What Is “Clean Formulation Skincare” in Serenitree Products?

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With the development of technology, people’s minds are becoming more open to “Clean Formulation Skincare” in the skincare world. The term refers to skincare products with safe ingredients, aka safe for the health of its users. It doesn’t always have to be natural, the key word is without harmful ingredients. What are the benefits and how can we start this routine in our daily lives? What does this term mean in Serenitree skincare products?

The Importance of Switching to Clean Formulation Skincare

The purpose of using skincare is not just to be “pretty”. Skincare also aims to provide protection and nourishment to the skin while keeping the user and the environment safe. By embracing Clean Formulation Skincare, Serenitree aims to be a way for skincare users to start the journey towards a healthier and more natural skincare routine.

There are 2 types of benefits that we can feel, the first we can see from the short term. Examples such as:

  • Avoid irritation

With gentle and harmless ingredients, there is less chance of irritation, inflammation, allergies, or other skin problems. 

  • Maintain overall body health

Healthy skin is one of the factors that support mental and other physical health. Our body can be well protected and free from discomfort that may be caused by skin problems.

  • Naturally bright skin

Without the need to use specific products, healthy skin can exude a natural glow! Especially with minimal exposure to harmful chemicals.

Meanwhile, in the long run, we can contribute to the health of ourselves and the environment:

  • Reducing waste and pollution

Skincare ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals and natural tend to be safer for the environment. So we don’t have to worry about polluting the environment! 

  • Support sustainable living

Clean formulation skincare is more than just a way of treating skin. It’s practically become part of our lifestyle. Why, because we’re becoming more conscious of our negative impact on the environment and reducing our digital carbon footprint.

That being said, for Sereni-Trees who want to convert to Clean formulation skincare, remember that we are not only bringing good to ourselves but to each other!

Serenitree’s role in supporting clean beauty

Actually, the terms “Clean Beauty” and “Clean Formulation Skincare” are almost similar! The difference is only in the focus where one side focuses more on the formulation of skincare while the other side focuses on the entire beauty industry. Serenitree is a natural skincare brand that cares about the environment and the health of its users. Of course we focus on both!

As proof of this, our brand prepares all skincare elements to be supportive. Starting from the ingredients that come directly from natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Calendula Extract, and Licorice Root that are produced locally trusted. Automatically, this process also contributes to advancing the local economy! Even though it is natural and local, Sereni-Trees does not need to worry because all the ingredients have been professionally processed and formulated (BPOM registered).

Furthermore, Serenitree also wants to encourage sustainable and eco-friendly living habits. All of our skincare containers and packaging are recyclable which is safe for the environment. In collaboration with Kertabumi Recycling Centre, we also support the movement of recycling every packaging so that it can produce useful products instead of being wasted and polluting the environment. For those who are interested, you can see the details of the recycling programme on Serenitree’s social media!

Last but not least, Serenitree wants you to be involved with the process of making these natural skincare products. We provide several workshops that can be attended by everyone, especially those who are interested in making natural “home-made” skincare (details will usually be shared via social media). The aim is to bring awareness on how important and beneficial natural ingredients are. With this, you don’t have to hesitate anymore if you want to switch to a natural skincare brand!

Tips for Switching to “Clean Formulation Skincare”

Switching routines is never easy, let alone changing your lifestyle! Relax, it’s still possible as long as we take it slow. Serenitree will provide some tips that you can follow here:

  • Recognise the dangerous ingredients

Simply put, we need to research which ingredients are bad for our skin. Examples include parabens and phthalates. Apart from harsh chemicals, we also need to know the allergens that can cause allergies on the skin. To know this, we should do a lot of research, patch tests, or consult a dermatologist directly.

  • Know the ingredients that matter for problem skin

As opposed to harmful ingredients, we also need to know our skin condition and what natural ingredients are suitable to treat it. For example, Aloe vera is great for soothing inflammation while Shea butter is suitable for moisturising dry skin. No need to worry, there are always natural alternatives!

  • Start changing from basic skincare

We need to start with skincare basics because these are the products we use the most on a daily basis. It is the routine that can be the judgement of whether a product is suitable or not. Examples of basic skincare could be body wash, body lotion, sunscreen, and similar.

  • Make a gradual transition

It’s best to change your skincare routine gradually so your skin can get used to it. In other words, so that your skin doesn’t get “shocked” by the sudden change. This is because some skin reactions can cause breakouts!

  • Pay attention to skin reactions

Don’t forget to pay attention to skin reactions when you switch skincare products or change your routine. Reactions such as rashes, itching, or redness are fairly immediate, signalling a product incompatibility. Therefore, if anything uncomfortable happens to your skin, stop using it immediately.

Well, those are some tips that you can follow if you are interested in moving to natural skincare or clean formulation skincare. For the record, if you have sensitive skin / skin conditions and for certain age groups, you should immediately consult a professional dermatologist!

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