What is Vegetable Glycerin in Skincare?


Glycerin, often referred to as glycerin, is one of the ingredients that we often encounter in industry, medicine, cosmetics, and skincare. Especially vegetable glycerin, this natural ingredient is also popularly used in various skincare products because of its positive benefits with minimal side effects. This ingredient comes from natural sources such as coconut oil or grape seed oil. Being natural, vegetable glycerin has more environmentally friendly qualities and does not contain chemical additives.

In this article, we will discuss in detail what vegetable glycerin is in skincare, complete with its benefits! Let’s increase our knowledge, make sure to read until the end, Sereni-Trees!

Pros of Vegetable Glycerin in Skincare

There are 2 types of glycerin: Synthetic glycerin and vegetable glycerin. The differences between the two include their origin and properties. Synthetic glycerin is made through a chemical process that uses petroleum as a base. Meanwhile, as reported by a Healthline article, vegetable glycerin is the result of vegetable oils or animal fats. Texturally, vegetable glycerin is clear, colorless, and odorless.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Environmentally Friendly

One of the main advantages of using plant-based glycerin is its better impact on the environment. In an era of climate change uncertainty, using natural ingredients like these can help reduce the environmental footprint of the products we use.

Getting positive effects and maintaining the health of the ecosystem, isn’t it interesting?

  • Suitable for All Skin Types

Because it comes from natural ingredients, vegetable glycerin tends to be gentler on the skin. This makes it a great choice for all skin types, including those that are sensitive or prone to irritation. This means more people can experience the benefits of plant-based glycerin without the risk of excessive side effects.

That’s one of the reasons why Serenitree uses this ingredient in all our Body wash, Body lotion, and Hand cream range!

  • Natural Hydration Power

Glycerin itself is a humectant, which is a moisturizing agent that can attract water to the outer layers of the skin from the deeper layers of the skin and also from the air. This power traps moisture in the skin.

That way, in addition to fighting dry skin, these natural ingredients also ensure that the skin is naturally hydrated. In the end, your skin will be more radiant and soft!

Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin in Skincare

In the world of natural skincare, vegetable glycerin has been recognized for its incredible benefits. Here are some of the key benefits of vegetable glycerin:

  • Relieves dry skin, keeps skin moisturized and supple

One of the most well-known benefits of vegetable glycerin is its ability to relieve dry skin. Its humectant properties can attract and lock the moisture from the surrounding air into the skin.

The result is moisturized and hydrated skin all day long!

  • Improves Skin Barrier Function

The skin barrier function is the skin’s natural layer of protection against environmental aggressions and pollution. Vegetable glycerin can help strengthen this skin barrier by maintaining the skin’s moisture balance. This helps the skin to be more resistant to adverse environmental influences and the skin’s natural hydration is maintained.

This is very important especially if Serenitree Squad lives in an area with a lot of pollution! Healthy skin won’t get dull easily!

  • Provides Protection against Skin Irritation

Sensitive skin is often prone to irritation and allergic reactions to certain ingredients. Vegetable glycerin is able to provide protection by forming a protective layer over the skin. Protected skin will have less risk of irritation. 

For those of you with sensitive skin who need gentle and safe care, this is worth a try!

  • Speeds Up the Wound Healing Process

By increasing moisture and supporting the regeneration of skin cells, vegetable glycerin can help wounds heal faster.

  • Helps Relieve Inflammation in the Skin

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of vegetable glycerin help reduce inflammation in the skin. This is especially beneficial for those of you with skin problems such as acne, rashes, or other skin conditions related to inflammation.

How’s that? How great is the power of natural ingredients? Moreover, we can be free from negative risks while caring for the environment. 

Tips for Using Vegetable Glycerin in Skincare Routine

If you have problematic skin and are interested in using plant-based glycerin as part of your skincare routine, always read the label on the product! This is very important because it lets you know what ingredients will come into contact with your skin. Don’t just believe claims that promise instant results or a flawless appearance in no time. Read the product label, verify the claims by looking for reviews from other users, and choose a product that really suits your skin’s needs. We advise you not to choose skincare just because it’s trendy!

The second is to do a patch test to find out if our skin has allergies or if there is a negative reaction after use. Even though this content is natural, we still must not be careless and vigilant so that we avoid negative side effects, Sereni-Trees.

Oh and also, for optimal results, we recommend combining the use of products in a series (from one particular brand). If we use a series from different brands, there is a risk of the ingredients not matching each other!

Anyway, always be careful, don’t let skin problems get worse because of your own negligence!

Synthetic Glycerin or Vegetable Glycerin?

It’s true, that glycerin can be of both natural and laboratory (synthetic) origin. Does this mean that using synthetics is bad? Although it has some benefits, synthetic ingredients always have their own potential risks. As in, the risks are greater than those of natural ingredients. Possible risks include: Allergies, skin irritation, dry skin, itching, or systematic disorders due to synthetic ingredients that are absorbed by the body. In addition, the production of synthetic ingredients itself is generally not as friendly as the production of natural ingredients! 

But it all depends on your skin condition, skin concerns, and the results of consulting with an expert. In the end, finding the right skincare with the right ingredients requires research and professional help. Serenitree just wants to say to always be careful, especially in this ever-expanding skincare industry! 

Hope this article helps, stay safe and beautiful always!

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