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“Shield” for Skincare Users; Importance of BPOM Certification

The more the cosmetics and skincare industry is rising, the more parties are issuing their own brands and doing business. From big businesses to home businesses, local to foreign brands, there are countless skincare brands circulating in the world market today. Especially with technology and the digital world that supports market development.

From this fact, we can draw a good conclusion, namely the increasing variety of skincare products to solve skin problems. Choices with a variety of prices make it easier for us to choose according to our budget too! But like yin and yang, positive things will always be friends with negative things. Intense business competition often happens to justify any means to make a profit and reduce the budget in the process. Meanwhile, skincare users don’t know anything and can get hurt because of “arbitrary” skincare production. They don’t know the composition or the process which could potentially harm them.

So, how to handle this kind of situation?

The Importance of a Skincare Legal Permit

Whether you prefer natural skincare or not, everything must be under the supervision of a legal entity!

You know, making skincare is not as easy as you think. Just imagine, these products are responsible for caring for the health of part of the body, namely the skin. Furthermore, this product has an expiration date of up to 1-2 years after we open and use it.

What happens if during production there is negligence in cleanliness so that bacteria enter the product? Bacteria or free radicals can blend with the product if we let it sit from time to time and ultimately will damage the product. It could make our skin irritated instead of glowing.

In addition to cleanliness in production, there is usually a list of synthetic and natural compositions that are safe for the body. But there are some examples of ingredients like Parabens or Phthalates that can harm us!

Well, this is the importance of why there should be a legal body that oversees every step in the manufacture of skincare. In Indonesia, this institution is often known as BPOM or the National Agency of Drug and Food Control. For those who don’t know, let’s see the explanation first.

Functions of the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM)

As the name implies, the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) not only oversees the provisions, production and distribution of skincare, but it is also responsible for food, medicine, supplements and cosmetics products. All products that have been distributed must follow the existing rules.

Automatically, the ones that have received certification from BPOM for safety and quality do not need to be questioned, they are certainly safe! In addition, this agency also monitors the product after the product is released! If it doesn’t follow the existing rules, this agency can immediately withdraw the product from the market.

Without this supervision, of course, there will be many cases of incompatibility or negative side effects of skincare. For example, there are many skincare that claim to be able to whiten the skin quickly, but it turns out that there is a lot of dangerous mercury in it. Our intention is to be beautiful, but then we have to pay dearly for treatment to the doctor! We don’t want that, do we?

This is why Serenitree highly recommends that you always check the ingredients on the skincare label and the BPOM certification! 

Beware of Fake BPOM Certification

Nowadays, for the sake of making money, anything is legal. This includes falsifying BPOM certification.

There are so many incidents where the product has a certification number, after checking it turns out that the product is not registered. This is the reason why we must be a wise and observant customers. Not trying to give you a scare, but the consequences could end badly if you don’t!

In order to maintain security, Serenitree would like to give you some tips that you can practice to avoid fake and illegal products:

  • Buy on a trusted store or e-commerce platform

One of the factors why fake and unlicensed skincare are so widespread is social media assistance. Indeed, social media is very helpful for businesses. However, because it is not an official selling platform, scams often occur! That’s why you should buy products directly from the (authorized) store or a trusted online shopping platform!

  • Checking BPOM number

As we have discussed, the danger of fake certifications always lurks. That’s why before buying a product you can check to find out whether the product is original or not!

It’s easy, you just need to go to the website After that you can search by entering the registration number; product name; brand; quantity and packaging; dosage form; composition or name of the registrant. The last step is to fill in the product’s keyword and BPOM number. Done!

From there you will see all the information related to the product, such as the registered company, registration number and product name.

Those are the 2 tips you can do so you don’t get fooled. Remember to always be careful!

Serenitree Believes in the Importance of Consumer Protection

The Serenitree brand itself always attaches importance to the satisfaction and safety of its customers. It can be seen clearly from the skincare composition, it’s harmless to the user (humans) and the environment. In the production process we also do not do animal testing at all.

Serenitree’s vision and mission aims to become a skincare brand for the welfare of all parties.

Moreover, the fact is that in this world there are still many customers who still lack knowledge about the composition of skincare. They depend on us to provide solutions to their stubborn skin problems. It is our duty to repay their trust and support well!

So, no worries! For those of you who are still in doubt, you can check after our product launches. All skin care products from our brand already have BPOM certification. Plus one more point, the Serenitree skincare production factory already has a CPKB (Qualification to make cosmetics) certification. Alas, the factory is already fluent and professional in the process!

What do you think? Is supervision important for making skincare? Do you feel more protected and secure? Most importantly, despite your opinion, Serenitree always reminds you to be careful in using skincare because once you apply it, it is immediately absorbed into the body. Stay safe and healthy guys!

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