Recognize Eczema and How to Treat It!

Skin problems are endless. They are very diverse and the causes are not always the same. Different skin types will generally have different problems! Today, Serenitree will be talking specifically about eczema.

Who has this disease? Let’s learn more about this problem, its causes as well as the possible treatment.

Getting to know Eczema

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a condition where the skin becomes inflamed or swollen. The effects can vary from itching, dryness, rashes, scaly patches, blisters, to skin infections. Generally, children are most susceptible to this condition, but it is still possible for everyone to experience eczema! 

Eczema is certainly very annoying and can affect one’s quality of life. In addition to discomfort, it will also affect our appearance! Moreover, this condition can appear on all parts of our body (most commonly on the neck, knees, hands, crease areas).

Here are some symptoms of eczema in each age category:

  • Symptoms in infants

Characterized by a rash on the head and cheeks; rash bubbles with fluid; itching that makes them difficult to sleep.

  • Symptoms in children

Rash on areas such as the neck, knee folds, wrists and feet; thickening of the skin; itching.

  • Symptoms in adults

Dry-skinned people are prone to eczema, with skin infections; raised and scaly rashes; itching.

Well, for you or if any of your acquaintances experience symptoms like this, it might be eczema! But don’t worry, this disease is not contagious at all. The earlier it is diagnosed, the sooner the right prevention and treatment measures will be taken. Let’s learn about the causes first!

Factors Causing Eczema Problems

Just like any other skin problem, there are several contributing factors. To be able to prevent it, we should know what habits we can avoid. Here is a series of causes of eczema:

  • Family history of disease:

This factor plays an important role in the development of eczema. If one parent has this condition, the child will have a higher risk of eczema. It is the same with asthma. 

  • Genetic abnormalities

Genetic abnormalities or mutations produce the protein filaggrin. This protein helps maintain the natural protection of the outermost layer of skin. As a result, the skin’s protection becomes weaker, that way natural moisture is reduced and germs are more likely to enter.

  • Immune condition of the body

Overactive or weak immunity can trigger eczema. Especially if it coincides with dry and itchy skin!

  • Stress level

Mental health can affect skin health. The more burdened you are in your mind, the more susceptible you will be to various diseases including eczema.

  • Environmental conditions

Exposure to irritants such as dust and pollution can be a precursor to this disease. Moreover, people with sensitive skin will certainly be easily irritated.

  • Exposure to skincare with harsh ingredients

Skincare with ingredients such as SLS, Parabens and fragrances, can trigger eczema. It could also be because you are allergic to the ingredients of a skincare (allergen properties).

Those are some of the causes of eczema. It’s clear that it doesn’t come from other people’s infections. So you don’t need to be afraid!

Serenitree’s Preventive Tips

Although eczema cannot be cured completely, it is possible to prevent and treat this condition (*in certain conditions, it is recommended to consult an expert). First we will discuss how we can prevent eczema.

  • Apply moisturizer according to your skin type regularly. Especially those with dry skin. This is to prevent itching, dryness and infection.
  • Use soap with body-safe ingredients to avoid triggering eczema or other skin problems. Take care of your skin with safe products!
  • Choose skincare without harsh synthetic chemicals like SLS and synthetic fragrances. There are many natural skincare options with various scents, such as Serenitree.
  • Choose soft clothing so that the skin is not easily irritated and can “breathe”. Recommended materials include cotton. Avoid wearing tight clothes too often!
  • Maintain mental health by doing activities such as yoga, meditation, or favorite activities. A burdened mind will actually worsen/trigger eczema conditions.
  • Apply cold compresses to inflamed and itchy skin areas. Avoid scratching the skin. This process can also be done on skin areas affected by eczema.

Isn’t it hard to prevent skin problems? The key is to be consistent and routine, always research before using any product. Take care of your health inside and out. Serenitree believes that a healthy body will result in a healthy body and a happier life!

Reduce Eczema Symptoms With This

There are preventative measures, and there are treatments that can help with this condition. However, this will be more about medicated creams or specialized treatments! Keep in mind that you should still consult an expert before trying some of the treatments below: 

  • Topical corticosteroids: These can be used to reduce inflammation and itching on the skin. They are generally available in various formulations such as ointments, creams and gels.
  • Topical immunomodulators: These medications work to alter the body’s immune system response. Improved immunity will better help reduce inflammation and itching of the skin. 
  • Phototherapy: Light therapy is a therapeutic process to treat eczema by exposing the skin to controlled ultraviolet light. The aim is to reduce inflammation in our skin.
  • Antihistamine medications: These can help reduce itching and prevent inflammation of the skin. You can usually find these in pill or syrup form.
  • Corticosteroid oral or injectable medications: If you have eczema that is more severe or difficult to manage with topical treatments, your doctor will usually recommend this medication. Since this is a drug with side effects, it will definitely be under doctor’s supervision!

In conclusion, we can take precautions early on. But if the condition gets worse, Serenitree always encourages you to seek treatment from an expert. Otherwise, it will bring serious side effects to your health and quality of life!

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