mutans bacteria), relieves muscle and joint pain (analgesic effect), relieves headaches/migraines, and treats nausea.

It turns out to be very powerful, isn’t it, the effect of citronella on our health? Are you sure you don’t want to try to feel the positive benefits yourself?

How to properly use citronella?

In order to experience its benefits, there are several ways we can do it. The first is through topical (external) use. We can use citronella essential oil. Mix a few drops of citronella essential oil with a little water. After that, apply this mixture evenly to the skin area we want. For example, to relieve irritation or inflammation, apply this mixture on the affected skin area. You can also mix the oil directly into a natural lotion such as Serenitree’s body lotion.

The second is by way of consumption. Sereni-Trees can consume citronella by making tea or infusion. Simply slice citronella into small pieces and add to hot water. Let it infuse for a few minutes before we drink. By consuming it regularly, we can gain a wide range of health benefits, including protection from disease, stress relief, and improved digestion.

The last method is to use Serenitree’s Citronella body wash! This natural body wash is already in bar form and does not need to be mixed anymore. We can use this soap twice a day with a massaging/twisting motion (to improve blood circulation). Isn’t it easy to use? Moreover, this soap is also complete with other natural ingredients such as olive oil and coconut oil. You also don’t need to worry, because this body wash is safe for sensitive skin, children (above 3 years), pregnant women, and breastfeeding. Of course, it is free from harmful chemicals (parabens, SLS, phthalates, and others)!

Keep in mind, before using citronella, we should always do a patch test and make sure that our skin is not allergic. Serenitree highly recommends that you consult an expert to find the right solution for your particular skin type and condition. Last but not least, make sure that you accompany your skincare routine (moisturiser, sunscreen), get enough rest, eat nutritious food, exercise, and stay away from bad habits! Remember, skincare alone is not enough. 

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