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The Figure Behind Serenitree, Santi Novianti

Formed from a mission and belief in sustainable living, Serenitree is also getting ready to rise and spread its wings. Great businesses are based on extraordinary people too! Every idea and personality, vision and spirit of the 3 founding figures blend into one Serenitree mission. We are already acquainted with Sandra and Ikbal, the special figures of this natural skincare brand. Now, it’s time for us to meet the last character who is no less special, namely Santi Novianti. Let’s see together the special style that Santi brings to this brand!

Education & Career, Santi

No one can know where fate will change our lives in the future. Just as a choice does not always determine the end result. This one Serenitree figure also started her career on a different page!

Santi received her undergraduate education from 1999 to 2003 at Padjadjaran University as a communication student. At that time, it had not crossed her mind that she would explore the world of skincare or living sustainability. After completing her studies on time, she started her career as a Managing Director at the company Pakar Nitro Utama. Santi’s career journey is quite long! After 14 years working in her field of expertise, she decided to change direction in 2017.

It seems that the same year was the moment when the great people behind the Kertabumi company came together. Together with Ikbal and Sandra, Santi built the Kertabumi Recycling Center which is an organization with a focus on sustainable living. Not immediately plunged into a world that was still new to her, Santi used her public relations skills to build Kertabumi from scratch. In addition, her interest in natural skincare prompted her to take part in several classes and workshops:

  • Classes by Soap Corner: Basic Cold Process Soap, Liquid Soap, Advance Liquid Soap.
  • Diploma in Natural Hair Care Formulation, UK, 2020

That’s really cool, right! Even Santi went abroad to learn more and master the field of skincare. These are just some proofs of how passionate she is in Kertabumi and Serenitree!

Are you curious, how come suddenly from an educational background and communication career move to the skincare industry? Come on, let’s read what Santi said!

Reasons to Study Natural Skincare

If we look deeper, actually the root of everything (both Kertabumi and Serenitree) culminates in the founders’ love for sustainable life. The beginning of Kertabumi was founded on this main point.

Well, it’s not a coincidence that Santi decided to study and pioneer a natural skincare company, namely Serenitree. She also believes that beauty must be healthy. Beauty is not only for our own bodies, but applies to the environment around us.

You must be aware that in this day and age, there must be a product for everything. Let’s see, how many brands of soap are there? Thousands of hand soaps have been produced by different brands. Naturally there will be a lot of demand and competition. If we look at it factually, almost 90% of skincare, specifically soaps and lotions contain synthetic chemical compositions. This composition can be dangerous if we use it continuously, especially for those with sensitive skin. Negative impacts can be felt immediately or in the long term!

What’s worse, synthetic chemical compositions can have a negative effect on the earth’s environment and ecosystems! Well, what would happen if no one realized this effect and took action?

This is the strong reason Santi changed her career and started from scratch! Her determination and mission to create safe and environmentally friendly skincare opened a new window for the Serenitree journey.

Everything Starts with Bodycare

Do you see now Santi’s motivation to enter the world of natural skincare? Just as her initial journey, her learning was also unique, it all started with learning about body care, especially soap!

Why body care? Why not just study the products for the face? The reason is because we will definitely use body care every day! In the morning we shower with soap, at night we shower with soap. So it’s as a skin care product that we use most often, that’s the initial concentration.

It turns out that just learning one part of skincare is not that easy! Santi took up to 2 years just to explore body care in the form of soap. There are various types of soap such as liquid soap and bar soap with various compositions. After she managed to understand the essence of making body care soap, bravely she began to share her knowledge and experiences on the Kertabumi platform. Have you ever attended her natural soap workshop before?

Effort will not betray the results. It is proven by so many people who are very interested in the natural skincare that Kertabumi has to offer. The workshop that attracted a lot of interest greatly contributed to the foundation of the current Serenitree.

Happiness always covers Santi’s heart for the opportunity she has to educate the public about safe skincare. She believes her mission to build more awareness of the circulating skincare products will not fade, because one thing that is very valuable is education. Santi also hopes that in the future Serenitree can provide other natural products that are useful, safe for all and in harmony with nature.

Start Switching To Natural Products

Do you agree with Santi’s opinion? What is clear is that she has found her “call” in life and contributed to this earth through Kertabumi and Serenitree!

You too, can follow in her footsteps! You don’t need to have a big company to be able to take care of the environment. It all starts with paying attention to the products we use for our bodies. Yes, because it all starts with us!

Safe products can maintain our physical and mental health. After the body is well maintained, the next step is to pay attention to the surrounding environment. Let us research whether the products we use can harm nature or not. Both in terms of composition or packaging, it would be better if it was environmentally friendly, wouldn’t it?

Now you also know how important skincare is safe for all parties. It’s time for us to turn thoughts into real action, let’s be wise in choosing products! Don’t forget to inform the people closest to you so that little by little awareness increases! Stay healthy, keep glowing!

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