Sandra Djajadisastra; The Serenitree Skincare Formulator

Without effort, hard work and a clear vision, Serenitree may never have existed! Behind the Serenitree brand, there are founders with the dream of providing you with the best quality skincare range. One of them is Sandra Djajadisastra. We’ve met her before as a founder, but we haven’t gotten to know her as a formulator. On this occasion, Serenitree would like to give you a different point of view and perspective on Serenitree formulators.

To be more confident about the quality of our product, isn’t it better to get to know the mastermind first?

The Essence of a Skincare Formulator

  • What does skincare formulator mean? 

A skincare formulator is someone who is responsible for designing and developing skincare products. Examples include lotions, creams, masks, and other products. Making formulations certainly requires knowledge about the skin and the ingredients used in skincare products. As a formulator, Sandra is also responsible for ensuring that each product meets the safety and quality standards set by the regulatory body. Producing effective and safe skincare, that’s the most important thing of a formulator.

  • What is the essence of a skincare formulator?

The essence of a skincare formulator is to help people maintain healthy skin and improve the skin condition of its users. So Sandra and the Serenitree R&D team strive to create products that suit different needs, concerns and skin types. 

So, actually the determining factor of whether a skincare is safe or not is the formulator. The end result of each Serenitree product is a form of vision and goal of both Sandra and the brand itself, which is safe natural skincare. Don’t forget the cooperation and support from the rest of the formulator team!

A Journey into the World of Natural Skincare

It all started with how sophisticated resources are today. It’s easy to learn something with just one click. When she started, Sandra was only armed with intention and DIY (Do it yourself) natural skincare tutorials from social media. Indeed, previously she already had an interest in sustainable living from the Kertabumi Recycling Center. It can continue into the realm of skincare indeed because she is also a big fan of skincare, just like us!

But you can’t just produce skincare because it is closely related to one’s health, as well as the environment. DIY tutorials may be enough as an introduction, but not if you want to seriously have your own skincare brand! Therefore Sandra worked hard by attending classes and local workshops in Indonesia. It turns out that learning is addictive huh? The proof is that she did not stop and instead sought more knowledge out there, including studying abroad.

To summarize, here is her journey into natural skincare:

  • Formula Botanica (UK, England-2020):
    • Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
    • Advance Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science 
    • Certificate in Facial Masque Therapy
  • School of Natural Skincare (UK, England-2021):
    • Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products
    • Advance Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation

She even went and studied in the UK! What a dedication from the formulator of Serenitree to produce the best natural skincare. Aren’t you curious about the results? 

As an illustration, Serenitree would like to spill a little bit of the knowledge Sandra gained in her learning. That way you can also be more calm and confident using our products!

Sandra’s Expertise as a Natural Skincare Formulator

Surely every formulator will learn about the ingredients to the process of making good and correct natural skincare. But you know what? It’s not as “easy” and “simple” as we think!

Sandra’s knowledge extends to the areas of skin anatomy & conditions, how to treat skin problems, alternative natural ingredients, do’s & don’ts in skincare formulations, trends in the skincare world, and many more. There are so many things that she has mastered. This is because everything is connected to each other. 

The logic is this: how can a formulator produce a skincare product that is tasked with maintaining skin health but does not understand the anatomy of the skin first? The same goes for skin problems. Another function of skincare is to be a solution to skin problems. Therefore, Sandra understands very well what can trigger negative skin reactions and their treatment.

Connected like a chain, Sandra automatically understands the details of natural skincare ingredients for each skin problem and their functions. Not to forget she has the knowledge about the do’s and don’ts during the skincare making process. The process is very strict of course!

Well, with Sandra’s skills and support from a quality research & development team, Serenitree wants to provide the best products for all your skin problems. So are you still hesitant to try?

The Humble Formulator; Keep Humble!

All the knowledge that Sandra learned certainly paid off. All soap products, shampoo, body lotion/body butter, massage oil, body scrub to facial care products (facial soap, moisturizer, scrub, mask and serum), she practiced first for herself. This is one of Sandra’s responsibilities as a formulator and a clear example of the benefits of natural skincare. Testing on humans is definitely safe!

After seeing successful results, she started formulating skincare for her family and colleagues. In addition to providing solutions, this step is a form of invitation that refers to a healthier lifestyle. It’s not easy, everyone has different skin conditions! It turns out that everyone is satisfied! 

In short, Serenitree exists because of Sandra’s determination and hard work. The definition of a humble person, this formulator wants to share all her knowledge and experience with the general public. One example is through articles on the Serenitree blog. Another is through workshops (sometimes in collaboration with Kertabumi Recycling Center). 

Through these ways, Sandra and all the other founders hope that people will become more aware of a healthy lifestyle, especially in terms of skincare. Don’t let it be bad for your health! She also wants to inspire us to never give up and always be hungry to learn. Pursue your dreams and visions!

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