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Serenitree, Your Sensitive Skin Bestie

Our bodies will certainly be different from each other. Just like character and personality, every organ of our body inside and out will certainly have its own differences. From its condition to its type. Same thing applies to our skin! That’s why skincare brands out there have a wide variety of products for different skin types and problems. Some have dry, oily or a mixture of the two. This is a very unique organ of our touch. Besides that the level of skin sensitivity is different. Sometimes we also don’t realize that we have sensitive skin until the skin is reactive to the composition of skincare products. In addition there are also several factors that can influence skin sensitivity. Let’s dive into the meaning and causes first!

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Simply put, sensitive skin is a condition where the skin is more vulnerable so that it is possible to be easily triggered and cause negative reactions such as redness and itching. Not only that, most people who have sensitive skin are prone to itching, burning sensation, irritation, and redness!

What can cause our skin to be vulnerable? Here are some of the factors:

  • Skin allergy

Usually everyone’s allergies are different, yes. This can be caused by our immune system reacting to something. For example, an allergy to animal fur or dust. The effects of allergies can include itching, irritation, redness, swelling, and much more!

  • Disorders and wounds on the skin

It is normal for our skin to be vulnerable when it is injured or in the process of healing. That’s why we have to be careful in using skincare products when our skin is not in a healthy condition. Otherwise it might make things worse!

  • Very dry skin

As we discussed earlier, humans have several skin types. There are dry, normal, oily, or a combination of both. Sometimes there is a very high level of dryness so that it is susceptible to external factors. It’s best to check your skin type first so you can use the right treatment and products.

  • Weak lipid barrier

Lipid Barrier is the outermost protective layer of the skin which consists of cells and lipids. This layer serves to protect the skin from external stressors and keep water inside our bodies. A weak lipid layer can potentially reduce the function of our skin. Therefore we should use the most suitable product to prevent this!

  • External factor

Environmental conditions are external stressors that can influence changes in our skin! Examples are exposure to sunlight, wind or even extreme hot and cold weather. So remember to avoid extreme weather and conditions or use protection to avoid direct exposure.

  • Irregular lifestyle

In previous articles we have discussed how our bodies are interconnected. One aspect that supports skin health is a healthy lifestyle. We can start from a regular diet and exercise in moderation. With this, the body’s immune system can also increase!

  • Genetic factor

This is a little difficult for us to avoid because it is genetically in our body. Generally, pale skin will be more susceptible to this than those with tan or darker skin. But it can happen in some cases!

Serenitree Recommendations For Sensitive Skin

No worries! Whatever the factors that cause skin sensitivity, there must be various ways and products to deal with it! Here are some Serenitree recommendations that you can try:

  • Using special skincare

Try to use special skincare for sensitive skin! In general, the product consists of natural composition that is safe and gentle. One more thing, it is recommended to choose products which contain little or no fragrance. If you like scent, we recommend choosing a product with an essential oil composition!

  • Selection of skincare composition

You need to research and see the ingredients in the product before using it. Here are some ingredients that you should avoid, let’s take notes so you don’t forget: Strong synthetic chemicals, SLS/SLES, synthetic fragrances, antibacterial products, products containing alcohol, retinoids and AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids).

  • The use of products with a “calming” effect

Serenitree recommends that you choose products that have a calming effect on the skin. This is because sensitive skin can easily become inflamed. We can speed up the healing process of inflammation with skincare made from calendula extract, chamomile or aloe vera.

  • Skincare for skin barrier

It is very important for you to strengthen the skin layer to keep it healthy. For that you can use skincare with a composition of jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, borage oil or rosehip oil which can regenerate skin cells and protect the skin barrier.

Although not all, these are four most effective ways you can try to overcome your skin problems! As long as you are careful and consistent, you can control your skin problems with ease.

Don’t Be Insecure, Serenitree Is Here For You!

Of course, having sensitive skin can be annoying. You can’t use the wrong skincare and being exposed to extreme weather can also be dangerous! Even the founder of Serenitree, Sandra feels the same way. How difficult is it to find skincare that really fits and is safe on the skin.

The most important thing is that we should not feel insecure about our sensitive skin. Everything can be easily resolved, even if it’s a genetic condition.

The reason Serenitree exists is to make it easier for those who struggle with skin problems. Every product we provide is extremely safe for all skin types, especially those that need more attention. With ingredients that include natural ingredients such as calendula extract, coconut oil, sunflower oil and sweet almond oil, you don’t need to hesitate anymore! Effective and safe, that’s the motto of this brand.

So instead of feeling insecure and feeling hopeless, let’s try all the available solutions. Trust me, your efforts will not be in vain! Beauty does depend on what your skin type and type is. Healthy skin and positive thinking is the key to beauty. Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, guys! We are all beautiful just the way we are.

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