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The Relationship Between Mind, Body and Healthy Skin

Health is a priceless treasure in this life! Do you agree with this statement? Of course we also need money to survive and enjoy life, but wealth cannot be compared to health. Our bodies are a special gift. The way it works is also unique, connected to each other. This is the reason why to maintain our health, including the skin, we must pay attention to several aspects namely physical, social, and mental health.

These three aspects are also included in the secret of glowing and youthful skin!

Want Healthy Skin? Pay Attention To These Aspects!

Does healthy skin only depend on skincare? The answer is of course not! In addition to the skin care that we use, of course, glowing skin must be supported by a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes a regular diet, exercise and adequate sleep. Besides that, your social life also matters. We as social beings definitely need interaction and emotional support from our close friends or family. When we are happy, won’t our skin look bright and radiant?

Not only the skin, your body is also guaranteed to be fresher and not susceptible to disease! There is one more thing that can affect skin health, which is: the mind. Is it possible? Unhealthy thoughts can harm our mental and physical health if we don’t deal with them immediately. Most people can have severe skin breakouts or other skin problems when stressed! This is just one piece of evidence that a healthy mind really supports the health of our bodies and skin.

You also need to remember that all these aspects must be maintained and balanced. Physical health can be treated with products, skin care and a healthy lifestyle. What about the mind and mental health? This last aspect is a bit difficult to maintain. So, let’s dive deeper into how important it is and how to maintain a healthy mind!

Healthy Mind = Key To Healthy Skin

Through the explanation above, we have understood that there are several factors that affect the health of our skin. The quality and appearance of dream skin is often affected by the external environment such as air quality. At the same time, the mind factor also plays a big role. Basically skin is a big canvas that paints a picture of what is going on in our mind. Let’s look at some examples of its effects:

  • Shy

This is still a feeling that leads to positive and not bad for our skin. But this is one proof that the mind can affect the state of the skin. Even in cartoons when a character is blushing, their face will turn red. Do you also blush when you’re shy? 

  • Over-emotional

Anger and emotion is a human company. However, if it is too much, it can have a bad effect on the skin! It can cause cracked skin. If the effect is more severe, those of you who have conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can immediately relapse. If this happens it will be more difficult to heal, so it is important to avoid that!

  • Stress

Stress is the root of many diseases! When we are stressed, the body releases the main stress hormone called cortisol. As a result, sugar level in our bloodstream will increase. The final effect? Starting from itchy, dry, scaly skin, to acne, spots, bags under the eyes, hyperpigmentation/redness, Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis. There are so many side effects. And again, we can be sure that our skin will NOT be glowing, instead it will turn out to be dull and our skin tone will turn gray.

Wow, it turns out that thoughts, especially negative ones, can be a source of skin problems! It has also been proven from many studies that repeated stress cycles can lead to a decrease in skin cell function and lead to chronic skin conditions. Therefore, it is our duty to keep the mind healthy for a healthier life!

Healthy Mind Solutions Lies in “Aroma”

Don’t be afraid, don’t panic! Serenitree can have product recommendations to keep your mind healthy and your soul calm. A chaotic mind can certainly be relaxed by smelling a calming scent or fragrance. How? Our bodies are interconnected with each other, including the sense of smell which is related to our emotions. The gland that functions to detect odors is also located high in the nose and is directly connected to the brain. That’s why the right scent can maintain mental health.

Each of our products contains essential oils. What is the function? In addition to having a pleasant fragrance and the use of natural ingredients, essential oils provide a therapeutic and calming effect.

As an illustration, here are other advantages of essential oils in skincare:

  • As a naturally occurring chemical compound, essential oils help heal, repair, regenerate and enhance the general function of our organs and all body systems.
  • The therapeutic aroma of essential oils can elevate mood and provide a sense of calm. The end result, feelings of stress, fear, tension and worry can be avoided.
  • Feelings of happiness and calm can increase our vitality as human beings. Of all the effects that essential oils have, this will ultimately help us maintain mental and physical health.

It turns out that the function of essential oils is really amazing! In addition to functioning as a “scent”, there are also many advantages that we can feel. If you are curious, you can just choose any product from Serenitree and all of them can give you a fragrance as well as a peace of mind when using it. It is also safe for sensitive skin and the environment. Win win solution!

A healthy mind can bring peace to the mind and health to the body. Although it looks trivial, the reality is more than that. Therefore, let’s pay attention to our mental health from now on. Don’t forget to also try products from Serenitree to help your healing process!

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