No Paraben For Serenitree; Why?

In order to create a perfect skincare product, we need a variety of ingredients. The source material is endless! Indeed, our earth contains so many resources, including all the composition needed for our skincare. There are various chemical compositions that come from laboratories and natural extracts from nature. As Serenitree has discussed in previous articles, chemical and natural both provide benefits to our skin. In fact, sometimes chemical compounds can be more effective than natural-based ones!

However, Serenitree still chooses all natural ingredients. This brand has strong roots in the field of sustainability. In line with our vision and mission, we aim to educate and provide the best for everyone’s health! For a better picture, let’s take a peek at the effects of using chemical skincare!

Dangers Behind the Chemical Composition

Sure, chemical compositions can be more effective, but sometimes there are negative effects behind it. Maybe the side effects of the chemical composition can not be felt immediately. At first there may only be itching, irritation or burning sensations, but in the long term it can cause effects such as triggering cancer or impaired fertility (dangerous for pregnant or breastfeeding women)!

Apart from having a negative effect on our bodies, chemical compositions in general can damage the environment. One example is an activity we do every day: bathing. If we take a shower and use soap with a chemical composition, when it is rinsed it will automatically enter the drain. After the “waste” water goes through the process of the water treatment plant, it will eventually be sent to a body of water such as the sea. This can be disastrous for the ecosystem and the organisms in that habitat!

Chemicals are not compatible and cannot be safely united with nature.

Our earth is getting unhealthy every day if this kind of thing doesn’t get enough attention.

Why Parabens are Prohibited 

In this article, Serenitree will specifically discuss the meaning, examples and negative effects of paraben compositions. Surely skincare enthusiasts have heard of this ingredien!

In short, just like food. Skincare treatments must also have “preservatives” so they can last long and still provide effectiveness for their users. Moreover, the average “shelf life” or duration of skincare reaches 1-2 years after we open it. That is the function of the paraben composition, as a preservative for our skincare. Parabens also keep mold and microbial friends from growing as well as damaging the product!

If we explore scientifically, Parabens are a family of synthetic esters from p-Hydroxybenzoic acid. These compositional compounds are most commonly found in skincare in the form of methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.

If we look at the main purpose of this composition, it is very good and effective. But there is danger lurking behind it! Side effects can include: itching, dryness, rash, blistering or swelling. But there is one dangerous side effect, especially for women!

Continuous use of Parabens can affect the levels of the hormone estrogen in a woman’s body. Disrupted hormones can have an impact on the reproductive system. This fact is not without proof! According to research by Geer et al (2016) there is a relationship between Parabens and other antimicrobials. The result can be detrimental to newborns or babies aged 0-28 days. In addition, this finding is also consistent with animal data showing developmental and reproductive toxicity due to Parabens.

It’s really dangerous! This is why Serenitree avoids this composition for any of our products.

Paraben Alternative Ingredients

Of course natural products do not have a long “shelf life” like chemical products. For example, like food, of course, those with chemical preservatives will last much longer. If you pay attention to fresh food without preservatives or using natural preservatives, they won’t last as long.

Then how about it? Should skincare ban the use of preservatives?

The use of preservatives is still important to maintain product quality. Don’t worry! In this super-sophisticated age, there are alternatives for everything. Moreover, people are more aware of health.

Here are some alternatives to Paraben in skincare:

  • Phenoxyethanol

It is a synthetic preservative composition derived from Ethyl Alcohol. Even though it is synthetic, Phenoxyethanol is safe for us to use because it is a stable antimicrobial and it is “food grade”. To work better, this composition is usually combined with Potassium sorbate or Diazolidinyl urea.

  • Sodium Benzoate dan Potassium Sorbate

These two compositions are natural preservatives that can protect food from rotting, mold and keep it extra fresh. These natural preservatives come from fruit or roots such as: apples, cloves, cinnamon and so on. There is absolutely no negative side effects!

  • Caprylhydroxamic Acid 

Caprylhydroxamic Acid is an amino acid (an organic compound which is an essential building block of life) derived from coconut oil. This composition is safe for daily use and certainly won’t irritate sensitive skin. Not only is it plant-based and has a safer profile, when combined with other naturally occurring glycols such as in the Serenitree formulation, Caprylhydroxamic Acid provides guaranteed broad-spectrum performance against bacteria and fungi!

These are just a few alternative choices of safe preservative compositions! Actually there are many more sources that nature has to offer us. With so many safe choices, Serenitree chooses to use only natural preservatives to produce Paraben Free skincare!

Being a Wise Customer = Loving Your Body

Ignorance can be the beginning of destruction.

That saying is so true! We can see and implement it in everyday life, including in caring for the body. If we don’t care from the start, we will also bear all the negative side effects later. This is no longer a matter of beauty, but health.

Instead of regretting it later, we should take a little time to research and find out from the start. It won’t hurt to be too thorough! Let’s invest in the health of our bodies from now on. Don’t forget to remind the people around you!

Health will always be number one and top priority. Sometimes, we can’t buy this with treasure. So, don’t forget to love your body!

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