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Skincare for Kids; What Age Should You Start?

Skincare is not only needed for teenagers or adults! It is recommended that we take care of our skin as early as possible. Surely, the composition of skincare for children and adults is different! This is because the needs and skin problems will be different. In the case of adults, skin problems may refer to premature aging. Meanwhile, children’s skin needs more protection against dirt and other free radicals. In addition, the level of sensitivity is also different. Therefore, don’t get the product wrong!

Skincare From Young Age

Taking care of your skin should start early! But, how old exactly?

Generally, children’s skin is more sensitive than adult skin. The smaller the age of the baby, the higher the sensitivity. The age group goes like this: Infants 3-12 months, Toddlers 1-5 years, Children 5-13 years, and finally those over 13 years old includes Teenagers and Adults. As we grow older, our skin is exposed to various pollution and products (chemical and natural). It’s no longer a “blank canvas” so our skin is used to it and will not be as sensitive anymore. Although, there are also cases when adults still have sensitive skin!

Actually there is no age limit to start using skincare. But usually we can start our skin care routine from children aged 3 years and over. The following is an example of a skincare series that is usually included in the routine for babies and children:

  • Soap

Even from birth, we have to clean the baby’s body with the bathing process. If not, the dirt that sticks can be the forerunner of many diseases such as rashes and the like.

  • Moisturizer

Moisturizer is very important to avoid or heal dry skin. Always remember to read the ingredients beforehand so that the skin stays well hydrated.

  • Sunscreen

This skincare is just as important! UV rays alone can be dangerous for adults, it can be even more dangerous for children. To prevent negative effects, make sure your little one wears sunscreen before going out!

There are actually not too many skincare sets for children. But you have to keep using it regularly! Children’s skin problems can include dry, scaly skin, rashes, prickly heat, itching and redness. If cleanliness is always maintained, then skin problems will immediately go away!

Why is Skincare Important for Children?

The use of skincare is not merely for beauty or avoiding premature aging. Children still need skincare to protect and maintain healthy skin. Here are 4 reasons why skincare is important for children:

  • Establishing a routine

Regular use of skincare is a good habit. If we can cultivate this routine from a young age, it will generally carry over into the child’s adulthood. Many adults are still too lazy to take care of their skin!

  • Early prevention

Although not always, there are some skin problems such as the appearance of spots, the risk of melanoma and so on can be reduced with early prevention. One form of prevention is the use of sunscreen. Countless how many children are exposed to the sun without sunscreen! Then it is our duty to look after them.

  • Builds skin resistance

Children’s skin, especially babies, is very sensitive and susceptible to germs and dirt. By diligently using the right skincare, the skin will stay healthy and over time it will become more resistant. A protective layer will naturally form so that children can avoid acne or other skin problems!

That’s more or less the reason why we have to start skincare early. It’s better for us to prevent problems than to solve skin problems, right? Don’t you agree?

Skincare Tips & Routines for Children

The use of special skincare for children does not require as many sets as adults. Too much is not good! So, for more details, let’s take a peek at the skincare series:

  • Use mild and gentle soap

Like R*nso’s motto, Dare to get dirty is good, but it must be supported with good cleansing too! Be sure to use special children’s soap to avoid irritation.

  • Make sure the diaper area is dry and clean

It is very important that the cleanliness of the baby’s diaper area is maintained. Otherwise, skin problems such as irritation, rash or itching will appear. Don’t forget to always dry the skin area well.

  • Use of moisturizer

After bathing, it is better for children to use a skin moisturizer to avoid scaly, dry and itchy skin. Moisturized skin is one of the characteristics of healthy skin.

  • Use of sunscreens

As we have discussed, sunscreen is also a mandatory skincare routine for children. In addition to preventing sunburn, sunscreen also reduces the risk of skin cancer in the future!

  • Always wipe off sweat

Healthy children will move actively and energetically. Sweat cannot be avoided! The point is that after finishing their activity, sweat must always be cleaned so that it does not accumulate into heat rash. Heat rash is a popular skin problem among children!

  • Avoid using excess powder

Actually the use of powder is not prohibited, but it is better to use it in moderation. This is because powder can clog pores and also cause heat rash.

Serenitree Products are Safe for Children

Even though Serenitree is not a brand specifically for children, there are several recommended products that are safe for them. One example is the product Serenitree Calming variant (suitable for use by children over the age of 3 years).

How come it’s not a special product for children but can be safe? This is because Serenitree’s skincare uses natural ingredients so it’s definitely sensitive skin friendly too!

We believe that the use of skincare should start early. We have to be aware of health before it’s too late. If not, it could affect the skin negatively in the future. For example: Uncontrolled acne can cause scars that are difficult for us to get rid of. The worst thing besides the physical effects, our mental health can also be affected. It can cause someone to be insecure!

So, let’s start our skincare routine as early as possible. Remind each other and take care of those in need.

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