Let The Results Do The Talking; High Quality Skincare By Serenitree

There are 2 types of people when shopping in this world. One is those who buy lots of ordinary quality products thinking that the more quantity the more profitable. Meanwhile, there are those who are willing to save money to buy only 1 super quality product. Which type are you? There is no right or wrong answer here. We need to remember that everyone’s choices and thoughts are different. Like preference is the right of each individual.

But Serenitree prefers quality over quantity. What’s the reason? In the vision statement, it is clear that this business wants to be the number 1 choice for skincare products. Obviously the quality must match this thinking!

To be more clear, let’s look at a brief explanation of why Serenitree team high quality skincare!

Serenitree Choose High Quality Skincare

We already know that Serenitree really cares about skincare users. All skincare that we apply will definitely be well absorbed into our skin. How sophisticated are our biological instruments!

The absorption power of a skincare product does not depend on the amount of raw material contained in the product. Whether the ingredients are abundant from A to Z or very minimal, it doesn’t matter! What could be a factor? The answer is a composition with a high concentration/percentage! We can be sure that a skincare product, even though it has a little but high concentration, will be more effective than many ingredients but the percentage is small and divided.

Things like this require precision, patience and a lot of trial/error. Creating just one product can take a very long time. The resources we use must also be adequate to achieve maximum results. This is a strong reason why Serenitree chose quality. High quality products can definitely work effectively against all skin problems and safely. Instead of  producing a lot of quantity, quality is what we are after!

In detail, quality skincare can give you many benefits. Check out the explanation below!

Advantages of High Quality Skincare

Quality is not a coincidence, but the result of effort and time-consuming effort! That’s why the higher the quality of a product, although not always, but usually the higher the price.

Then what can we get from good and super quality? Here are some of the benefits that you can get with high quality skincare:

  • Guaranteed effectiveness

High quality skincare products are designed to work effectively. The product will be easily absorbed by the skin and provide proper nutrition. At the same time, skincare will also address the target skin problems that we need as well. 

  • Significant changes in skin

Our hope is to buy skincare for sure so that the product can work well to make skin glowing and healthy. Well-formulated skincare products have gone through various processes to make your dreams come true! If we choose the right high quality skincare for us, believe me, the effect is definitely not kidding. 

  • Free from negative side effects

The nightmare of skincare users is when the skincare they use causes bad side effects such as breakouts or even worse effects than that. To avoid such things, we should choose skincare that has clear quality. Why? Quality skincare works to clean and beautify the skin without causing changes to the health or function of the skin. Let’s choose skincare wisely to avoid things we don’t want!

  • Use of “active” ingredients

The active ingredients in skincare help the skincare work process to effectively solve the target skin problem. In addition, this ingredient adds to the effectiveness of the skincare we use. Even better, you don’t need a lot of active ingredients, you only need a few that suit your skin problem. Great huh?

Those are some of the benefits that we can get with high quality skincare. Very interesting, right? For sure, Serenitree’s product has all the benefits above. The proof is, we describe some of the active ingredients in our skincare products!

Serenitree’s “Active” Ingredients

You need to remember what ingredients are suitable for each skin problem! Make sure to choose skincare made from this in the future so you don’t get dizzy with stubborn skin problems.

  • Licorice Root Extract

Contains high antioxidants, provides a calming effect, helps dull skin glow and improves skin hyperpigmentation.

  • Calendula Extract

Serves to stimulate the regeneration of dead skin cells and provide a relaxing effect on the skin. Must have for those with sensitive and problematic skin!

  • Green Tea Extract

High in antioxidants and helps reduce signs of aging. Many anti-aging skincare products contain this extract. For those of you who are in your 30s, we recommend using this skincare product!

  • Pomegranate Extract

High antioxidant content, the secret of glowing skin and overcoming hyperpigmentation on the skin. Your skin will be smooth and bright instantly!

  • Kojic Acid

This ingredient is very famous for brightening the skin from hyperpigmentation, scars, and dark spots. Even spots on the skin can also fade if we use this skincare routine!

  • Natural Alpha Arbutin

This one is not inferior to Kojic Acid, all skincare lovers know that if you want bright skin, this ingredient is the solution! The function of this ingredient is to inhibit the production of melanin in the skin, so it is very effective for dull skin problems.

  • Niacinamide/Vitamin B3

Uneven and dull skin tone? Relax, you can use this material to solve this problem. Not only that, this material is also good for premature aging problems!

  • Tocopherol/Vitamin E

Who often travels or is exposed to vehicle fumes? This ingredient protects your skin from free radicals with high antioxidant content that moisturizes. Plus Tocopherol can rejuvenate your skin! So you don’t have to be afraid of damaged skin anymore because you travel a lot!

  • Glycerine

Your skin is as dry as the Sahara desert? No problem! You can use skincare made from glycerine because they work to bind water to the skin and are very moisturizing! Say bye to dry and flaky skin!

Which material are you compatible with? Make sure to choose the right one when Serenitree has launched its product!

Well, now you have seen how much Serenitree cares about the safety and comfort of its users. We want every user to be satisfied and get a solution for their every skin problem, that’s why all of our skincare products are of high quality. Only the best quality skincare we provide to you. Don’t forget to try it when our product is launched! Stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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