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Serenitree’s Exclusive Clean Formulation

Behind the luxurious and delicious dishes that we eat, of course the cook uses quality ingredients and mixes it in such a way! If there is only one element that is lacking, the taste will be different. Everyone has their own tastes, so it’s impossible to have a dish that fits the same tongue! Well, this is the same concept that we can apply in the skincare world. Not everyone can use the same skincare products, why? The key to all keys: the skincare formula itself.

Before we discuss further, let’s first look at what skincare formula means!

Skincare Formula 101

Just as we discussed earlier, the parable of the formulation is like a concoction for a dish, in this case we are talking about skincare products. To mix a powerful and safe skincare, don’t just use any available composition! Inappropriate formulas can cause negative effects for our skin.

The founders and cofounders of Serenitree want the best for their skin, as well as for the skin of its users. Armed with knowledge from credible natural skincare institutions and experience along their journey of life, a special formulation was created, namely, Clean Formulation. We can make sure that every product from this brand has this formulation!

Meaning of Clean Skincare

The name starts with “Clean” which obviously has a positive meaning. But what does it mean in detail?

In the previous article we discussed natural skincare which aims to provide information to the user what kinds of composition are inside the product. There is a list that informs the composition of a skin care product. Examples include aloe vera or jojoba oil. On the other hand, clean skincare describes what compositions are NOT included in a product. So far, the difference is quite clear, right?

Identical to the label “non-toxic”, a brand that adheres to the principle of clean beauty will be transparent to its users in terms of composition. They also avoid compositions that have the predicate “toxic” or can affect negatively such as sulfates and parabens. With the availability of a list like this, isn’t it easier for you to choose a skincare that is safe for you?

“Toxic” Elements to Avoid

What are the examples of “toxic” materials that we discussed earlier? Why are we always advised to avoid it?

Here are some ingredients that you really need to avoid when choosing skincare products!

  • Paraben

This formula is not only found in skincare. Often we can also find it in products for hair such as shampoo and others. Parabens are a kind of preservative that functions to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in skincare products.

Negative impact: Endocrine disruptor (disrupting hormones)

  • Phthalates

There are several types of phthalates such as dimethyl or dibutyl, but the most commonly used is diethyl phthalate. This formula functions so that moisturizing skincare can seep into your skin or help the fragrance of perfume last longer.

Negative impacts: Endocrine disturbances, developmental and reproductive disorders, and potential cancer.

  • Fragrance

Surely you guys have used or are familiar with skincare that smells very fantastic and strong right? Did you know that if the skincare is using too much fragrance, it can be dangerous. We don’t even recommend fragrance formulas from organic ingredients!

Negative impact: Skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, skin irritation and allergies.

  • Oxybenzone

No matter how much you use skincare, there is no use if you don’t use sunscreen! This oxybenzone composition is most often found in sunscreen products. They have a function to absorb UVB and UVA II rays.

Negative impact: Endocrine disruptor

Those are just some of the compositions that we recommend that you avoid! Actually there are still many out there, therefore we as skincare lovers must be careful and wise in choosing. Try to research first for maximum results.

Why Clean Formulation

Then why did Serenitree choose to use clean formulation for each of its products? That’s because the main mission of this brand is to provide products that are friendly to the skin and the health of the wearer.

Is the positive impact of this formulation as powerful as that? Let’s try to see together.

  • Using Natural Ingredients

From the beginning, the soul of Serenitree skincare was natural skincare, so it was certain to use natural ingredients. It is guaranteed, the formulation that is rich in extracts and vitamins provides many benefits and nutrients for you.

  • Skin Friendly and Safe for the Environment

We will not get tired of emphasizing, the beauty of the environment and nature around us must be preserved! The composition of the clean formulation, apart from being beneficial for the skin, is also beneficial for our beloved earth. It can be seen by its biodegradable properties. What is biodegradable? This means that the material is biodegradable and does not damage nature. Isn’t it cool?

  • Using Active Botanical

In order for skin problems to be resolved faster, Serenitree includes an active botanical formulation. Have you ever heard of that term? Plants or seeds that function to rejuvenate under the surface of our skin, that is what is meant by active botany. The benefits are very interesting, namely:

  • Provides nutrition for the skin. It even has the potential to reduce acne scars! It’s perfect for those of you who are fighting against stubborn scars that just won’t go away.
  • Rich in antioxidants that function to fight negative components so as to avoid or cure skin problems
  • Anti-Inflammatory which serves to reduce the growth of stubborn acne.
  • Clinically Tested

Don’t worry about the effectiveness and safety of Serenitree products! We always carry out tests and trials of formulas to ensure all products are safe and useful for users. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to use Serenitree skincare!

Early Awareness

Maybe many of you think,

“Oh, I also use skincare with that formula but it doesn’t have any effect!”

You have to change this thinking, because there are 2 types of negative impacts, namely short impacts and long impacts. It could be that the effect on you does not appear immediately like most people with sensitive skin. However, this is actually more dangerous because then awareness will decrease until later you will be directly hit by a negative impact on health!

So, in the digital era where getting information is easy, you have to be proactive and be careful using the products you use. Remember, beauty begins with health. Let’s be wiser together!

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