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Kertabumi X Serenitree Workshop; Together Educating the Community

Maybe those who are familiar with the Kertabumi and Serenitree brands already know that the two are related. For those who don’t know, we would like to inform you that Kertabumi is the “parent” or predecessor company of Serenitree. Without it, Serenitree might not exist! Both brands are indeed rooted in the field of sustainability or sustainable living. The only difference is the direction of focus, specifically Serenitree refers more to natural skin care products.

The founders of each brand also have the same vision and mission, namely environmental and body health. Apart from selling products, another way to realize our mission is to educate each other. It turns out that awareness is the key and the solution! Let’s read more to find out why!

The Importance of Awareness

Skincare was created to maintain health and eradicate all skin problems. We can easily purchase it everywhere.

But ironically, only by selling products, it is difficult for us to build public awareness of our mission. Even though we think it’s trivial, public awareness can change perceptions and promote positive changes. Just imagine if everyone knew about the dangers of chemicals on skin and the environment. Of course, over time, people will switch to products that are safe for our body and the environment. This is a good thing right?

The growth of awareness itself comes from proper education. This is the reason why Kertabumi and Serenitree remind us of the importance of education. Knowledge that we possess can build awareness within us. The next step is action! Actions to change perceptions, start changing yourself, then spread this awareness to those closest to you.

So are you ready to become the beacon for raising public awareness for a healthier earth?

Awareness Generating Facility = Workshop

It seems easier to say than to actually make an effort. The impact of awareness is indeed powerful, but to form it also requires effort and time. But this is not a problem for Kertabumi and Serenitree. Both of these brands want to contribute their knowledge and experience selflessly for those who want to learn. Platform selection is also a challenge because in this modern era, people prefer something that is interactive and not boring.

That’s why we chose to hold a workshop!

Workshop is a discussion or a practical activity carried out by a number of people with the same interest. As the saying goes “learning by doing”, this interactive activity is almost the same as training. Let’s compare, which activity is easier to understand: Just listening to Serenitree giving a presentation on how to make natural soap or directly practicing soap making (step by step) with Serenitree team? Not only that, you can also meet and ask questions directly from the experts!.

Apart from providing education to many people, Serenitree also wants to be a place of discussion and network building. It’s like being a forum and community for those with the same vision and interest in natural skin care. From there, other ideas have the opportunity to emerge and could open so many doors.

Who has attended workshops from Serenitree or Kertabumi? For those who haven’t, no worries! Serenitree and Kertabumi will often give regular workshops. Let’s wait for the next schedule!

Kertabumi X Serenitree Workshop

As we discussed earlier, Kertabumi and Serenitree want to increase public awareness about sustainable living. Including the use of natural skincare that is healthy and eco-friendly.

Therefore, the two brands routinely collaborate to provide education via workshops. Usually the theme of the workshop is a topic such as:

  • Natural Bar Soap Workshop
  • Natural Liquid Soap Workshop
  • Natural Shampoo Workshop
  • Natural Lotion and Body Butter Workshop
  • Natural Face Masks Workshop
  • Natural Home Spa Workshop
  • Natural Lipstick and Lip Balm Workshop
  • Natural Scrub Workshop
  • Bar Soap Workshop
  • Plastic Waste Recycling Workshop
  • City Farmer Workshop
  • Garbage Bank Development Workshop
  • Homemade Organic Waste Compost Workshop
  • Organic Tempeh Workshop
  • Sausage Making Workshop
  • And so forth

All the topics of the workshop sounds interesting, right? Makes you confused which one to choose! Luckily again, you can get information plus get products from workshops at affordable prices too! In fact, sometimes workshops are also available for free. Win win solution for all!

Not infrequently, participants who have attended workshops end up continuing to make products for their own use. Some even have new business ideas.

The speakers/instructors of the workshop were the Founders and Co-Founders of Kertabumi and Serenitree themselves, namely: Sandra Djajadisastra, Ikbal Alexander and Santi Novianti. You can get knowledge directly from qualified and competent experts. They also have experience filling in events for several private companies, BUMN and educational institutions in related fields. We no longer need to doubt the quality of the information!

Hybrid Workshop

Since this is the digital age, many of the training and workshops are available online.

Even now we have an online option and are redeveloping the online workshop system to make it more accessible. The goal is that everyone can access workshops at affordable prices and anywhere. Pretty effective right?

However, Kertabumi and Serenitree also continue to provide offline workshops. Actually apart from the platform, the two types of workshops are equally qualified. It’s just that we adjust to the conditions and preferences of people. There are people who can learn online, especially the younger generation today. But there are those who can easily absorb information when meeting face to face.

The Kertabumi and Serenitree communities consist of all age groups. From the young to the elderly. Not to mention that lately the pandemic situation is fluctuating. That’s why we provide flexibility so that everyone can keep exploring insights in any situation.

We want to support those who have determination and a strong desire to educate themselves. One message from Kertabumi and Serenitree, if you have gained knowledge, try to share it with each other. We have the power to change the world for the better. Let’s start from now!

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