Safe For Your Skin, Beautiful For The eyes; No Synthetic Coloring

We’ve already discussed how scent can make our mood and heart happy. There are market segments that focus only on aromas in this industry. The same applies to the color and display of a product! Maybe we can find almost all the colors from the rainbow palette in various skincare products today. Purple soap, blue shampoo, nothing is impossible. It feels really nice, doesn’t it, being able to take care of your skin and seeing all these beautiful colors! For some people, this equals a fun self-healing session.

After all, packaging and the visual form of an item are crucial selling points. This phenomenon also occurs in the world of skin care. Strange but true, there are people who buy skincare because the colors are cute! 

But there are also problems that lurk beneath it all. Time after time, there are more and more dangerous coloring options in the industry. If we don’t pay close attention, this composition can negatively impact our skin! Let’s explore further the effect in order to avoid it.

Harmful Coloring Components in Skincare

Although not all, there are some of the coloring ingredients in the circulating skincare that are not intended for make up or skincare. We can see that in real cases, several skincare products containing dyes for paint, paper, and even textile have been circulating! Well, these components can be very dangerous for the health of our skin and body because it is not a product for humans.

Whether it’s economic factors, intentional or just human error, there are lots of cases where the ingredients in the skincare ingredients are not suitable. Indeed, with this “dangerous” composition, it can produce brighter and longer lasting colors than using natural dyes. But a series of negative side effects also faithfully await.

For the sake of beautiful colors, our bodies are prone to skin irritation, respiratory problems, nausea, hormonal disorders and pregnancy and can be one of the causes of cancer! Wow, is it all worth the risk?

Then how can we as consumers avoid harmful dyes that are still milling around here and there?

Be a Wise Consumer

The BPOM institution or the National Agency of Drug and Food Control functions as a shield and protection for consumers. Especially in the field of skincare. From the process to the ingredients that go into skincare, everyone must follow the provisions of BPOM.

Same thing with products that are already circulating in the market. One clear proof is that just this October, there was a withdrawal case of 3 skincare and make-up brand products with the initials MG belonging to Gisella Anastasia, a well-known Indonesian artist. It seems that there are some coloring compositions in the brand that are not in accordance with the provisions. This is one of the advantages of having a consumer protection institution.

Even though there are institutions, we as consumers should be wise and take care of ourselves. For example: Checking the composition label for every purchase or use of skincare and verifying the BPOM number listed on skincare products. For more detailed information, you can try reading articles about the importance of BPOM certification and consumer protection here. By reading the article, you will also give Serenitree some tips on choosing safe products and steps for checking BPOM numbers. Being careful from the start won’t hurt! The higher the initiative and awareness, the more protected from danger. Be a wise skincare fan, gain as much insight as possible!

A little reflection also for the skincare and make-up manufacturers out there to always be thorough and continue to uphold honesty in business. Now the risk may not be visible, but one day it can be fatal to health. So, let’s give the best for the customers who always support us.

No Synthetic Coloring For Serenitree

The root and soul of the Serenitree brand itself is “natural”. Isn’t it normal if the composition of the dye that we use is also made from natural ingredients? Nature has provided various options, why don’t we use them?

This brand uses plant extracts as an alternative to synthetic dyes in skincare. Although the color may not be as strong and bright as synthetic materials, this composition can also provide nutrients to the user. The definition of effective and aesthetic!

Curious what the ingredients are? Serenitree will spill 6 natural skincare coloring ingredients used by this brand:

  • Beetroot Extract

Color of this extract: Red and pink.

Function of extract: Anti-aging, fight acne, rich in antioxidants, brightening and anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Calendula Extract

Color of this extract: Yellow and orange.

The function of the extract: Hydrates the skin, is rich in antioxidants, tightens the skin, accelerates the healing of wounds and acne.

  • Carrot Extract

Color of this extract: Orange.

The function of the extract: Reduces redness and dark spots on the skin, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants.

  • Butterfly Pea Tea Extract

Color of this extract: Blue

Functions of the extract: Supports collagen structure, reduces redness and skin irritation.

  • Rosella Flower Extract

Color of this extract: Red

Functions of the extract: Support the skin rejuvenation process, increase skin elasticity.

  • Avocado Oil 

Color of this extract: Green

Function of the extract: Moisturizes skin, protects skin from UV rays, promotes collagen growth.

That’s just 6 compositions that we discussed, in fact there are many more! In addition to extracts, Serenitree also uses essential oils that can provide color and nutrition to skincare. Interesting isn’t it?

Of course, Serenitree itself knows very well how difficult it is to find safe dyes for skincare. How much effort and time it takes to produce a safe and “aesthetic” product for Serenitree supporters. The price we have to spend is not small. However, health is more valuable than any profit or pseudo profit that we can get.

Do you also agree that health should be in the number one position? Anyway, Serenitree’s message is only one, be wise in using skin care. We will not get tired of reminding you:

Skincare is one form of investment for your skin in the future!

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