Secrets of Glowing and Healthy Skin: Skincare. Myth or Fact?

Glowing, bright, and supple skin is often associated with the standard of beauty. “Hey, your skin is really glowing!”, “Wow, your face is really smooth”. How often do you hear the praises that are often thrown between these women? Then, what are the questions that usually follow the praise sequence? “What treatments are you using?”, “Where did you buy skincare?”. In the end, it’s no wonder that they finally inform each other about the routines and beauty products they use.

But, is it true that healthy skin is thanks to skincare? Is it true that skin care products that are booming all over the world can have a fantastic effect for us? Well, instead of being all confused and unsure, together let’s find out the truth!

Get to know the function of the skin itself

Before discussing further about skincare, it never hurts to get to know our skin first! Apart from being a standard of beauty, what exactly is the use of our skin?

  • Helps regulate body temperature

How does the skin, which is located on the outside, regulate our body temperature? Our skin has several layers. Well, in the second layer, there are elements that are responsible for regulating our body temperature, namely the sweat glands and nerves.

When it’s hot, the body will sweat and if the air is cold, the heat in our body will be stored within our body through the narrowing of our blood vessels.

  • A part of our immune system

Maybe for you skin refers more to “appearance” only. You guys are wrong! It is the skin that protects your body, more precisely the organs of the body from physical or chemical threats. What is the example like?

Your skin protects your body from: UV exposure, germs, pollution, injury and even disease!

  • As a sense of touch

Humans have 5 senses, namely: sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Without these 5 senses, it will certainly complicate our lives! You must know that the skin is the organ responsible for the sense of touch.

How come? Our skin has sensory nerves so it can capture external stimuli such as feeling pressure, pain, pain, heat and others.

  • As a Vitamin D factory

Plants when exposed to sunlight will undergo the process of photosynthesis. You know, if we are exposed to UV rays from the sun, our skin can also produce something, namely vitamin D. Then the vitamins produced will be distributed to body organs such as kidneys and others.

But don’t forget, if you can, don’t bask in the sun too long because the effects can be dangerous for you!

Skin Regeneration Process

After discussing the importance of skin for us, let’s continue with the skin regeneration process.

Our skin can repair itself (or regenerate) and take care of itself! The proof is that if we have a physical wound, over time the wound can close by itself. The process of skin regeneration will generally occur every 28 days.

The thing you need to remember is that the process will gradually slow down over time. Not only that, the intake of nutrients such as food and vitamins that you consume can also affect the speed. In short, there are only 2 secrets of healthy and glowing skin, namely a healthy lifestyle and the right skin care assistance!

Skincare, Healthy Skin Recipes

After you take care of your skin from the inside with nutrition, vitamins, adequate sleep and a healthy lifestyle, it’s time to take care of your skin from the outside. Skincare is the answer!

The mistake that many people make is that they are late for skin care. Even though we should have started a series of treatments as early as possible according to the condition of each skin.

What are the consequences if we are negligent in treatment? The effect can lead to itching, eczema, dry skin, to dull skin. It won’t be glowing anymore! If something like that happens, our confidence might drop considerably.

You don’t want it to happen. So, give your skin “food” with skincare! This skincare is not only to maintain moisture and clean the skin from dirty particles, it can also shield your skin from free radicals and air pollution that flies from all over.

Skincare Routine 101

Everyone has different skin types, some are dry, oily and so on. Therefore, the type of skincare you need must be adjusted to each condition! Likewise with skin care routines, the steps will not always be the same. That’s not a bad thing! For those who are still confused, here are the guidelines for a series of skin care options that you can choose:

  1. Skin cleanser (Soap for face and body)
    • The first step always starts with cleaning! This process will shed all the dirt or make-up on our skin. If not done, other skincare series will not function properly.
  1. Facial toner
    • This step is suitable for those of you who have super dry skin. Toner can help hydrate facial skin!
  1. Facial serum
    • After your skin is supple and moisturized, it’s time to feed the skin with nutrients from the serum.
  1. Facial moisturizer / body lotion
    • For extra hydration you can use a moisturizer on your face and body. In addition, this step serves to lock in moisture and nutrients to the skin from the previous treatment series!
  1. Sunblock 
    • This is a very important step but is often forgotten. You really have to use sunblock in the morning and afternoon to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. If you don’t use sunblock, it can accelerate skin aging!

That’s a series of routines that you can follow. But it’s not over yet, there are some additional series that you can follow but don’t have to do every day. They are exfoliating and face masks. You should apply these two steps 1-2 times a week!

Exfoliating serves to accelerate the removal of dead skin cells using body scrubs or facial scrubs. Meanwhile, the mask serves to soothe the skin and provide additional nutrition to the skin. There are many types of masks that you can choose from, from sheet masks, clay masks, and more!

Hey, have you taken care of your skin properly and regularly? Let’s not be negligent, because healthy skin from the outside and inside will be super glowing and bright. Your self-confidence will automatically rise!

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