How Effective Are Acne Patches for Acne?

acne patch

Increasingly sophisticated technology encourages various innovative solutions in the world of skincare. One of them includes acne stickers or what are commonly known as “acne patches”. Usually we use this product in the form of stickers on the facial area (T-zone: forehead, nose, chin) which is more prone to acne. But it does not rule out the possibility to be used in other acne-prone areas such as the back or chest. How come acne can be solved with stickers? How effective and what are the side effects of this product? Instead of being curious, let’s learn more about this trendy skincare product! 

Get to know how acne stickers work and function

Acne patches are currently one of the most popular products, especially for those with acne problems. In the form of a small plaster, we just need to stick the sticker directly on the pimple to help dry it out faster. While most acne patches come in the form of small transparent stickers, there are also some that have striking and cute shapes such as stars, hearts, and even flowers! The purpose of attractive designs is not only to “sell”, but also to fight the stigma attached to acne and reduce the negative impact on self-confidence.

This acne sticker says, acne is a very common and normal problem! Up to 50 million people per year experience acne. Acne does not only affect those going through puberty. As many as 15 percent of adult women also experience acne, although some surveys show a higher figure of more than 50 percent (Data from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)).

Now let’s talk about how they work! Acne stickers are generally made of a wound-healing gel called hydrocolloid. This gel absorbs the fluid from the pimple and covers the wound to prevent further trauma, such as the habit of squeezing pimples. They work best on pimples that are already open, oozing, and in the process of healing. So, it doesn’t just work for all types of acne!

Don’t Use Acne Stickers If…

We need to remember that these stickers are only a spot treatment for active acne and DO NOT have the ability to:

  • Prevents new acne breakouts
  • Clears clogged pores
  • Addresses root causes and other factors that cause acne
  • Reduces black and whiteheads
  • Not effective for cystic acne & breakouts

In other words, if Sereni-Trees experiences cystic acne, massive breakouts, or other skin problems due to acne patches will not provide an adequate solution.

Another important note, if you have very sensitive skin, you should avoid using this product as there is a risk that the affected area will become even more dry and irritated! Also, pay attention to whether your skin is allergic or not before use. Additionally, prolonged use of the stickers can also cause skin irritation. Therefore, just use it as recommended by the product, Sereni-Trees!

Pros and Tips for Using Acne Stickers

These acne stickers are popular because of some of the benefits we can get from them. Here are the positive benefits if we use them appropriately:

  • Accelerate healing

By absorbing fluids and toxins from acne, acne patches can further speed up the healing process.

  • Practical and easy to use:

All you have to do is stick it on clean skin, easy and quick right? No wonder why these stickers are popular!

  • Protects against contamination:

This patch protects acne from external bacteria and pollution, reducing the risk of infection.

  • Discourage the habit of squeezing pimples

By covering up acne, we can prevent the habit of squeezing which can cause scars. Not bad, you don’t have to squeeze your hand!

  • Reduces redness and inflammation

This product aims to reduce redness and inflammation in the affected area.

  • Sun protection

This patch also protects the healing acne from sun exposure. As you all know Sereni-Trees, UV rays can slow down healing!

  • Cultivate self-confidence:

Having acne problems can certainly lower your confidence level. Well, these stickers will provide positive support for our mental fight against acne!

Wow, there are also many benefits! But with a note that all these benefits must go hand in hand with the right way to use it. Serenitree spill some steps that you should not forget:

  • Clean the skin first
  • Apply to clean and dry skin. If used on wet skin, these stickers may not adhere well!
  • Choose a size that suits your acne. Don’t go too big or too small!
  • Avoid using other skincare products (may affect sticker adhesion)
  • Use as recommended by the instructions. Each product is different, some we can use at night or day.
  • Replace stickers and don’t reuse them.

It’s so easy, right? But to be on the safe side, consult your dermatologist! After all, overcoming acne will certainly be different according to each skin condition.

An Alternative to Pimple Stickers

Aside from acne stickers, there are also other skin treatments that we can try! We can look for skincare with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as effective acne solutions. 

Usually when the acne condition is severe, dermatologists will provide us with other solutions such as topical medications (made from adapalene, azelaic acid, dapsone, retinoic acid, tretinoin), oral medications (spironolactone or isotretinoin), antibiotics (clindamycin, erythromycin), injections (steroids or cortisone), and other acne-specific medical treatments!

Is there a natural solution? Of course! You can choose skincare or bodycare with natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Turmeric. These natural ingredients have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory functions so that they can effectively relieve inflammation and help the acne healing process. 

For natural bodycare recommendations that are safe for back acne, you can try Serenitree’s bar soap and body wash! Contains natural ingredients without harsh chemicals such as SLS, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. It’s perfect as a solution for sensitive skin and acne. Not to mention, it’s safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children (3 and 6 years old). Are you sure you don’t want to try it?

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