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7 Skincare Travel Essentials!

Skincare routine is definitely not to be missed! Consistency is the key to the success of the routine itself. Well, what if we are required to travel as part of our job or just like to travel? Of course skincare must also continue! Moreover, traveling to other places means our skin will get used to different weather than usual. That’s why we have to bring our skincare! Therefore, today Serenitree will give you an idea of what products you should bring.

Let’s read the article until the end, Serenitree Squad!

The Importance of Bringing Skincare for Travel

As we’ve spilled earlier, guys, it’s important to bring skincare when traveling to a new place. One of them is that our skin will be exposed to potential weather changes. This can certainly be dangerous if you have sensitive skin! Other than that, here are some reasons why we should routinely bring skincare while traveling:

  • Maintain consistency

Why should you use skincare consistently? This allows the active ingredients in the skincare to work optimally in treating the skin. This includes: Stimulating skin regeneration, increasing skin protection, and preventing new damage. Therefore, we should not skip taking care of our skin!

  • Anticipate skin discomfort

Being in a new environment, especially one with extreme weather can make the skin react negatively. For example, when going from a hot environment to a cold environment, the skin and lips will become chapped/dry. Or it could be a scenario where our skin gets sunburned and irritated. The solution would definitely be better if we use products that we use everyday, right?

  • Extra protection and comfort

We’re always told to bring vitamins or medication when traveling. Just like our body, our skin needs extra protection too! That way its health and stability is always maintained wherever we are. So, you can continue to travel or work comfortably!

How about it? Do you agree with the reason why we should always bring skincare even during vacation?

7 skincare must-haves

We can’t possibly bring all of our skincare products with us!

It will certainly waste space and as a result our suitcases/bags will be full. Hence, Serenitree suggests only bringing the essentials. There are 7 recommendations from us, namely:

  • Sunscreen:

This is a must-have! Sunscreen is great for protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays in both cold and hot weather. In addition to the sunscreen itself, if you are going to a hot area, you should also bring a hat!

  • Facial Cleanser:

Surely dust and makeup residue will accumulate whenever we are outdoors. Especially when we’re on vacation! Well, that’s why the next important item is facial cleanser. Always cleanse your face in the morning and at night!

  • Face Mist:

The Korean secret to glowing skin is using face mist! Even in cold or hot weather, this product will help refresh and moisturize the skin. Just buy a travel size and put it in your bag, easy right?

  • Serum

To keep skin protected and effectively nourished, serums are essential. Not to mention our skin can be vulnerable when exposed to climate and weather changes. Strengthen your skin’s protection with a serum!

  • Moisturizer

After the serum, it’s good to use a moisturizer. This duo is guaranteed to keep skin glowing, bright, hydrated and moisturized in any weather.

  • Lip Balm

Lip skin is also susceptible to weather changes, which can make it dry and chapped. That being said, don’t forget to apply lip balm in the morning (with SPF) and at night before bed!

  • Hand Cream

Everyday our hand skin is exposed to many objects and environments. If you are traveling, your hands will certainly touch other objects that may be unfamiliar and you have never touched before. This can make our hand skin vulnerable and irritated. The solution? Use hand cream to strengthen the skin barrier! Check Serenitree hand cream here.

If you’re going on vacation, take note and don’t forget these 7 skincare essentials!

Tips for Packing Skincare for Traveling

Avoid your skincare being banned and even confiscated, Serenitree Squad!

Try to find products that are not too big or travel size if possible. The reason is because each country has its own regulations, especially for liquid products. Read the regulations before packing!

Another thing you should look out for is:

  • Make sure the bottle is tightly closed to avoid spillage. Even better if you cover the product with airtight plastic for double protection.
  • Wrap the product in a cloth, especially if you are carrying skincare in your luggage. The cloth will act like a protector if the suitcase is bumped around. 
  • Separate solid and liquid products! This is also a way to avoid spills and leaks.
  • Tip: Bring cleanser in the form of wipes or wet tissues as an alternative. These cleansers are easier to use and travel friendly!

These tips will certainly make it easier for us to pack essential skincare! After reading this, you can no longer excuse your laziness or packing headaches. 

Although skincare may not seem as important as medicine, these products are the ultimate must have for your health! Skin is an organ that we must take good care of, especially in a foreign area. The risk of not bringing skincare is that we have to look for new alternative products in the places we visit. What if we are allergic or have difficulty finding the right product? After all, whether or not skincare is suitable is a matter of luck, right?

These tips don’t just apply to adults, but children as well. Children actually have more vulnerable skin than adults. Therefore, let’s remind our loved ones not to forget to maintain healthy skin wherever we are. Stay healthy, Serenitree gang!

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