Healthy and Clear Skin With Serenitree Body Wash

Finally, the wait is over! Serenitree will launch its first product which is: Serenitree Body Wash. Why choose body wash? Serenitree follows the flow of skincare series, the first step is always “cleansing”. In addition, body wash products are treatments that we use every day. In the morning and evening. After going through the twists and turns of life, it’s best to take a shower to freshen up!

What’s so special about Serenitree Body Wash?

Maybe this product seems ordinary and common. Just “soap”, right? You should know that clean skin is the beginning of healthy skin. Try to imagine, how can we apply other skincare series without clean skin?

If so, is there anything special about this Serenitree “soap”? Of course there is, here are some of the benefits of Serenitree body wash that you must know!

  • Moisturizing our skin

Not only using skincare, body wash can also hydrate the skin. Well, but not all products are suitable for your skin. Especially if the product ingredients easily cause irritation or so on. As a result, instead of being moist, your skin might become dry. Have you ever felt a “pulling” effect on your skin after a shower? That’s one example!

Therefore, Serenitree provides a selection of cleanser products made from natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types. All oils and natural extracts that are used in this product will provide nutrition and benefits for your skin!

  • Effective for cleaning the skin

The texture of the product is liquid, so it’s easy to use everyday. Why does it have to be liquid? Natural bar soap can also give us the same effect! But the difference is the level of hygiene when too many people are using the bar soap at the same time.

Because of that, Serenitree wants to provide products with protective packaging that are easy to use and effective in cleaning the skin from bacteria!

  • Safe for all 

Made from all natural ingredients, this body wash product is very safe for everyone to use. Those with sensitive skin, have certain skin conditions, pregnant and lactating women, even children!

Serenitree has 2 variants available, namely:

  1. Hydrating & Brightening Body Wash (Safe for children aged 6 years and over).
  2. Hydrating & Calming Body Wash (Safe for children aged 2-3 years and over).
  • Does not contain SLS

For those of you who don’t know, SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate is found in many shampoos, soaps and others. SLS functions as an emulsifier (mixing skincare ingredients together) and a foaming agent (producing foam) in skincare. However, the risks from using this material can be skin irritation, allergies and many more! SLS is indeed one of the chemicals that we must avoid.

Therefore this brand always uses all natural ingredients. We use essential oils to produce fragrance in Serenitree body wash products. Our mission is to provide effective and risk-free products for all!

Prioritizing Environmental Health

Wow, it turns out that we get a lot of benefits if we use the “soap” from Serenitree! Guaranteed safe and healthy for the body, it can be a solution for all skin problems.

There are more strong reasons why you should choose our product.

We care deeply about living in sustainability and the environment, therefore all products, including Serenitree body wash, will not harm the environment. This product will not have any negative effects after the products are being rinsed off and end up in  water bodies such as seas or rivers.

So, by using “soap” from Serenitree, all biota, habitats, land and sea ecosystems will be safe from negative chemicals. Isn’t this good for the earth’s health?

Not only that, the process of making and testing this body wash does not use animal elements. This is because one of the mottos of this brand is to protect all life on earth. That’s why from any aspect, nobody will be harmed.

We also hope that this vision can run smoothly and that more people care about it. Let’s participate in healing our earth!

Not Just an Ordinary “Bathing” With Serenitree Body Wash

Bathing. Of course we all do this activity every day. This activity is already included in our daily routine without us realizing it.

Sometimes it may seem very trivial. Often we heard things like:

“Surely we take a shower every day, there’s nothing special about it” or “Why do you need to buy expensive soap for bathing, it’s better to just buy another skincare.”

People tend to forget that our body skin is no less important than facial skin! If our body is clean, we can avoid thousands of other problems such as body odor and so on. A smelly body can definitely lower our self-confidence! In addition, feeling fresh and clean after a shower can also be a mood booster on a tiring day!

It can be concluded that bathing provides a lot of benefits for the body. That’s why we have to pay close attention to it. Don’t let problems happen because of the wrong soap! Use soap that is suitable for your skin type and made from safe natural ingredients such as soap from Serenitree. If used regularly, your skin will feel moisturised and nourished. Germs don’t even dare to stop by!

There is one more great Serenitree body wash! The fragrance ingredients of this soap come from essential oils. Not just to create “fragrant”, this ingredient provides a therapeutic effect for its users. With this effect, you can feel relaxed and calm while ridding your body of negative radicals. As a result, our body is clean and our mood will be boosted. Wow, who would’ve thought that even taking a shower could be a “healing” moment for yourself!

2 in 1 effect, only one product can provide physical and mental benefits. Serenitree’s soap is really the best. Aren’t you curious to try? Don’t miss out, check out now!

You can also monitor our social media for the next product launch! Hopefully this article is useful, stay healthy, guys!

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