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5 Causes & Solutions of Back Acne!

Who says acne can only appear on the face? In fact, all parts of our body can get pimples and this is very common! Especially parts that we often ignore like our back. Of course, the cause of back acne is not much different from facial acne, basically because the skin pores are clogged. The blockage can be in the form of oil, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria. 

Instead of letting this skin problem interfere with our daily activities, let’s first find out the cause! Check it out Serenitree squad!

Common Causes of “Bacne” or Back Acne

As always, there are several factors to our skin problems. When it comes to back acne, here are the 5 common causes:

  • Lack of hygiene

If our pores can become clogged with free radicals, one of the reasons is lack of hygiene. Although the skin of the back is not always exposed to pollution and sun, it will still sweat and be exposed to other impurities. The difficulty of reaching the back area should not be a reason why we don’t take good care of it!

  • Trapped sweat

After strenuous activity and exercise, the body will produce sweat. If we don’t dry and rinse it off, the sweat can get trapped under our clothes. The result will be = back acne!

  • Backpack usage

The use of heavy and rigid backpacks can cause friction on the skin. Over time, the pressure and irritation from the bag can cause and even worsen the condition of back acne. Trivial but it turns out the effect can be negatively powerful!

  • Genetics, hormones and stress

Hormones are very influential in the growth of acne, especially those who are going through puberty and such. As with genetics, it’s all very natural. Stress level is one that we can control so that the mentality remains stable, the body remains healthy.

  • Friction from clothing

Apart from backpacks, rough clothing (e.g. wool) is also at the root of back acne problems. Irritated skin is very easy to break out. In addition, clothes with rough textures usually easily absorb oil and sweat from the skin so that it will eventually clog the skin pores.

So, those are the 5 reasons why, Serenitree Squad! Which habits should you pay more attention to and change? Don’t let it be taken lightly and lead to a more severe risk of inflammation!

Better to prevent than to find a solution, right?

Serenitree’s Back Acne Solution

Don’t worry, whatever the cause, there’s always a solution. Whether it’s normal or severe acne! For those of you who are struggling with “bacne” problems, you can try some of our solutions:

  • Keep clean

This is an obligation for all of us who want to live a healthy life! Make sure to shower regularly and always clean up after strenuous activities. Also, keep the environment and the clothes you wear clean.

  • Maintain stress and anxiety levels

A healthy mentality will prevent various health problems. Therefore, you can control your emotions by meditating or doing hobbies that you enjoy!

  • Pay attention to scrubbing/exfoliation routine

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells. Scrubbing is a form of physical exfoliation by rubbing the skin. This process can only be done once a week maximum! Too much will cause irritation. It’s also not recommended to scrub acne areas! It could get worse later.

  • Avoid overuse of backpacks

Try to use a backpack with soft padded straps. Also pay attention to the load and duration of use. The less the better! 

  • Wearing soft textured clothing

Every time you wipe your body with a towel or use clothes, make sure that everything is clean! Recommended materials for clothing can be linen or cotton. If possible, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight as this can increase the risk of friction against your skin!

  • Use of gentle soaps and moisturizers

The soap cleanses and the moisturizer locks in hydration to keep your skin moisturized. For safety, we recommend you to use natural cleansers and moisturizers like Serenitree’s Body Wash and Lotion! Guaranteed paraben and sulfate free!

  • Consult a dermatologist

If the condition worsens, you should immediately consult your trusted dermatologist! Professional dermatologists can provide the right treatment and care for more serious conditions. They can also advise you on products and ingredients that are suitable for your skin type. 

How is Serenitree Squad? Are you interested in trying Serenitree’s back acne solution? 

Banish Insecurity

All types of acne can occur on anyone, it’s a common thing. Whether due to genetics, hormones, habits, skin type and skincare routine, anyone can get acne. Therefore, Serenitree Squad should always be careful and take preventive measures so as not to be prone to acne. Even if it occurs, there must be a good solution and treatment!

But don’t forget one thing! Acne or other skin problems shouldn’t make you less confident and insecure. In fact, when we feel sad and anxious, our stress levels will increase. It’s even harder for acne to go away! Every health problem will certainly get better faster with positive mental support.

One more thing, beauty is not only about the physical, but also about the “inside”. That means our mental and physical health must be maintained at all times. In addition, self-confidence will make us look brighter and more charming. All the treatments and skincare will be outdone by our confidence level!

So in conclusion, Serenitree Squad, there is no need to be ashamed and keep your spirits up when dealing with back acne! Focus on the quality of yourself and don’t let this problem affect your confidence and happiness. Let’s fight acne together and take care of our skin as an investment in the future with Serenitree. There are many products that you can try, from Body Wash to Hand Cream. Interesting, right?

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