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8 Benefits of White Turmeric for Healthy Skin & Body!

Is it possible for kitchen ingredients to be powerful natural skincare ingredients? Yes, you can! White turmeric or also known as curcuma zedoaria is famous for its various benefits. Not only useful as kitchen spice, white turmeric is also often used for traditional medicines! We can use all parts of this ingredient such as roots, oil, and leaves. It’s so powerful that we can consume this ingredient to maintain a healthy body! Aren’t you curious about the benefits of white turmeric for our skin? Stay tuned!

Suitable as an Anti-aging Ingredient

Retinol is indeed one of the most popular anti-aging ingredients in skincare. But if your skin is sensitive, you can use white turmeric as an alternative. Positive benefits such as wrinkle concealment/delay and dark spots can be obtained thanks to the vitamin C and antioxidant content in white turmeric. Plus, natural ingredients have fewer negative side effects than chemicals. Worth a try!

Solution for Stubborn Acne

Got stubborn acne that bothers you? Relax, white turmeric also has great benefits for treating acne problems. This is because this natural ingredient is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic so that it can relieve any inflammation on our skin. This will automatically reduce the growth of acne.

Treating Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is when our skin overproduces melanin and results in a difference in skin colour. This condition can occur due to many things such as UV rays, hormonal changes, inflammation, and trauma to our skin. Worry not, the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of white turmeric can help!

Controls Oil Production in the Skin

Excessive oil/sebum production can certainly cause some complications such as acne and blackheads. Dirt will more easily stick to the skin and get into our pores! Slowly but surely, frequent use of white turmeric as skincare can help reduce excess oil production.

Cleanse Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells can accumulate and cause your face to become dull. That’s why we need to exfoliate regularly to remove these dead skin cells. White turmeric has the right texture and content as a safe skin exfoliating ingredient. Moreover, because it is natural, the chances of causing irritation to the skin are minimal!

Natural Glowing and Bright Skin

Want naturally bright skin? This natural ingredient is perfect because it contains antioxidant compounds such as curcuminoids that can fight free radical damage. Not only that, other benefits include maintaining skin moisture too. Remember Sereni-Trees, bright skin starts with healthy and moisturised skin!

Makes Skin Smoother

With the moisturising, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory benefits of white turmeric, skin texture can be improved. Additionally, this natural ingredient can stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, resulting in a smoother and softer skin texture. No more, dry and rough skin!

Multifunctional, Beneficial for Other Body Parts

Not just for skincare, white turmeric also provides positive benefits for other parts of the body. Here are some examples:

  • The function is for the head/hair: Simply apply turmeric, massage, and leave for 15 minutes on a wet head then rinse. Regular use can reduce dandruff, oily hair, and even hair loss!
  • Maintain digestive health: The essential oils in white turmeric have benefits for treating flatulence, bowel problems, decreased appetite, and preventing colitis.
  • Resolves allergies naturally: White turmeric also works as a natural allergy remedy as it contains curcuminoids that have anti-allergic effects. These compounds can treat allergic skin reactions by inhibiting the activity of proteins that cause inflammation and preventing the release of histamine (a chemical that triggers allergic reactions).
  • Reduces the risk of cancer: Ingredients in white turmeric can trigger the production of caspase proteins (substances that cause cancer cell death in the breast area). But remember, Sereni-Trees, natural ingredients can NOT be the only cure for medical illnesses. It may only be preventive, but to be on the safe side, consult your doctor!
  • Coping with menstrual pain: This herb has an analgesic effect that can reduce pain during menstruation. It works by blocking pain signals to the brain or interfering with their interpretation. How cool is that?

There are actually so many positive benefits that we can feel from white turmeric, Sereni-Trees! How about it, is anyone interested in trying skincare with this natural ingredient?

Tips for Using White Turmeric a la Serenitree

We already know the benefits, but do you know how to use it? White turmeric is indeed a natural ingredient that we can easily find, for that the way it is used also varies. Firstly, we can make it into a healthy drink. This is a surefire way to boost the immune system, inflammation, and increase antioxidant production in the body! If Sereni-Trees doesn’t like the taste, you can really add sweeteners such as honey, milk, or sugar.

Apart from drinks, we can consume white turmeric in the form of supplements and spices. This routine can cleanse toxins in the body, improve digestion, and maintain healthy skin from within. 

The next way is to make natural masks and scrubs. The ingredients we need are pretty easy, white turmeric powder, olive oil, honey/yogurt (for a scrub texture, use sugar). Just mix them well and use it on your skin! Don’t forget to rinse off after your skincare treatment! Oh yes, for making natural skincare, you should only make a small amount because this blend is without preservatives.

Last but not least, we can choose skincare with white turmeric. Does it exist? There is! Serenitree has a white turmeric bar soap variant with a combination of other natural ingredients such as olive oil and coconut oil. Another plus point, this bar soap is natural, even the aroma comes from peppermint essential oil. So for pregnant women, nursing mothers, sensitive skin, or children aged 3 years and above, this product is perfect!

Isn’t it very easy to use? Instead of being curious, let’s try Serenitree’s tips right away! 

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