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Future Skin Care Products, Natural Skincare

You could say the world of skincare is very wide and has many varieties. The types of products are immeasurable, from A to Z! From head to toe, treatment is available! There are special products for eye bags, for the face, for nails, and even for the feet. The same applies to the type of skincare. There are organic skincare, chemical skincare, and the last one is natural skincare. It just so happens that Serenitree’s body and soul revolves around natural skincare. So without further ado, let’s see more clearly what the term “Natural” skin care actually means!

Understanding the Meaning of Natural Skincare

It’s simple, just as the name suggests, natural skincare means skin care products with natural ingredients. Usually the materials used come from plants, seeds or flowers. If a product contains 10% natural ingredients, the product can be said to be “Natural”!

But there are things you need to remember too, the term “Natural” does not yet have clear boundaries in the skincare world. Acting like a perspective, of course every company and skincare user has a different “Natural” standard. You alone determine which products fit into natural standards and you can use for yourself.

Because of this, we as users must always carefully check the label of the ingredients contained before choosing a product. It would be even better if you did your research first so you don’t just trust all claims from skincare products that might harm you!

Natural Skincare Composition

After discussing a little about natural skincare, surely you understand better, right? So, now on to the discussion, what kind of natural ingredients are included in this type of skin care product?

We can divide natural materials into 3 groups, namely:

  • Pure Natural Ingredients

As the name implies, the ingredients included in this group are pure from nature. “Pure” means that the ingredients are presented naturally without any process. Examples of pure natural ingredients are pure honey, seeds, flowers, and spices.

  • Physically Processed Natural Ingredients

While in this group they still use natural ingredients, but what distinguishes them is that these materials have gone through a physical process before being used. Cold-press, Filtration or Distillation are examples of physical processes in question! Usually products such as essential oils or natural oils such as coconut and olive oil will go through this process.

  • Chemically Processed Natural Ingredients

This last group is also the same, yes, they still use natural ingredients. But there is a chemical process that then changes the material that was previously natural in structure and substance.

Those are the common ingredients that you can find in your favorite natural skincare products! But you know what, it turns out that in addition to coming from nature, there are also natural ingredients that are made in the laboratory. Come on, let’s find out more!

Nature-Identical, Natural Ingredients From The Lab

There are increasingly sophisticated technological developments in the world. As proof, there are natural ingredients that can be produced in a laboratory. That is what is meant by materials labeled “Nature-Identical” or synthetic chemicals.

This material is very identical to natural ingredients that come from nature, in terms of structure, physical and chemical properties, and even benefits! It’s just that they are made by the hands of scientists synthetically. In general, the benefits will not be much different for sure.

Why is it that there are already materials available in nature that still need to be made in the laboratory, right? There is one strong reason why this can happen. Despite the abundance of ingredients in our nature, the skincare industry is growing very rapidly. What does it mean? Sometimes the supply of materials can not meet the very high demand.

So that’s the origin of Nature-Identical skincare! Interesting enough huh? This is also a sign that natural skincare is very popular among skincare lovers.

Growth Factors of Natural Skincare

What do you think after we discussed at length about natural skincare and the composition of natural ingredients contained in it? Are you curious, why are there so many big fans of natural skincare?

Natural skincare has a fast growth in the world of skin care. What is the driving reason?

  • Sensitive skin problem

As experienced by one of the Serenitree figures, Sandra, many people out there have sensitive skin. This makes it difficult to find the right skincare that the body can accept well. Natural skincare can be a solution for them because it can offer better results, is softer and of course sensitive skin-friendly!

  • Awareness of the impact on the environment

The more advanced civilization is, the more people are aware that the earth and its environment must be taken care of properly! With the use of natural materials and products, the risk of environmental damage will also decrease, of course. In addition, many users can feel more connected to nature after regularly using natural skincare!

  • Awareness of the effects of excess chemicals

It’s not a bad thing if a product has a chemical composition. However,  anything in excess is not good, right? At the same time, the use of synthetic chemicals can potentially be harmful to the health of the skin and body.

Those are just some of the supporting factors that you can learn. In fact, there is another reason why this natural skincare has such a big fandom!

Future Skincare Products?

It is evident from the market that is increasing day by day, the world of natural skincare continues to show steady improvement. In terms of benefits, this type of skincare offers a lot. Starting from the safety and effectiveness, everything is TOP.

But is this the skincare product of the future? According to Serenitree, yes, why not?

The awareness of skincare lovers is also increasing, especially helped by the exposure and ease of getting information from social media. Only through short video content, articles and illustrations, you can easily get complete information about a skincare. No doubt more and more people will come to their senses in the future!

Even so, one thing that natural skincare producers should not forget is that the increasing demand doesn’t make the process of making this skincare no longer natural! We must stick to the main goal, which is to love ourselves and our earth.

Beauty that apart from the outside will also radiate from the heart and mind, right?

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