Product Insights: Serenitree Moisturizing and Brightening Body Lotion

After the Body wash range, Serenitree is introducing the second product launching, Body Lotion! The two series are interconnected and very effective to keep the skin moisturized. Just like the Body wash, this lotion product also has 2 variants. Incidentally, on this occasion, Serenitree will discuss details about the variants: Serenitree Moisturizing and Brightening Body Lotion. Before continuing the discussion, let’s take a look at the natural ingredients in this product!

Moisturizing VS Hydrating

The ingredients contained in this lotion are not much different from the “Brightening” variant of Serenitree Body Wash. More or less consists of ingredients such as: Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Licorice Root natural extract, Niacinamide/Vitamin B3, Tocopherol/Natural Vitamin E, Grapefruit Oil and Lavender Oil.

The average function of these ingredients is to moisturize and brighten the skin. So, why does the Body lotion range have “Moisturizing” while the Body wash is listed as “Hydrating”? Aren’t both effects the same?

It’s different in the concept of skincare!

Hydrating is the process of adding water to the skin. The products we use for hydration usually contain ingredients that help attract and store water within the skin’s layers. The result is brighter and more radiant skin.

Moisturizing is the process of maintaining the skin’s moisture levels. The products we use to moisturize usually contain ingredients to maintain skin moisture levels. Moisturized skin will feel softer and smoother.

In general, both processes are essential for maintaining healthy skin and can be used together to achieve optimal results. This is the case with Serenitree’s body wash and body lotion. Routinely using a combination of both can make your skin auto glowing and chok-chok (K-beauty term meaning hydrated and moisturized).

Benefits of Using Body Lotion 

Of course using Serenitree Body Wash can hydrate our skin well! But is it enough? Of course not. Skincare lotion is not created because of its fragrance or cute packaging, it has its own function. When we are exposed to hot, dry air or pollution, the moisture we get from body wash is not enough. That’s why after the cleansing process, we must use lotion afterwards.

Not using enough body lotion can lead to dry, rough and flaky skin. This condition can then lead to skin irritation and inflammation. In addition, dry skin is also more susceptible to damage from sun exposure and the environment. So, it’s important for us to regularly use body lotion to keep our skin healthy and protected! 

Afraid that lotion products won’t fit and cause breakouts on your skin? Don’t worry, you can avoid this by choosing skincare that suits your skin condition. For extra safety, you also have the option to use natural products like Serenitree Moisturizing and Brightening Body Lotion. Check out our products here guys.

Brightening Effect in Skincare

The Serenitree Moisturizing and Brightening Body Lotion variant is multifunctional, in addition to keeping the skin moisturized, it can also brighten the skin safely. Brightening in this context relates to improving uneven skin tone, such as dark spots or acne blemishes. Examples of ingredients in this variant of Serenitree Body lotion include: Licorice Root and Niacinamide. In addition, this variant also nourishes the skin so that it looks brighter!

Actually, to brighten the skin (Brightening), there are many skincare that you can use outside of Serenitree Moisturizing and Brightening Body Lotion. Skincare that you can choose from such as body scrubs, masks, and other treatments. But for certain series, we generally shouldn’t use it every day like Serenitree Body lotion! It depends on the ingredients, instructions and recommendations of your dermatologist.

Serenitree brand will also soon launch brightening products and other skincare series such as natural scrubs and natural face masks. While waiting, you can check the Body wash and Body lotion products on the official website, Shopee and Tokopedia. There are still promos until the end of January, so don’t miss it guys!

Brighten Skin Naturally

As we’ve discussed before, Serenitree skincare is 100% natural. This brand is rooted in sustainable living with a partner company: Kertabumi Recycling Center. The concept of both is similar, except that Serenitree focuses on natural skincare production. Even all formulations, processes and packaging, the founders are involved in supervising. That’s how strict it is to produce hygienic skincare!

Serenitree’s “Brightening” body lotion is no exception. Although there is a brightening effect, all the ingredients are derived from natural extracts and vitamins that are fully nutritious. Rather than simply following the rising trend of “natural” skincare, the brand is highly concerned about the health of both the body and the environment. By incorporating natural ingredients, the risk of side effects is minimized to none. 

To prove it, our founder, Sandra Djajadisastra herself did the trials for the entire skincare range. In addition, her family and children also use these products. Sandra’s skin condition is sensitive, she used to experience dermatitis and dry skin. With the power of natural sources that are well processed, a solution for people with skin problems is created!

So, are you sure you’re still not interested in trying this?

Always Confident = Glowing & Healthy

In addition to using Serenitree “Brightening” lotion, don’t forget to take care of your mental health! We will never get tired of reminding you that no matter what your skin color is, you are still charming. By brightening, we don’t mean to “whiten” the skin, but to keep the skin healthy so that it looks radiant or glowing

Positive thinking, doing good to others and the environment, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, that’s the main recipe for glowing skin. It turns out that confidence can also affect our appearance! Have you ever heard the term “the important thing is to keep confident”? 

Feeling confident can affect the production of hormones in the body, such as endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins can reduce feelings of stress resulting in healthier and more radiant skin, while oxytocin can improve sleep and boost the immune system. In addition, feeling confident can also make a person feel better about themselves, which can make them more likely to take good care of their skin.

So, from now on, always be confident, guys! Stay healthy, stay glowing!

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