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The Figure Behind Serenitree and Kertabumi, Ikbal Alexander

You must be familiar with one of the Serenitree figures, namely Sandra Djajadisastra. But, like the statement “Great Minds, Think Alike” it turns out that there are several other unique and special figures behind the natural skincare brand Serenitree. This time, we will get to know Ikbal Alexander! In general, those who have an interest in the world of skincare are women (although there are lots of men also!). How could Ikbal get “immersed” in the skincare business? To get to know him more, let’s talk about his story from the start!

Ikbal’s Educational Background

At first, Ikbal’s major was not related to sustainable living or skincare. 2007 was the year he completed his undergraduate education in economics at Padjadjaran University. Not only that, Ikbal also took further studies in Spain, more precisely at the University of Barcelona for a post-graduate degree in international relations. The definition of a true role model!

Just like Sandra’s story, he starts the page with a different focus. Ikbal started his career in several fields of work, namely: as a Junior Project Officer at Takeya Consulting (2007-2012) and ASEAN Youth Organization (2015-2018). Well, 2017 was the moment when he swerved and founded a social entrepreneurship for environmental conservation, Kertabumi Recycling Center. In fact, to support his mission, Ikbal returned to study in the environmental field (Master of Science in Environmental Indonesia), in 2020 at the University of Indonesia.

What are the motivations and details of this business itself? Let’s see together!

Kertabumi Recycling Center

For those of you who live a sustainable life and are big fans of natural products, Kertabumi may sound familiar to you. This business is based on community and creative economy as well. So it’s no wonder how large the community has been formed and even continues to grow to this day. We can see this fact from thousands of Kertabumi followers on social media!

So what are the products or services available at Kertabumi?

Actually, instead of being a business that only offers finished products to its customers, this business is more focused on spreading knowledge about sustainable living. What’s the example like? Good and correct waste management and actions to fight climate change. Both of these topics are included in the core part of this business itself. The presentation of this knowledge is packaged in such a way and is channeled in the form of a workshop.

Not only that, this educational platform can be done from a community to a company scale. The more people are educated about this, the healthier our earth will be!

Are you curious, what are Kertabumi’s cool achievements in society? Let’s take a peek first, who knows it might inspire you!

Kertabumi’s Achievements 

Earth could certainly be a better place if everyone in the world realized the importance of a healthy way of life. Not only for yourself, but also for the environment around you.

Kertabumi’s vision and mission are what enable all achievements to be successful. Here are some of the proud achievements of this business:

  • Waste management

In the field of waste management, Kertabumi has successfully provided assistance for the establishment of 107 waste banks in 17 provinces and 47 cities and regencies of Indonesia. In addition, participating in this are not only the community but also leading companies. So cool!

  • Waste Recycling

Along with making the earth healthier, Kertabumi also supports financially for those in need. Not in terms of money, but knowledge of how waste recycling can generate business for those who are interested. There are 3 categories in waste recycling, namely: waste to souvenirs, waste to furniture and waste to construction.

  • Climate change

An ecosystem is something that needs to be protected. Otherwise, there will be an imbalance. This is what Kertabumi did, namely establishing 3 ecosystem conservation areas that focus on coastal areas with 3 main species, namely mangroves, coral reefs and seagrass. Conservation areas are located in DKI Jakarta, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara.

Wow, that’s a lot of achievements. Hopefully in the future Kertabumi can better protect many people in these important topics and bring good changes to all of our lives!

Ikbal’s Motivation to Enter the World of Skincare

Earlier, we discussed Ikbal’s background, so why did he get involved in the world of skincare?

The reason is actually almost the same as his goal of establishing Kertabumi. Ikbal is someone who believes in the importance of the health of the environment and the earth. Earth is a vast ecosystem and humans are one of its inhabitants. Therefore, health must begin within us first

How to achieve it? Although not the only way, skincare can affect a person’s health. Facial skin, body, to hair roots, must always be maintained. Not only for physical health, but for mental health as well. With the current skincare boom, there are various types of skincare companies that offer their products. BUT, not everyone is suitable to use it. In addition, there are several chemical compositions that can have negative effects for users.

Therefore, armed with his love and knowledge of sustainable living, Ikbal decided to research organic skincare. Various trials and errors, providing workshops about skincare made from organic ingredients, until then, Serenitree, a child from Kertabumi, appeared.

The “Offspring” Of Kertabumi, Serenitree

In the previous article, we have discussed that Kertabumi is the foundation of the Serenitree. Led by several genius figures such as Ikbal, Serenitree is a business that focuses on natural skincare.

The vision and mission of this business is to provide solutions for skincare lovers, especially those with sensitive skin. In addition, Serenitree wants to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle with all its products made from natural ingredients. The composition used also comes from Indonesia’s natural wealth such as white turmeric and red lemongrass. Besides healthy for the skin by eliminating synthetic chemical compositions, it is also healthy for the environment, especially water and land, from contamination of skincare products. Win-win solution, right?

So, using Serenitree products means that we love ourselves and our environment. Nothing can get better than that! We live side by side in a large ecosystem, namely the earth. So let’s take care of each other!

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