Aroma Without Added Fragrance For Serenitree Skincare

When our nose smells something like the smell of roses or the delicious aroma of cooking, it tends to boost our mood significantly. Although the preference for a “good” fragrance for everyone will be different, we have to agree that certain scents can make our hearts happy. It doesn’t stop there, the fact is that aroma or fragrance can remind us of someone or a memory. That’s how strong the effect of the scent is! It’s no wonder that skincare has a row of aroma variants from fruit, floral and many more as one of its attractions. Who likes to buy skin care products just because they smell good? It turns out that this phenomenon is very common.

But aren’t you curious? What actually makes skincare smell good? Let’s first explore the composition of the “fragrance” in question.

Synthetic Fragrance & Natural Fragrance

In general, the source of the aroma of a skin care product can come from 2 types of ingredients, namely synthetic fragrance and natural fragrance. What’s the difference between the two?

As the name implies, “synthetic” fragrance means that the origin of this material comes from a laboratory or man-made. This composition may be 100% synthetic or semi-synthetic. Semi synthetic means that only part of this composition is man-made and the rest comes from nature.

Meanwhile, natural fragrance comes from natural ingredients such as flowers, seeds, essential oils and so on. The term is purely the result of nature! So far, it’s clear right, what’s the difference between the two fragrances in skincare?

These 2 types clearly have the same function in skincare, which is to provide aroma. So, why are synthetic scents more often and widely used than natural ones?

The Hidden Risks Of Synthetic Fragrance

Synthetic scents are more commonly used in skin care products in the world.

The reason is actually very simple: Synthetic scents last longer than natural scents. Of course, researchers have developed this type of fragrance that aims to provide maximum results than natural ones.

In addition to that reason, economic factors also have an effect. Synthetic scents are much more economical than natural ones. This can happen because the extraction of natural compositions can not meet the quota needs in the world. Naturally, yes, natural production must also have a limit!

It’s not a trivial thing, if your skin is sensitive and prone to certain fragrance compositions, there will be side effects! Here are some possible reactions you will feel:

  • Skin irritation
  • Breathing problems
  • Nauseous
  • Allergen triggers
  • Digestive problems
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Disruption of the body’s hormones
  • Disorders of pregnancy
  • Forerunner of cancer

Very varied symptoms and effects of synthetic fragrances! Not everyone can feel the same indications. So, often the general public is not aware of the risks and dangers. This is the importance of knowing the composition in skincare and the nature of your skin before using it!

Tips for Using Scented Skincare

The use of natural fragrances does close the possibility of skincare incompatibility on our skin! This is because the natural composition also contains allergens that can trigger certain skin types and immune levels.

Even so, the risk of negative side effects is minimal when we compare it to synthetic fragrances. Thus it is essential for us to be careful in choosing and using skincare is important! Serenitree will tell you a few steps that we must try before using skincare, either a natural or synthetic scented product.

  • Do a patch test

Actually, this step applies to all types of skincare! This test aims to check if our skin is sensitive to a skin care product. Don’t worry, it’s easy:

  • Make sure we have cleaned the skin or do some cleansing before.
  • Apply the product with a small amount (quarter) on the skin that we have cleaned. You can do a test on the skin behind the ear or the bottom of the wrist!
  • Wait a few hours. Don’t forget if your skin reacts to the product you’re applying, rinse it off with water right away! To be safer, do a patch test several times a week before you are absolutely sure it is safe for our skin.
  • Check the ingredients on the product label

This step is no less important! Before buying or using, we really must read what the ingredients are in the product. Always research in advance what ingredients we need to avoid. If necessary, ask a professional so you don’t make the wrong choice. You can also read reviews about these products for real testimonials!

  • Pay attention to how much you are using skincare with fragrance

We often see beauty influencers using layers and layers of skincare. Well, this step is actually not necessary for everyone! More products do not guarantee skin health, in fact it can cause negative reactions. Especially with scented skincare, make sure to use just enough. Less is sometimes better!

  • Avoid using new products at once

After a beauty haul session, usually the feeling of wanting to use all the products is definitely high! It’s natural, however we just don’t recommend this. The reason is because you don’t know the compatibility with the skin. Especially for scented skincare. It’s best to introduce this skincare product slowly, maybe 3 times a week. Better safe than sorry!

  • Pay attention to sensitive skin areas

Did you know that some areas of our skin are more sensitive than others! For the face, the eye area is the most vulnerable area and must be taken care of gently. Therefore, for skincare in sensitive areas we recommend products that have a natural or light scent.

Natural Fragrance For Serenitree Skincare

There is a reason why synthetic fragrances were created. Therefore, not all compositions other than natural are 100% negative!

However, those made from natural ingredients certainly minimize the negative impact on us. That is one of the reasons why Serenitree chooses to use natural fragrance in all of its products. In addition, all natural ingredients are safe for the environment, gentle, and rich in nutrients.

For the aroma in this skincare brand, the natural fragrances we use are essential oils. Serenitree chose essential oils because in addition to its fragrant aroma that is safe for the body, this composition also provides a relaxing effect on its users.

Imagine being tired after coming home from work, cleaning up and then using skincare with a calming aroma. The tiredness will definitely go away!

So, which type of fragrance do you prefer? Remember to choose wisely!

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