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The Meaning Behind the Name “Serenitree”

Everything in life, of course, has a certain meaning. Whether it’s a word, a name, an item, even an animal or a human. Nothing in life exists without meaning. This is unique and special, there is always a meaning and purpose to everything. Just like personal tastes, meanings can vary. Incorrect and correct answers do not apply to this. By understanding and becoming one with this meaning, we can achieve many positive things.

This applies in all fields, including the natural skincare brand Serenitree. The meaning and logo of this brand do not just appear out of thin air. Thoughts, discussions, and goals are embodied into a single brand identity. It is the heart and soul of Serenitree. This is what determines where the brand, Serenitree goes. Let’s first learn the function of how “values” can affect a brand. That way, we understand how important it is and can appreciate this element more.

The Function Of A Brand “Value”

While Serenitree’s original purpose was clear and solid, now was the time to spread it out to the general public. It’s impossible for everyone to know right away. Especially for newbie brands such as Serenitree. Values will have no meaning if it is only stored tightly without being noticed. That’s why we need branding.

Branding is an important process for building a persona and image to outsiders.

In short, the process can help a company to build a perception of itself. We can say that the founders are the captains of the ship through the branding process. They decide, what kind of company will this be? What do people think when they hear about this brand? Everything tcan be arranged and determined!

Besides functioning philosophically, this meaning can be a unique selling point. What makes the Serenitree brand different from other similar brands? What are our advantages? Why should consumers choose us?

All of this can be created because of value and meaning. Without this, branding will be difficult. In the end it will be useless and our goals cannot be conveyed properly. Now we understand how important is the meaning behind a brand. It is this reason that drives Serenitree to think carefully about what values we want to convey.

How Can It Determine First Impressions?

When we first meet people, first impressions are created, both good and bad. There are several factors that influence, for example, a person’s appearance or attitude.

This metaphor can help explain the logo’s function and meaning. Logo is a physical appearance that can attract attention. Because of that, a logo must be able to give a “wow” impression to the target. Serenitree chose to keep it simple and modern in terms of the logo because it fits the market as well as the brand identity. Elegant and just pure simplicity.

The value or meaning is the same as one’s attitude, and can attract the right target. Those who are passionate about the environment and natural products can definitely understand the Serenitree brand more than those with different preferences. But no problem! These two elements are not there to force people to come to us. Instead Serenitree wants to create connections and community for those in need!

It turns out that a lot of things are influenced by the element of meaning itself, right?

Why the Name “Serenitree”?

It’s actually very simple. The name Serenitree comes from the English word “Serene” which means calm and peaceful. While “Tree” means a tree. When the two words are combined, the name Serenitree is born!

But why did we choose the words “calm” and “tree” in the first place? Doesn’t that sound weird? Let’s first listen to the explanation!

This brand wants to be the choice and solution for people who have skin problems. Whether you have sensitive skin, are pregnant or breastfeeding, Serenitree wants to provide a sense of calm and comfort for its users. After all, what is the function of a skin care product if it only looks aesthetically pleasing but does not function or provide comfort? Functionality and effectiveness must be number one! What’s more, even sensitive skin skincare users understand how difficult it is to find products that suit them. Wrong composition can lead to severe breakouts!

Meanwhile the tree signifies nature and the environment. The focus of this brand is NATURAL. All skincare products are friendly for everyone, the environment is no exception. Another meaning of the tree is to protect. Serenitree wants to provide protection for our health as well as for nature on our planet.

Indiscriminately all living things in the world should be able to feel comfortable, safe and protected. That is the true meaning of Serenitree. Simple but effective and realistic.

Value for Every Skincare User

Finding meaning is hard, but it’s harder to stay consistent. Not a few brands have deviated far from their original goal. Good or bad depending on certain conditions.

One thing is certain, Serenitree will still follow its original purpose and meaning.

This is proven by its parent brand, Kertabumi Recycling Center. Until now the brand remains focused on sustainability. This determination is also what is able to attract many people to put their trust in the Kertabumi brand. Serenitree’s founders also shares the same determination to provide healthy skin and body while maintaining a healthy earth. What does self-beauty mean when those around us are neglected?

Besides being consistent, Serenitree has also built itself to be more than just “selling” skincare. This brand wants every user to feel the benefits physically and intellectually. The trick is to educate them through webinars, workshops, including articles like this one!

Money can buy skincare, but awareness and knowledge are far more valuable. While we can’t change the minds of everyone on earth, we can at least help improve someone’s life. Especially those with sensitive skin, pregnant women and breastfeeding! With education, they can avoid the dangers in the world of skincare scams and know what is right for them. In other words, Serenitree gives meaning to all of its users. Together, we can upgrade ourselves, getting brighter and smarter every day!

How, are you interested in and agree with the meaning of Serenitree? Hope this article helps you, even if it’s just a little! Always take care of your health!

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