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How to Achieve Natural Bright Skin: Whitening VS Brightening!

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Healthy and natural bright skin is a dream for many individuals! Especially for people in Asia. The standard of beauty is often associated with white, fair and smooth skin. However, sometimes in order to achieve this goal, people often do not care about the side effects and risks. Not a few people are willing to sacrifice their health just to meet beauty standards. That’s why there are so many beauty products with claims of “whitening”. Even worse, sometimes these products contain harmful chemicals such as HYDROQUINONE or MERCURY to achieve instant results!

With that in mind, today Serenitree would like to give you a little insight into two important concepts in skincare: Whitening and Brightening. In this article, we will dissect the differences between the two and their impact on the skin. Stay tuned!

Whitening vs Brightening: What’s the Difference?

Maybe for those who are new to the skincare world, the concept of “Whitening” and “Brightening” sounds the same. In fact, both have different meanings!

Whitening is a process that aims to reduce the production of melanin, the natural pigment that gives skin its color. By controlling melanin production, the skin can appear brighter and lighter. Brightening, on the other hand, focuses more on brightening areas of the skin that are discolored, such as acne scars or hyperpigmentation. This method relies on natural ingredients that are proven to improve skin brightness. In addition, the brightening process also encourages the production of new skin cells, causing the skin to look fresher with an even tone.

It turns out that when we break it down, there is a significant difference, Sereni-Trees! One means “whitening”, the other means “brightening”. It means we can conclude that Whitening will change the original skin color and Brightening brightens the skin color, not changing the original skin color.

So between these two, which one is safer? Are there any risks in “whitening” the skin?

Side Effects of “Whitening” the Skin

Of course, changing our skin color is not a natural process. Just imagine, if our skin is originally tan in color, is it possible to naturally turn milky white?

Therefore, compared to Brightening products which generally rely on natural ingredients and focus on skin health, Whitening products have more negative side effects on the health of our skin and body. This is because to produce changes in skin pigmentation, it is not uncommon for skincare to use chemicals such as HYDROQUINONE and MERCURY. 

Hydroquinone & mercury are 2 chemicals that work to inhibit melanin production in our skin. That’s why they can give quick results for “white” skin. But the risks of both products can be:

  • Skin Irritation: Use in high concentrations or on sensitive skin may cause irritation, redness, and itching.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may experience allergic reactions with symptoms such as swelling, itching, and skin rashes.
  • Poisoning: Both chemicals can be absorbed by the skin and accumulate in the body, eventually causing poisoning. Symptoms of this poisoning include nervous system damage, kidney disorders, and immune system disorders.
  • Risk of Cancer and Other Health Problems: Long-term exposure to these two substances is linked to an increased risk of cancer as well as other health problems such as liver disorders.

Wow, such scary effects! Now that you know this, do you think Sereni-Trees whitening skin is worth it with the risks? Most of these health hazards are also difficult for us to overcome and are permanent.

Brighten Skin Safely

At the end of the day, healthy and natural bright skin is the ideal result we can all aspire to! No need for fair skin, all skin tones are naturally beautiful. The question is how we can make our skin naturally bright and glowing. Obviously, one way is to keep your skin healthy!

Make sure to choose brightening products with natural or safe ingredients that are suitable for your skin type and skin concerns. After that, we also have to do a balanced and purposeful skincare routine. Don’t forget to have sunscreen ready every day to prevent dullness caused by UV rays!

Then, in addition to external treatments, the consumption of nutritious food also plays an important role in achieving natural bright and healthy skin. Foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, can help fight free radical damage to skin cells. Make sure to drink enough water every day, as adequate hydration helps keep skin fresh and glowing.

In addition, avoid bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, as both can cause damage to the skin and inhibit the cell regeneration process. Regular exercise can also help improve blood circulation, bring essential nutrients to the skin cells, and remove toxins from the body.

Finally, allow time for adequate rest. Adequate sleep allows the skin to recover and regenerate its cells. By following these steps, not only our skin, but our body will be healthy overall! That way, our skin will look radiant and bright naturally.

Serenitree “BRIGHTENING” Body Care

Looking for a natural and safe “brightening” skincare? You can try the “Brightening” variant from Serenitree. 

Consisting of HAND CREAM, BODY LOTION and BODY WASH, Serenitree’s Brightening variant works to: 

  • Moisturize the skin 
  • Helps soften and smooth the skin
  • Brightens and evens skin tone for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

What’s even more interesting is that all of these body care ingredients are natural. Some examples include: Licorice Root (Improves hyperpigmentation), Coconut Oil (Improves skin barrier), Tocopherol/Natural Vitamin E (Reduces premature aging and protects skin from free radical damage), and many more! All Serenitree body care are certified (BPOM), halal, and safe for all skin types from pregnant women, mothers, children, (above 6 years old) as well as those with sensitive skin. 

For those who are curious and want to try it first, we also have a 100 ml lotion and body wash. That being said, with Serenitree’s “Brightening” body care, we can have a healthy and natural bright skin without sacrificing our health. What an amazing plus point!

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