Composition of Natural Serenitree Skincare; Botanical Extract

Who else is really curious and are waiting for the launch of skincare products from Serenitree? While we wait, let’s study the ingredients and composition of the product that will be launching soon!

As you know, Serenitree is a skincare business that focuses on natural concepts. Therefore, the aspects from the materials to the packaging are also environmentally friendly! But, what is meant by natural composition? For those who want details, let’s just get acquainted with the term Extract Botanical or known as extracts of natural ingredients.

Plant Based, Botanical Extract Ingredients

A big fan of natural skincare must be familiar with the name botanical extract. From the name alone it is clear, botany means plants. The conclusion is that botanical extract is a composition derived from natural sources, especially plants such as plants, fruits and flowers. In addition, vegetables and grains also fall into this category. 100% natural!

Even hundreds and thousands of years ago, before technology and research developed this far, our ancestors used botanical extracts as ingredients in traditional medicines and beauty products. As time goes by and the number of studies that have been successfully carried out, we can find out whether it is good or not even to the direct positive effect.

Then, is this botanical extract very influential? Why did this material become the main star of Serenitree? Let’s see together!

The Reason for Botanical Extract Being the Chosen One

Of course the reason is none other than because this composition is rich in various benefits. Same as chemical composition, this botanical extract provides many reasons for us to get addicted! Like this example:

  • Has concentrated therapeutic properties

This property is effective in providing a “calm” and “relaxation” effect for its users. This is what causes Serenitree to choose botanical extracts for “fragrance” or “aroma” for each of our skincare products.

  • As “Active Ingredients”

For those who do not know this term, active ingredients have a function to overcome skin problems that are the main target of the specific skincare products. In research, this ingredient has been proven to be effective in eliminating a problem on the skin. So we don’t need to doubt anymore the efficacy of this botanical extract!

  • Various benefits in small doses

Have you ever heard the term “just a small amount can cause a big change”? This idiom is very similar to the benefits of botanical extracts. Concentrated, this ingredient has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects and is rich in antioxidants even in small doses. In a snap of your fingers, say goodbye to skin problems!

These is not all the positive benefits that you can feel with botanical extracts, there are still plenty more! No wonder why Serenitree chose this material, right? Plus, according to research data, it has been proven that the addition of botanical extracts significantly improves skin care performance. This is the main reason why this material was chosen!

However, what is the example of botanical extract? Serenitree will give you a sneak-peak of what materials we use!

Serenitree Botanical Extract Composition

We don’t just recklessly select ingredients to use! The selection of botanical extracts must match the skin problem that needs to be eradicated. Well, here are some examples:

  • Licorice Root Extract

Dull skin? Want to get rid of skin hyperpigmentation? Don’t worry, this extract functions as an antioxidant that can give a “calming” effect on the skin and help your skin become more “glow” up!

  • Calendula Extract

Have stubborn sensitive skin? Calendula extract can be your solution! This extract can stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells and give the skin a “relaxing” effect.

  • Green Tea Extract

Hey, who’s in their 30s? Surely skincare fans at this age are flocking to search for the perfect “anti-aging” skincare. This Green Tea Extract is very suitable for reducing signs of aging and helping premature aging problems on the skin because of its high antioxidant content!

  • Pomegranate Extract

This extract is no less great! Besides being able to brighten dull skin and eradicate dry skin problems, this extract can protect the skin from premature aging problems as well. Say goodbye to dry, dull and hyperpigmented skin!

Wow, these are just a few spoilers from Serenitree’s products. They sound so enticing right? Are you also curious, how come natural ingredients can have such a powerful effect? Let’s take a peek at the performance behind it!

Behind the Benefits of Botanical Extract

Even the most sophisticated man-made products will be overpowered by the gift of nature. Are you curious about how plants can produce botanical extracts that can produce many benefits? Here are some explanations:

  • Contains synergistic components

If we examine biologically, each part of the plant has a function for its survival. The collaboration between these compounds then forms an energy so that the level of skincare effectiveness increases. 100% increase in your skincare to eliminate your skin problems!

  • Contains high levels of chemical components, Phenol

Nature can also produce chemical components. There are several types of plants that must be immune when exposed to UV rays of the sun. As a system of natural mechanisms to survive and thrive, plants produce chemical components called phenols. If this component is found in the extract in skincare, it will have the same effect on the skin by fighting free radicals and oxidative stress. Very cool isn’t it? Plus, Phenol is also rich in antioxidants!

How cool is that? All products from Serenitree contain this botanical extract, because Serenitree believes ingredients derived from nature will be well received by our bodies and not to forget, they can also be decomposed properly.

Skincare must be effective in dealing with skin problems, but also must be safe for users and the environment. Together, we have to work hand in hand to preserve nature! Remember, beauty also comes from your mind and soul!

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