Keep Your Skin Moisturized With Serenitree Body Lotion

We have discussed the importance of body wash already, now is the time for us to move on to the next skincare step. Still focusing on skin care for the body, this is the 2nd product to be launched: Serenitree Body Lotion. We understand very well that after our Body Wash product appears, it must be followed by its true friend! It’s best to use a lotion product after bathing. Why? Because it is when our skin is so it can effectively absorb the nutrients from the lotion.

Before discussing this further, let’s first understand why we need to use lotion.

Serenitree Body Lotion = Mandatory Product for Healthy Skin

It’s not enough to just use a body wash to keep your skin moisturized! Our skin, which is exposed to hot air, vehicle fumes and so on, needs more care. This is when lotion kicks into action! These are more or less the benefits that you can get from using Serenitree Body lotion:

  • Re-hydrates dry skin

That’s right, using Serenitree Body Wash can hydrate the skin! But that alone is not enough. Why? When finished bathing, our skin may be exposed to hot, dry air or air conditioning. Things like that can certainly make our skin dry instantly. Especially for those who live in hot and polluted areas. Serenitree Body Lotion is perfect for locking skin moisture after bathing. As a result, our skin will be soft, comfortable and hydrated for hours to come!

  • Slows down signs of aging

We can’t avoid the signs of aging, it’s a law of nature! But we could just slow it down with the right products. People often think that dry skin is easily “wrinkled”. Wrong! It’s just that dry skin can “look” more wrinkled than oily skin. To overcome this problem, our Body Lotion nourishes the skin with special natural ingredients and is guaranteed to keep the skin well hydrated.

  • Overcoming various skin problems

Besides being able to deal with dry skin, Serenitree Body Lotion is also effective as a solution to other skin problems. Say goodbye to flaky, rough or itchy skin! This product is safe for those with sensitive skin. So for those of you who have certain skin conditions such as Dermatitis, this lotion can also be the solution. 

The power of Serenitree Body lotion is truly amazing! It can bring endless benefits to our health. So, it’s not enough if you just use body wash. For maximum results, of course, it must be accompanied by lotion! Believe me, regular use will definitely give you the best results.

Using All Natural Ingredients

We always want to provide useful products for its users. Serenitree automatically designs all skincare from scratch with top quality ingredients.

Just like Serenitree Body Wash, our Lotion uses all natural ingredients. From oils to extracts, all come from nature.

As we have discussed in several past articles, our skin is the largest organ. Whatever is rubbed on the surface of our skin will be absorbed and enter our blood circulation. That’s why all ingredients must be safe. If not, the risk can be dangerous! The effects can appear instantly or can also accumulate until it is too late.

Not only for the sake of body health, natural ingredients are also safe for the environment. That’s also the reason why Serenitree always pays attention to every skincare manufacturing process to ensure that everything is hygienic and according to standards. Besides that, our Body Lotion is also labelled “no animal tested” and “cruelty free”! So don’t hesitate to check out!

Recommended Skincare For Pregnant Women and Children

Generally, it’s not that hard for adults to find suitable skincare.

But it’s harder to find safe care for pregnant and breastfeeding women! From food, skincare, activities, there are too many restrictions for them. But things that are prohibited have a certain reason. The risk can be dangerous because there are some ingredients that are not safe for the health and growth of the fetus in the womb. It can even cause miscarriage or infertility!

The same goes for children. Their skin is far more sensitive and vulnerable than adults, especially in extreme weather. They need products suitable for their skin!

Worry not! Serenitree is here to provide solutions for them!

There are 2 variants for Serenitree Body Lotion:

  • Moisturizing & Calming Body Lotion (Safe for children aged 3 years and over)
  • Moisturizing & Brightening Body Lotion (Safe for children aged 6 years and over)

The Calming lotion variant also, as the name suggests, has the ability to calm its users (with essential oils and calendula extract). It’s perfect for relieving moms’ stress and supporting children’s relaxation after tiring activities! With Serenitree-style lotion, everyone are free and safe to try. Are you interested in trying it too, guys?

Serenitree’s Tips To Stay Hydrated In Rainy Season

One more thing that Serenitree wants to remind you, skin dehydration is not a trivial problem. There are many factors that cause it, it can be from lack of fluids and extreme weather. Its characteristics can be dull, sensitive and itchy skin. This issue can be dangerous if we don’t treat it right away!

Especially now that the weather is fluctuating erratically. During the day it can be hot while in the afternoon it can rain heavily. Therefore we must be diligent in doing this:

  • Drink enough water (2 liters a day)
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables and supplements as needed
  • Try to use simple/minimal makeup
  • Keep using sunscreen
  • Use Serenitree Body Lotion

Those are some tips you can do to stay glowing and hydrated during this rainy season. The point is that besides maintaining the level of water content from inside the body, you also have to maintain moisture from the outside using Serenitree lotion. Be sure to check out our social media for the latest product updates!

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