Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Friendly Skincare? Serenitree Is Ready!

Perhaps this has been discussed repeatedly in the previous article. But Serenitree wants to remind you again that something we apply on the skin, aka skincare, will not only have an external impact. All the ingredients and compositions even if it’s just one drop will be directly absorbed into our bodies! Well, this is why we must be very careful in choosing skincare products. Indiscriminate product selection can be disastrous from irritated skin to the potential for cancer. Creepy isn’t it?

Imagine if there was a fetus inside the body. The slightest exposure to harmful compounds can be fatal. Continuing after the birth of the baby, the mother still has to maintain the use of skincare. Is it really that fatal or is this kind of situation just an exaggeration? Before we discuss further, let’s understand why pregnant and breastfeeding women need to pay extra attention to the selection of skincare!

The Importance of Choosing Skincare for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women

As a mother, one must have gone through various twists and turns as well as challenges while carrying a baby. Infinitely there are many taboos that must be avoided! Pregnant and breastfeeding women must take care of the type of food and even the activities they do. This is because the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding are two crucial things in a child’s growth. Even the smallest thing, even though it looks trivial, can have a negative impact!

The strictness of some taboos for pregnant and breastfeeding women also includes the use of skin care. Why? Simply put, whatever is absorbed in the body and the mother’s bloodstream, thus, it has the potential to enter the placenta. If there is exposure to “toxic” substances in the fetus, the health of the fetus is at risk. Similarly, when the mother is breastfeeding, the baby can be exposed to it through breast milk. One of the effects is the disruption of the child’s growth.

In addition, the mother also has a risk of hormonal disturbances! So here the health of both parties is at stake. Therefore, we should reduce the use or use special products for pregnancy. We need to remember to pay attention to the composition of the product before using it!

Hormone-Sponsored Skin Changes

Maintaining healthy skin is very important even through the stages of pregnancy. Moreover, the mother’s hormones are like a “tornado” during those moments.

There are 2 common effects that may occur, namely the “good” and the “unpleasant” changes.

Not infrequently the mother will looks radiant, glowing without effort, flushed red cheeks and shiny hair like silk. On the other hand, many also experience severe acne, the appearance of dark spots, unbearable itching and every woman’s nightmare: stretch marks!

The 2 most common complaints from pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are: Dark spots/spots on the skin and stretch marks. Fluctuating hormones are one of the reasons why dark patches or spots appear simultaneously. While stretch marks comes from a drastic increase in weight, especially in the upper thighs, breasts and abdomen. Generally the “harvest” of these wrinkles occurs in the last semester of pregnancy.

We must remember that this change is very natural and NORMAL. Every mother will experience different things. Worry not, all these changes are fully sponsored by our hormones and are harmless.

Exclusive Tips From Serenitree

Stop worrying, moms, there are some preventive things that we can do for the “unpleasant” changes.

Serenitree will give special tips for dark spots and stretch marks due to the process of pregnancy to breastfeeding so that you can stay glowing healthily!

  • Tips for dark spots

Avoiding sunlight is the first step that we must do because UV rays can cause dark areas on the skin. For example, if you want to sunbathe, try to do it in the morning no later than 10:00. In fact, it is not recommended for anyone to sunbathe between 10:00 to 14:00. Excessive exposure to UV rays can potentially cause skin cancer!

If you really have to be exposed to the sun, always wear sunscreen made from safe ingredients or wear a hat to protect and prevent dark areas!

  • Tips for stretch marks

One of the factors for these wrinkles is a drastic increase in body weight. To minimize it, we can try to increase weight in a healthy way slowly. Although the weight will increase, we must stick to the motto “slowly but surely”. In addition, accompany weight gain with appropriate nutritional intake. Did you know that healthy skin conditions can prevent the appearance of wrinkles?

These are just a few of the many solutions that we can do as a solution. Even so, these methods may not be suitable for some people, it could be due to genetic factors or other differences. Not everyone is the same and that’s perfectly normal!

Keep Glowing During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Process

We can still use skincare, moms! Especially the powerful weapons which are lotion and moisturizer products.

If your goal is to be radiant and glow like an angel, you should definitely keep your skin moisturized. Here are some of the benefits of lotions and moisturizers:

  • Reduces the risk of dry and irritated skin, especially in areas with low temperatures or air-conditioning rooms.
  • Maintains moisture and provides proper nutrition that skin needs.
  • Minimizes itching due to hormonal changes or dry skin.
  • Most importantly: Gives an instant feeling of happiness when skin is healthy and glowing after use!

Isn’t that great, the power of moisturizer? Even so, we can’t be careless when choosing skincare! To be safer, Serenitree gives leaks of some compositions that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid:

Retin-A; Retinol And Retinyl Palmitate; Tazorac And Accutane; Benzoyl Peroxide And Salicylic Acids; Hydroquinone; Aluminium Chloride; Formaldehyde; Chemical Sunscreens; Tetracycline; dan Dihydroxyacetone.

Pay attention, moms, the ingredients above are red flags!

So what product should you use? Avoiding the hassle of research and choosing the wrong skincare, just check out the skincare from Serenitree! All of our products from head to toe are natural based and of course very safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Let’s stay pretty and fabulous while taking care of your body as well as your baby’s health!

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