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Serenitree Safe For All; Cruelty Free & No Animal Testing

In your opinion, do living things other than humans have feelings? Although there is no absolute answer yet, research says: yes, animals have feelings and empathy like humans. Especially mammals that are most similar to humans. From the smallest to the biggest animals, Serenitree believes that we as intelligent beings should be able to respect and protect them. Don’t they also have the right to live in prosperity on this earth? After all, all organisms are created for a specific purpose and reason.

This is the reason Serenitree’s skincare has Cruelty Free and No Animal Testing labels. What’s the difference huh? Isn’t it the same?

It turns out that there are not a few labels in the skincare world that have similar but different meanings! So, instead of making the wrong choice, let’s first learn the differences between the two.

Animal Cruelty Free

The meaning of the word “Animal Cruelty” itself has a negative meaning, namely “hurting animals”. So, Animal Cruelty Free means it doesn’t harm animals.

In the skincare or makeup industry, this label means that the ingredients as well as the manufacturing process DOESN’T involve hurting animals. Even so, the company might still be using animal ingredients! This is why you have to keep reading the composition of raw materials or checking at special supervisory institutions such as: PETA, Choose Cruelty Free, Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, or Cruelty Free International.

So that you can also avoid it, here are 2 examples of Non-Vegan ingredients found in skincare or makeup:

  • Shellac

This material comes from an insect named “Lac”. Yes, insects! Usually we often find Shellac ingredients in nail products (nail polish and others).

How come only insects can be regarded as Animal Cruelty? How could it not be, the process of extracting Shellac resin requires us to kill lots of Lac insects. Even if thousands of insects have to lose their lives, they can only produce a few products. Can you imagine the total amount of bugs that can lose their lives?

  • Squalene

This ingredient can be found in lip balm products, deodorants and skin moisturizers. Its ability as an anti-aging agent is what makes people look for it in the first place.

But it turns out that this chemical comes from the liver of a shark! Are we really willing to hurt sharks just for skincare?

Actually there are still very many Non-Vegan ingredients that we should avoid. One thing that’s funny is, there are actually Vegan OPTIONS for every composition. Yes, to get the same composition and function, other alternatives are available. However, we have no right to stop someone from purchasing them, the only way is if we as customers stop using it!

No Animal Testing

This label matches its name, meaning that they don’t do animal testing. It is certain that the subject and the testing process do not involve animals of any kind. Even so, we still have to be careful because it’s not certain that the materials used are animal-free or Cruelty Free as we discussed earlier!

The conclusion that distinguishes between these labels is that they do not involve animals in different processes: Materials/manufacturing processes and testing.

If so, how can we as customers choose the right one? What’s more, we cannot deny that there are many ambiguous things that can make us as customers misguided.

Relax, you can take part in protecting animals too. You can choose products with both labels (Cruelty Free and No Animal Testing) like Serenitree products! In addition, the most important thing is awareness and knowledge about this. The more we research and share information with others, the easier it will be to avoid products that are harmful to animals.

It’s useless if we have to rely on the awareness of the producers. That’s why Serenitree wants to increase our level of “awareness” as consumers to be wiser. If there is no demand then there will be no supply right? Let’s be highly empathetic human beings and protect other living beings!

Serenitree Materials, Manufacturing and Testing

As a natural skincare brand, all Serenitree products use only natural compositions. Our target is people with sensitive skin, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Automatically material selection must be extra tight! In terms of visual (skincare color), aroma and properties, everything comes from natural ingredients. Some examples are essential oils, butterfly pea flowers, pomegranate extract, and so on.

These materials do not hurt animals at all or we call them “Animal Cruelty Free”! According to Serenitree as an environmentalist brand, it’s useless if we get benefits but there are others who are harmed.

Not only the ingredients and the manufacturing process, even for skincare testing Serenitree does not use animal subjects or “No Animal Testing”. But that doesn’t mean our products pass without testing! Testing is still ongoing but the subject to determine whether Serenitree products are safe or effective is through human test subjects.

Don’t worry! All the ingredients we use are natural, so it is safe for everyone! It is very safe to do direct testing on humans. Most ingredients derived from nature have steady properties and of course no negative side effects. The testing process is done as many times needed and follows existing standards. So we don’t need to doubt the quality and safety anymore!

Learn to Love All Living Beings

After reading this article, do you agree that skincare or makeup should not harm animals? Actually, we can’t force this thinking on everyone. Maybe my perspective and yours are different!

Serenitree’s only job is to educate for a smarter, wiser and more empathetic society. In the end, we believe change will come not from outsiders, but from the heart of each person.

We as humans live side by side with other organisms. Sometimes it’s so small you can’t see it. Or, they don’t look the same as us. Maybe that’s why people are okay with negatively exploiting animals. But it would be nice if we could stop for a moment and reflect. Thinking about possible causes and effects. What would we feel if we were in the position of these animals?

Different doesn’t mean inferior. Let’s learn slowly to love ourselves, the environment, and all living things in it!

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