Start Using These Skincare in Your 20s!

Skincare isn’t just about maintaining beautiful skin, it’s also about overall skin and body health! In our 20s, many of us may still consider ourselves too young to think about serious skincare. But did you know what, it turns out that this age is an important time to build a strong foundation in skincare. The positive impact can be felt in the future. So, let’s not take it for granted!

Don’t know the key to proper skincare? Follow Serenitree‘s tips and recommendations!

The Importance of Skincare in Your 20s

Our skin in our 20s may look normal and not require much care. The signs of aging may also still not be visible. For now it’s safe, yes, but what will happen if we let it drag on? Skin elasticity has an age, not to mention that at this age we are busy with various activities, which means more exposure to free radicals, UV rays, and pollution. Just imagine if we are not diligent in taking care of our skin, skin problems will surely pile up in the future!

To summarise, here’s why it’s important to take care of your skin in your 20s:

  • Prevent skin damage
  • Stimulates skin regeneration process
  • Reduces early signs of aging

It’s like we’re preparing our skin for the future! However, remember that skincare must be balanced with diet and healthy living habits too. Skincare alone is not enough!

3 Recommended Skincare Treatments for Your 20s

We already know how important skincare is at this age. Next, what skincare should we use? Of course, basic skincare such as moisturiser, cleanser, and sunscreen is a must for all ages. The same goes for products specific to certain skin problems such as acne and blackheads. There are 3 special products that we can start using when we are in our 20s. We can use:

  • Retinol

Retinol can treat fine lines and mild wrinkles, acne, and dark spots. In addition, it can also improve texture and give you younger-looking skin by speeding up the turnover of new skin cells which starts to slow down in your 20s.

For those who have acne problems don’t worry, we can look for retinoids in the form of – adapalene, tazarotene, tretinoin, or trifarotene. Make sure to check the ingredients label! Retinol is very effective for acne-prone skin as it clears pores and allows other acne skincare to work better.

When is the effective time to use: Cleanse your face and use it at night before bed. If your skin feels dry, you can apply moisturiser 20-30 minutes after applying retinol!

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most popular ingredients used in skincare products because of its many benefits. It can help brighten, reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, and protect skin from sun damage and free radicals.

For maximum results: Apply skincare products containing vitamin C in the morning after cleansing your face. Using vitamin C before outdoor activities can also help protect your skin from UV exposure. After applying vitamin C products, don’t forget to follow up with moisturiser and sunscreen for added protection.

  • Eye Cream

This product is specifically for the area around the eyes as this area tends to be more sensitive and prone to signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Generally, eye creams contain ingredients that are formulated to treat and keep the skin around the eyes moisturised. It’s much more effective than using skincare that’s not specialised for the eye area!

When is the most effective time to use: You can apply the eye cream in the morning and at night after cleansing your face. Use light fingertips to gently pat the eye cream around the eyes, starting from the inside to the outside. 

Additional notes: Avoid rubbing the eye area hard, as the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Be sure to choose an eye cream that suits your skin’s needs, such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles or dark circles (retinol or peptides to improve texture and elasticity).

Those are some skincare products that we can use regularly after entering our 20s, Sereni-Trees! Trust me, this can be a future investment for our skin!

Stop doing this habit!

Of course, to keep our skin healthy, we must pay attention to the habits or steps of using skincare that are not appropriate. Firstly, don’t change skincare products too often. We can only tell if a product is effective in treating skin problems in about 30 days. If we are inconsistent and change products frequently, it could backfire on us!

In addition, one of the skincare habits that we must change is the habit of scrubbing the skin too often and tightly. Scrubbing is a form of skin exfoliation, but if we do it too often, the skin will become irritated and vulnerable. Instead, opt for chemical exfoliating skincare (still use it according to the rules, not too often).

Then, we have to take a closer look at the habit of following trending skincare. Not everything that goes viral should be followed immediately! Remember that every skin has its own characteristics and problems. So not every routine will work for us!

For those of you who often fall asleep without removing your makeup, this is also a bad habit. If this happens continuously, the pores can become clogged and cause acne and irritation.

Last but not least is the limitation of sweets and smoking or drinking alcohol. These three factors can be very detrimental to not only our skin, but our overall health. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), we are advised to consume no more than six teaspoons (about 25 grams) of sugar per day!

Trust me, if we can avoid these habits, our skin will be bright and healthy without any hassle! Let’s take care of our skin as early as possible so we don’t regret it later, Sereni-Trees. 

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