The Figure Behind Serenitree, Sandra Djajadisastra

Owning a business is not an easy thing. In fact, not everyone can do it. Is that right? The proof is not infrequently we see businesses that get up and rise up as fast as lightning towards the sky. While most of the businesses also have to stop and go bankrupt. Of course, behind every effort there are founding figures, hard workers and the ones who never give up. As an entrepreneur, you must have many things from vision, mission, expertise to determination to face challenges that may come your way.

The same is true for Serenitree, which was pioneered by Sandra Djajadisastra. Yes, she is one of the main characters of this natural skin care product business. She is the one who has such ambitions that she can wrestle in the world of natural skincare and spread her belief to have a positive impact on the wearer and our beloved earth. So, before we get to know more about the brand and its products, we should first get acquainted with the soul and energy of Serenitree.

The Beginning of Sandra’s Journey

All the main figures must have a beginning, everyone must start from scratch. Come on, let’s get acquainted with Sandra Djajadisastra. How can a graduate of the Indonesian Institute of Technology with a major in Industrial Engineering become a pioneer in natural skin care? Even her past career history includes the world of banking and mining services. So what caused the drastic changes experienced in Sandra’s career?

The answer starts with herself. Yes, that’s right, the skin problems she experienced were one of the factors that pushed her to dive into the world of natural skin care products. The various sensitive skin problems she experienced, from itching to dermatitis, aroused her spirit to take action. In addition, there is a call coming within herself to participate in maintaining the health of the earth by using sustainable products or the term sustainable.

Thirst for Knowledge in Sustainability Topics

Based on her curiosity and calling, 2017 was the year that Sandra implemented her determination into a reality. Of course all must start from sufficient knowledge. Sandra is self-taught learning the elements and meaning of ecosystem sustainability. For example, waste management and the principle of recycling are manifestations of the intended ecosystem sustainability.

So, should someone keep the information and knowledge they have for themselves? Have you ever heard the statement, “Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” by Robert Boyce? This statement is true! Sandra also understands very well the meaning and how important it is to spread her positive vision to the wider community.

Role as Co-Founder of Kertabumi Recycling Center

As previously discussed, her determination to share her knowledge with many people prompted Sandra to open a workshop or training for those who are interested in the field of sustainability. At that time, she, along with other main figures, became the Co-Founders of the Kertabumi Recycling Center. What is Kertabumi Recycling Center? It is a business entity that is moving towards climate change, waste management as well as environmentally friendly products. In this endeavor, Sandra and her team provide training and workshops with the theme of sustainability, even for natural skin care. Even now, this business still survives because of the booming fans!

Sandra, The Natural Skincare Formulator

After 3 years of exploring and carrying out knowledge alone, it’s time to study at a formal institution. Self-study is not wrong, but it is better if we also look for information in a place with a solid foundation so that our knowledge can grow. Sandra also has the courage to spread her knowledge armed with the knowledge she has obtained from the institution of her choice. Here are some lists of her educational history as a Professional Natural Skincare Formulator:

  • Welness School, USA (2020) 

– Certificate in natural skin care facial oil formulation

  • Formula Botanica, UK (2020) 

– Diploma in natural skin care formulation

– Diploma in organic cosmetic science

– Certificate in facial mask therapy

  • School of Natural Skincare, UK (2021)

– Certificate in making natural skin care products

– Certificate in high performance serum formulation

Wow, it turns out that Sandra’s educational background is very impressive! No wonder why her products are always sought after and the workshops she holds always sell well.

Sandra’s Natural Skincare Products

After knowing the importance of natural skin care for the body and the earth and the knowledge she has gained, Sandra slowly puts what she has learned into practice on a small scale first. Starting from making skin care for her who has sensitive skin, her own family, to her colleagues and friends. Her products are proven to be of high quality and satisfying, judging by the positive response and enthusiasm!

Don’t you know? All genuine Sandra products use natural and great ingredients, each of these ingredients has its own properties. So, every skin problem can be solved with different natural ingredients. That’s great isn’t it!

The Forerunner of Serenitree

Through the twists and turns of Sandra’s journey and challenges as a person and for her business, a new idea emerged, namely the beginning of Serenitree. Her prowess in formulating natural skin care products has attracted many fans. That spirit is one of the pioneers of Serenitree. Not only that of course! She has the idea that with a new business that focuses specifically on the importance of skin health, it is not only beneficial for herself but also for society and the earth’s ecosystem.

Sandra has one belief, namely, beauty comes from a healthy body and skin. If we can treat it with products that do not have a negative effect on the surrounding environment, won’t our hearts be happier and more radiant? The good news is that it is undeniable that public awareness of natural products is getting higher and higher. Therefore, let’s be more aware of critical problems like this!

What do you think? In your opinion, what is beauty like? Do you have sensitive skin problems as well as Sandra? Don’t forget, all skin problems must have a solution. So, don’t worry anymore!

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