Looking for Skincare without SLS? Serenitree is ready to offer the solution

There are countless skincare ingredients that we must avoid! This is to avoid negative risks to our skin and body. Even just the use of skincare will be directly absorbed and enter the body’s blood vessels. Therefore, Serenitree provides natural skincare brands to eliminate the possibility of this happening. 

Serenitree avoids several ingredients in its skincare, for example: Parabens, synthetic colors, phthalates, SLS and other ingredients. In this article, we will learn more about SLS. Why are we encouraged to avoid skincare made from this ingredient? Let’s see the explanation first!

Skincare Foam Maker: SLS

SLS or Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient that we often find in everyday products such as shampoo and body wash. The main function of SLS is as a surfactant, which means it can cleanse the skin of oil, dirt and even dead skin cells. That’s why you can find it in “cleanser” or “rinse off” type products.

In addition, this surfactant also functions as a foaming agent. “Sulfate” itself is a foam-producing ingredient in skincare. Well, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is the type of sulfate that we most often find in body care products on the market. Does your soap create a lot of foam when you use it? Chances are that the foam comes from SLS. 

The last function of this surfactant is as an emulsifier. They help emulsify oil- and water-based skincare ingredients, creating a homogeneous formula.

It turns out that there are so many functions! Maybe this is the reason why this material is often used. But behind it all, of course it does not escape the risks that can be negative for the body. This is indeed the consequence of using chemicals! 

Health Risks from Using SLS

This surfactant was discovered 60 years ago. But as technology and research developed, there began to be evidence of the side effects of SLS. Whether your skin is sensitive or normal, all can be affected by the possible side effects of this surfactant. Some examples are:

  • Triggers the risk of skin irritation

Surfactant ingredients themselves can cause irritation to the skin. The irritated area depends on the type and structure of the sulphate ingredient itself. Since SLS is an anionic detergent, it has a higher chance to irritate the skin in the eye area.

  • Causes negative skin reactions

SLS is able to bond with molecules and stay on the skin longer. This means that the ingredient can continue to irritate the skin even when it is not visible. This can increase the risk of other skin problems such as irritant contact dermatitis or allergic reactions. Symptoms range from itching, eczema, redness to inflammation! 

  • Affects the skin’s natural ability

Our skin naturally has functions to regulate and protect the body. One of them is in the form of a protective outer layer of skin that consists of dead skin cells. Chemicals such as SLS have the potential to remove natural oils and damage the skin’s protective layer (outer layer). 

In the end, the skin cannot do its job properly so that more and more health problems lurk. Instead of glowing and moisturized Korean-style skin, it will be dry like the Sahara desert!

  • Excess oil on the skin

There is a stigma that the foamier a skincare product is, the cleaner it is and the better it is for the skin. Not necessarily! Excessive use of chemical foaming agents, especially on the face, can cause the skin to become more oily. This can happen because our body will keep trying to replace the natural oils that have been forced off by SLS. 

All skin has its own natural oils that act as a protective barrier and maintain the skin’s pH balance. Therefore, instead of discarding them entirely, we should look for products that can control the oil production on our skin!

  • Negative effects on the environment

If we look at it from a broader perspective, it’s not just our health that is at risk from SLS-based products. These surfactant-based products are found in shampoos, soaps, or other rinse-off products and will be discharged into waterways. This wastewater will then continue to reach the soil, rivers, and oceans. The end result? Ecosystem pollution!

So we can conclude that things that look “trivial” can be dangerous and harmful to many parties. You need to remember, whatever you apply will be directly absorbed into the skin so the effects can be sustained. Especially for sensitive skin warriors, beware of further negative reactions!

Skincare Alternative Without SLS From Serenitree

After knowing the consequences, it is better for us to be careful or if possible not to use these chemical-based products at all. There are many other alternatives that are safer. More and more advanced technology can make it easier for simple natural ingredients to show their potential as effective skincare ingredients! 

Wanting to provide a solution for skincare lovers, Serenitree offers a skincare range free from SLS or other types of sulphates. Instead, the brand uses plant-based foaming agents, such as sugar and coconut, which are safe for all. 

The founders of Serenitree formulated the entire range to be in balance with the environment. This means that it is guaranteed that the skincare ingredients will not cause health problems or damage the ecosystem, even when the wastewater flows into the sea! People with sensitive skin, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, as well as children (over 3 years old) are free to use our products. With the Serenitree skincare series, you can take care of your skin without having to worry about side effects. Say goodbye to dry or irritated skin! 

Serenitree’s message is that if you want to achieve your skin goals, health must be a priority. Temporary beauty is not worth the risk afterward, better to prevent than to cure! Make sure your skin is always nourished and moisturized using the right ingredients. Let’s be wiser in choosing our treatments. Only we have the power to determine the direction of our future and the ecosystem around us. Do you agree?

For those of you who are curious about Serenitree products, it will be launching soon! Keep an eye on our social media!

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