Inspiration, Vision and Mission

The Beginning of Serenitree, What Is Sandra’s Motivation?

Being an entrepreneur is no longer a difficult thing, you can find it very common in this ever-evolving world. Have you ever heard the testimony of people who are desperate enough to quit their stable jobs and open their own business? Usually there are 2 possibilities of it, namely success or loss. What are the crucial factors that influence these two results?

Vision and Mission of a Business

If we have a lot of money, the business must be successful. Is that right? Of course, sufficient capital will be very helpful. However, money can run out at some point if we don’t use it properly. Money alone may not be enough to make a business successful and sustainable. So what are the important elements?

Vision and Mission are the essence of the business itself.

What do you hope to gain by building a business? Profit is certain. In addition, you may want to spread awareness and good benefits to a wide audience with your product. This is the same as Sandra’s motivation to build the Serenitree business. Its vision and mission are very strong to educate along with providing healthy solutions to those in need. This golden motivation also received positive support from family and relatives which enabled Serenitree to begin to rise to its feet.

So, back to the discussion about vision and mission, is it true that its strength really affects business success? Did you know, the formation of an ultimate goal of a business is the key driving force for owners and workers in the business. Working together to achieve the final objective that we planned from the start. Not only that, the vision and mission will also ensure that the initial goals do not deviate over time. 

Roots Of Serenitree

Serenitree itself does not necessarily stand without a foundation. We have studied the vision and mission of this business, then we will see the solid foundation that supports it!

The love for sustainable and natural products that are safe for humans and the environment stems from the establishment of the Kertabumi Recycling Center. Maybe many of you already know this company! With thousands of followers on social media, Kertabumi has sold various products and provided workshops on making “garbage” into something useful. From plastic waste it can be turned into a bag, even furniture such as a bench. This is definitely cool! The creativity of the founder of Kertabumi opened a thousand possibilities for a healthier environment.

Then this essence became the solid foundation of the Serenitree. As a form of development from its parent business, Serenitree does focus on body care, namely skincare made from natural ingredients.

One unique fact of this business, Sandra initially started with bodycare products such as body wash and body lotion. Why not from facial products first? Simple! Of course we bathe every day 2 times, whether men, women, children or adults. We can get healthy skin with a healthy routine and lifestyle. 

Safe and Comfortable For Everyone

Who doesn’t want their body to be well-groomed and smooth? Although not all, there are people who are willing to spend millions of budgets and treatments just for skincare! That’s how lively the skincare world is, especially in the modern era of globalization as a means of supporting it.

But with the increasing demand in the market, of course there will be a lot of competition between skincare manufacturers, right? Over time this has become a trigger for them to compete to win the hearts of consumers. The negative side of the skincare boom is the production that doesn’t pay attention to the environment. From the composition to the packaging of a skincare, there may be elements that harm our earth and have a negative impact on the wearer. This was also one of Sandra’s worries at first!

Our earth is only one, as well as our bodies. If no one takes care of him, then what will happen? Health is priceless. Don’t you agree that healthy, problem-free skin looks beautiful and radiant?

Those of you who agree with this statement, it’s not too late to change your habits to be healthier. It’s never too late to start something positive! It’s okay to care for yourself, don’t forget to stop for a moment and be more sensitive to others

Serenitree’s Oath To Its Users

In life nothing is certain? It’s not true at all! As a  proof, Serenitree oath will not change! It was clear from the start that this business’s skincare composition upholds the “natural” label. What is the proof?

Here are some things you need to know about all Serenitree products:

  • Have a BPOM permit

It is guaranteed that all Serenitree skincare products have obtained permission from the BPOM agency. We have discussed how important this is in a previous article that even though the product is produced hygienically, it must be a legal institution that oversees it for the common good.

  • Clinically Tested

It is impossible if a skincare company does not conduct clinical trials first to produce products that are safe to use. So, you don’t have to worry because Serenitree always puts customer satisfaction and safety first!

  • Against Animal Testing

Although every product in this brand goes through a clinical trial process, Serenitree does not do animal testing. Adhering to the vision and mission of natural products, Sandra wants her products to be environmentally friendly in any situation.

  • Composition Does Not Contain Harsh Chemical

For pregnant women and pregnant women, you can really use all of Serenitree’s skincare products. Without any harsh chemical composition, this product is friendly to use by anyone. Practical right?

Coming Soon, Launching of Serenitree’s Products

Soon the hard work of Serenitree will become true, there will be the launch of 2 product variants with a brightening effect for super glowing skin and calming effect for sensitive skin. This duo is currently very popular and trending in the skincare world.

Hey, aren’t you curious? Don’t miss it, you can directly check our website and social media for more updates. Stay healthy and beautiful guys!

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