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Natural Body Wash and Body Lotion from Serenitree Indonesia

Skincare is an important part of our daily routine. It is an essential element in maintaining good health. It is the vision and goal of SERENITREE INDONESIA to provide products that not only improve the health of our skin, but also support the sustainability of life. As reasonable and virtuous individuals, we certainly have a responsibility towards our health. Not only for ourselves, but also for those closest to us such as family, friends and also the sustainability of the wider environmental ecosystem.

Designing and producing products from safe and natural ingredients has become the basis and main philosophy of the products produced by SERENITREE INDONESIA.

Today, SERENITREE INDONESIA is excited to announce the launch of SERENITREE INDONESIA‘s inaugural product, a range of skincare products in BODY WASH and BODY LOTION categories. Here is the list of product categories and variants:

A revolutionary new skincare line. By combining the benefits of natural ingredients from the earth of Indonesia and their ability to maintain and care for healthy skin. Our extensive research and testing has shown that the BODY WASH and BODY LOTION produced by the SERENITREE INDONESIA formulation team has delivered visible results such as: Delivering skin health and radiance benefits safely with consistent use on human skin.

What sets SERENITREE INDONESIA‘s BODY WASH and BODY LOTION products apart from other skincare products in Indonesia is the use of natural ingredients that are safe for human skin consumption. Not only that, SERENITREE INDONESIA also uses essential oils as aroma and soothing therapeutic effects. We are confident that SERENITREE INDONESIA‘s BODY WASH and BODY LOTION products will be accepted by the Indonesian skincare market in general and also the beauty industry in Indonesia. We understand that safety and sustainability are key concerns for our consumers.

SERENITREE INDONESIA ensures that its skincare products are in line with the principles of legality, safety and long-term benefits as well as sustainable environmental support by ensuring that our products have been:

  •  BPOM certified.
  •  Safe for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers.
  •  Safe for children above 3 years old.
  •  Using natural extracts.
  •  Does not contain Phatalates.
  •  Does not contain synthetic colors.
  •  Does not contain harmful chemicals.
  •  Does not contain synthetic fragrances.
  •  Does not contain SLS.
  •  Does not contain Parabens.

SERENITREE INDONESIA‘s BODY WASH and BODY LOTION are the perfect solution for sensitive skinned people for every skincare routine. With our skincare range, keeping your body and the environment healthy will be easier. Experience the benefits, find our products online at the official website of SERENITREE INDONESIA, Shopee and Tokopedia.

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