5 skin diseases that are prone to appear in the rainy season!


This rainy season can make our skin vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. Humid air and wet conditions can be a haven for viruses and fungi! Coupled with the lack of sunlight. Therefore, we must be prepared by being vigilant and keeping our skin healthy during the rainy season. Let’s recognise the 5 most common diseases that we can prevent!

Identify common skin diseases during the rainy season

Let’s start by discussing some common types of skin diseases. By knowing the type and cause, we can then determine the right solution!

  • Athlete’s Foot (Tinea Pledis)

Symptoms of athlete’s foot can include a red rash that feels moist between the toes. Often, this skin disease is also accompanied by itching. 

The main cause of this disease is the various dermatophytes fungi that often appear during the rainy season (humid air). These fungi can appear due to various things such as: prolonged use of closed footwear, sweaty feet, lack of hygiene, and visiting public places barefoot.

Remember that athlete’s foot is contagious, so it’s best not to exchange footwear or toiletries!

  • Acne

While acne can appear at any time of the year, the rainy season often exacerbates the condition. The combination factor is the humidity in the air and the increased oil production by the skin. 

Why does skin oil production increase? It’s because of the cold temperatures that our skin naturally produces more oil to moisturise the skin. In addition, taking a hot shower can also make your skin vulnerable to damage and aggravate acne.

Ringworm is also one of the culprits in the rainy season that occurs due to a fungal infection. Symptoms can include a circular red rash on areas such as the feet, hands, face, and groin. Not just skin, even nails can be affected by ringworm! 

It’s caused by rising temperatures and excessive sweating. Ringworm can also breed and be contagious, so be sure to treat it right away.

  • Prickly heat

Similar to acne, prickly heat has symptoms of a small, red rash. But they often cause itching and discomfort! Generally, we hear that prickly heat is very common in babies or children. However, the rainy season makes it difficult for sweat to evaporate quickly so even adults are susceptible to this skin disease.

There are various types of prickly heat, from Miliaria Kristalina to Miliaria Rubra. Therefore, it is best to consult the symptoms of prickly heat with a professional to get the best solution.

  • Skin Allergies

During the rainy season, our skin gets less exposure to the sun. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. UV rays are good for providing vitamin D to the body so that it can protect itself from various diseases. This is one of the reasons why skin allergies like dermatitis can get worse when it rains.

In addition, some people are allergic to certain allergens in rainwater, known as Urticaria. The symptoms are similar, with a rash and itching after being exposed to or touching rainwater (which can also be from water sources, snow, etc.).

It turns out that even though it may feel cool and comfortable, the rainy season can bring a variety of skin diseases if we are not careful! After knowing the type of disease, don’t forget to avoid the potential causes, Sereni-Trees.

5 Serenitree Recommended Solutions

Don’t worry, there’s always a solution to every skin problem, especially if we take care of it as early as possible. The most important thing is the habit of maintaining personal hygiene. If our environment is always clean and dry, fungi and viruses will not run rampant. The same goes for body hygiene, especially if we are exposed to rainwater, immediately dry it and bathe regularly to avoid ringworm or prickly heat. 

Next, we have to pay attention to footwear. Sereni-Trees who wear closed footwear everyday for too long can cause excessive sweating of the feet. These conditions are ideal for the growth of athlete’s foot and other infections! Therefore, if you must use closed footwear, choose footwear that has good airflow. The same goes for socks! We recommend choosing cotton socks as they absorb sweat and moisture well. Also, make sure that the socks are dry when you use them!

Let’s continue with the habit of scratching the skin. The cold air during the rain can certainly make the skin dry and itchy. This can be a problem, especially if you have a skin condition like prickly heat. In this case, scratching the skin can actually worsen and spread the infection to other areas! The same goes for exfoliation. Not only does it spread infection, over-exfoliation can also leave your skin vulnerable and irritated! So, don’t scratch your skin or exfoliate excessively!

Lastly and equally important, Sereni-Trees must still use medication as the safest and quickest solution. Although there are various herbal alternatives, it is still best to consult and use the appropriate medication. Here are some recommended skin disease medications from Serenitree: 

  • For acne conditions, use skincare with: Salicylic acid, Azelaic acid, AHA, BHA, Tea tree oil, Benzoyl peroxide, and Aloe vera extract.
  • For athlete’s foot, we can choose creams or medications such as: Clotrimazole, Miconazole, Ketoconazole, and others. (Note: each cream can treat a different type of fungal infection).
  • Examples of potent ringworm medications include: Kalpanax, Fungiderm, Daktarin, Canesten, and the like.
  • We can get rid of prickly heat with: Caladine (lotion/powder), Herocyn, Diprosalic, and others.
  • Some natural ingredients to take care of your skin during the rainy season: Coconut oil (anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, moisturising), Sweet almond oil (relieves irritation and inflammation), and White turmeric (reduces redness and treats fungal infections). Find these natural ingredients in Serenitree body care.

In conclusion, those are some of the solutions you can try to treat these 5 common skin ailments during the rainy season! Again, if your symptoms worsen or don’t go away, you should consult a doctor immediately. Don’t forget to keep your skin healthy and moisturised during the rainy season with Serenitree soaps, lotions and hand creams!

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