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Say Yes To Glowing Skin And Safe Skincare

Often seen on social media, influencers with skin like ceramic porcelain, clean and smooth, which is of course every woman’s or even men’s dream! I’m sure, every time you browse social media, especially skincare fans, the FYP will definitely be filled with skincare and makeup ads, right? Whether on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. This is a very normal phenomenon.

From here you can see that skin care is countless. Local brands and foreign brands, it is absolutely endless! Now from the variety of skincare on the market, how do you choose your favorite skincare? Surely the first thing you will do is check the ingredients of the composition to make sure there are no ingredients that can be bad if used long term. Besides that, maybe the cute and unique skincare packages also attract your attention!

It’s time for us to discuss the importance of safe skincare for our skin! Why is it so important? It’s clear, even though the initial goal of skincare users is to be more glowing and beautiful, they also want to stay healthy! Let’s see more about this interesting topic.

Why is Safe Skincare Important?

Let’s talk about it from a technical point of view. Biologically, our skin has 3 layers, namely: Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis. The outermost part of our skin is the Epidermis and this is what protects us from various threats such as infection or pollution from outside. It can be called as part of defense, therefore it is very important for us to take care of it as best we can! The use of skincare products on the skin should not be careless, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

What’s that got to do with it? Shouldn’t the Epidermis layer as a fortress have a strong self-defense? Of course, inside this layer there are various defense functions such as protecting from negative particles from the outside to producing vitamin D. What you need to remember is that every foreign material or skincare that we apply on the outermost skin, will all enter the body and into the vessels. our blood. So from there Langerhans cells will carry these particles around the body through the blood vessels.

This is why we must be wise in choosing the right skincare! If not, the short and long term effects can be negative.

Skincare Components to Avoid

So how do we keep an eye on the skincare we use? Especially for those who have sensitive skin and pregnant women, it is very important to be extra careful. No worries! As long as we understand and check skincare labels, it’s definitely easy to find the right safe skincare for you.

Here are some lists of synthetic chemical components in skincare that you should avoid, let’s have a look and remember them carefully!

  1. Phthalates
  2. Parabens
  3. Triclosan
  4. Sodium lauryl sulphate(SLS)
  5. Polyethylene glycols (PEGs)
  6. Imidazolidinyl urea
  7. Triethanolamine (TEA)
  8. Sunscreen chemicals
  9. Synthetic colorants
  10. Synthetic fragrances
  11. Polyacrylamides
  12. Hydroquinone

Do you know that if you use skincare with the components just mentioned continuously, it can have a negative impact both in the short and long term. In the short term, it may start with itching, irritation, redness, nausea and rashes. This effect, although fairly mild, is definitely very annoying. How about the long-term effects then?

A more severe impact can be in the form of skin eczema, fertility disorders or even the cause of cancer! How come the effect is so extreme? This is because some of the chemicals in skincare can affect the hormones of the human body. Moreover, as we have seen earlier, particles from skincare that enter the body will circulate through the blood vessels.

That’s a strong reason why we have to be very careful! Remember, beauty is not only from the outside but also staying healthy from the outside and inside.

Solutions for Safe Skincare

For those of you who are afraid of accidentally using skincare made from chemicals that don’t match, your solution is natural skincare. We cannot deny, of course materials that come from nature will be safer and less risky. Indeed, there are many miracles from natural ingredients for people with sensitive skin who are the most difficult to find gentle and suitable skincare on the skin. But even though skincare is natural, you still have to make sure of these things:

Make sure your skincare products have gone through a trial and clinical trial process. At the same time, the product must also have a clear and guaranteed license.

Why do things like this also need to be checked? Doesn’t natural skincare only guarantee its safety on the skin?

You need to remember that the manufacture of any skincare, whether using chemical or natural ingredients is the same, must have high HYGIENITY in the manufacturing process. If cleanliness is low in the manufacturing process, it will invite a lot of bacteria to reside and eventually produce new negative effects! In addition, there must also be testing to find out the negative impacts that may occur. This is why the skincare products that you use MUST get permission from a certain agency that oversees it.

Investing in Yourself and the Environment

We will not get tired of reminding you, beauty is not only physical. A good heart, a good mind and a healthy body are like a triad that is always connected. Would you feel beautiful if your body was not healthy? Of course not!

The good news is that more and more skincare enthusiasts are realizing the importance of skincare that is safe for the body and the environment. With this insight, they often make investments. The investment made is not in the form of gold or mutual funds, yes, but by choosing a healthy way of life and care products made from natural and safe ingredients. The results of this investment is priceless, namely in the form of our health and also this beautiful earth.

Have you also invested? It’s never too late to do it! Let’s open our hearts together to choose the best option for our health and the environment!

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