The Launch of Serenitree’s Travel Size Skincare; Body Lotion & Body Wash

In this modern era, skincare has become one of the most important things for many people, especially for those who care about their appearance and skin health. However, for frequent travelers, carrying full-sized skincare products is often a problem. It could be due to limited space in the suitcase and the rules of carrying liquids on the plane. Therefore, travel size skincare can be a practical and efficient solution. This is also good news for those of you who want to try Serenitree’s body lotion and body wash first without having to commit to buying the original size.

Launching from August 2, 2023, you can try Serenitree’s calming/brightening body lotion and body wash travel size variants by checking out on the website, shopee, tokopedia, or tik tok shop! The size is 100 ml so you can try the products at a low price while getting the 100% efficacy!

We will also spill some of the benefits of these travel size products for you!

Pros of Travel Size Skincare Body Lotion and Body Wash

  • Same Effectiveness as Full Size

Despite their smaller size, travel size skincare body lotions and body washes still have the same quality and benefits as full-size products. The variants are still the same, with calming and brightening variants.

  • Best Ingredients and Quality

The active ingredient content will be the same as the full size! For the calming variant, it consists of natural calming ingredients such as: Calendula Extract and Shea Butter. While the brightening variant has brightening ingredients such as: Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide.

  • Practical for Daily Use

The mini size of the body lotion and body wash is perfect for daily use, especially when traveling. You can also take them to work to keep your skin well-mantained throughout the day. Practical, right?

  • A Chance To Test Skin Reaction to Products

Although Serenitree lotions and body washes are all-natural and have minimal negative side effects, of course there are always user incompatibilities! Be it scent, texture and so on. That’s why Serenitree wants every user to be able to experience the benefits of both products without commitment! Once the fit is right, then we can invest in the full size product!

Serenitree Squad, you don’t need to be afraid because this travel size skincare will not reduce the efficacy, effects or ingredients. Even though the size may be mini, these products are impactful!

Ease with Skincare Travel Size

Why not just buy the full size, isn’t it easier? Despite its mini size, the travel size version of lotion and body wash is very useful! For example:

  • Simple and Easy to Carry

One of the main reasons why travel size skincare is so popular is because of its practicality. Their small and compact size makes them easy to carry around, whether it’s in a small cosmetic bag or a suitcase pocket. This way, you can still maintain your skincare routine without carrying excess weight.

  • Meeting Aviation Safety Rules

Those of you who like to staycation or work out of town must really need travel size skincare! Especially when traveling by airplane, there are strict restrictions on the size and amount of liquids that are allowed to be carried in the cabin. Travel size skincare complies with this rule and you can easily carry skincare products in a transparent plastic bag or purse!

  • Avoiding Product Waste

Full-size skincare products often go unused during short trips. With travel size skincare, you can avoid wastage and use only the right amount of products, this way your lotions and body washes will last longer and provide optimal functionality.

Even though it’s mini, there are many benefits, right? Now there’s nothing complicated and difficult about taking care of our skin wherever we go!

Serenitree Skincare Tips When Traveling 

The products are available already, now it’s just a matter of following the steps to take care of your skin while traveling! This is to minimize the occurrence of infection, dryness or other skin problems due to changes in temperature, weather or environmental conditions! All you have to do is regularly cleanse your skin (twice a day, morning and evening) with Serenitree’s gentle body wash. This body wash will cleanse the body of dirt, oil, and germs, so that the skin stays fresh and clean throughout the day.

Once your skin is clean and dry, it’s important to lock in moisture with body lotion. Simply apply and rub in circular motions from neck to toe. If your skin feels drier than usual, increase the frequency of application!

In addition to body lotion and body wash, don’t forget to use other skincare products such as facial moisturizer, sunscreen, or toner. All areas of our body must be well maintained so that they are not prone to problems!

Serenitree Skincare Travel Size Launch at JXB 2023

Want to try or feel the texture and aroma of Serenitree body wash and lotion? Or perhaps you want to ask questions directly to the formulator and founder of Serenitree herself, Sandra Djajadisastra? Take it easy! Serenitree squad can simultaneously heal and hang out with your bestie at the Jakarta X Beauty 2023 event on August 3-6, 2023! This event is located at the Jakarta Convention Center, Hall A & Hall B, Jl.Jend. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta. There will also be many artists and beauty influencers such as Tasya Farasya and Maudy Ayunda.

Serenitree will open a booth with all Serenitree variants and natural products ranging from body wash, lotion and hand cream complete with spectacular promos and lucky dip opportunities for every purchase (more info on Instagram @Serenitree.Indonesia). Later you will also get recommendations on what products and variants are suitable for your skin type and problems, how interesting is that? 

Don’t miss it, let’s stop by the Serenitree booth! We look forward to seeing you!

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