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Hope. We all have hope in our life. What we hope to achieve with all the efforts we have put in. Is it success, happiness? Of course, every individual must have a different voice and opinion about the expectations in their lives. To achieve a result we want also requires ambition. Ambition to keep trying and not give up. Sometimes setting targets can make our process easier to achieve the results we want.

Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy. Nothing is certain and that’s how life is. This thought may sound trivial and is often overlooked, immersed in the busyness of everyday life. But we cannot deny that in life we ​​need hope. Without knowing the real purpose, it must feel empty, right?

Well, this doesn’t only apply in our personal lives! In any business from the start, the structure and objectives must be clear. If it is not determined from the start, 90% of our company will stumble in achieving and determining its main goals. This is where vision and mission statements come into play. Why is this statement so crucial? Let’s see in the following explanation!

The Meaning of a Company’s Vision and Mission

Before we know the “importance”, it would be nice if we understand what the true “meaning” is.

The mission of a company defines the main purpose of the company itself. In addition, with a mission, customers or clients can have a clear picture of what the product or service is and the core of the company itself. The statement should include the following:

  • What the company does or provides
  • How does the company achieve its goals, what activities need to be carried out?
  • Who is the company’s service or product intended for?

That’s the rough picture of what should be contained in the mission of a company. The nature of the mission statement is also shorter term than the vision. Apart from that, another function of the mission is to ensure the company is going in the right direction to achieve its targets.

Continuing the discussion, vision, in contrast to the mission is more long-term and can be considered “timeless”. How come? That’s because the company’s vision describes the long-term results if the company achieves its mission. Just as the meaning of “vision” is a view, this usually will not change even if the mission of a company changes. From staff to investors, they must understand well and work to build the company according to the vision that has been set. This is one of the secrets of success!

After we understand the meaning of the vision and mission, we must also know how important it is for the company! 

The Importance of Vision and Mission

With the vision and mission, we understand that the company’s goals are clearly defined. The first step to achieving a result is the use of strategy. Where did that strategy come from? Of course all decisions in business will depend on the mission statement. The company’s mission can function as a guide in making decisions to achieve its targets. As for the vision statement, it functions so that all decisions remain in line with the company’s goals. So, it seems that they are connected and complement each other?

One more thing that proves the importance of these two statements is the magnitude of the effect on the productivity and efficiency of the company. From the owner, staff to investors, they will have a sense of ownership and have one view to achieve the same ultimate goal together.

That’s really cool right, even though it’s just a statement, but it can change and push the company to success! So, what about the vision and mission of Serenitree? Aren’t you a little bit curious?

The Beginning of Serenitree’s Vision and Mission

Since the formation of Kertabumi, the parent company of Serenitree, the founders have insisted on natural aspects. This aspect carried over until the company was founded.

Serenitree, a company that provides skin care products that are safe for users and not forgetting to be healthy for the body and the environment. The main figures emphasize that this is a long term investment for ourselves and our beloved earth.

Before the founders decided to sell skincare products, they had spread education and shared positive things about using natural-based skincare on the Kertabumi platform. More and more workshops are being held. People’s trust is increasing in Kertabumi’s goals and in the end it provides a stepping stone to continue to grow.

With that, Serenitree was born and all human resources who took part in the success of this company merged into a solid team.

That’s the initial story that tells the origins of the Serenitree’s vision and mission statement. Indeed, the initial focus was no different, yes, in Kertabumi and Serenitree, namely: natural, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. Whatever the product, we stick to that aspect. So that you as buyers understand the goals and products of this company, let’s take a clear look at Serenitree’s vision and mission!

Serenitree’s Vision and Mission


Our main goal is to be the number one choice for quality and natural skin care products and inspire sustainable lifestyles through a better understanding of our customers’ needs. In addition, we also create products that are safe for health and the environment.


Through consistent innovation and following the trends of the skin care market, we aim to develop effective and leading natural skin care products with natural and safe ingredients.

Advance Thinking Way Before Its Time

What do you think? Do you agree with Serenitree’s vision and mission? It is clear that this company does not only care about its products, but also for its users. Serenitree also thinks that until the end of the product’s cycle is used, from the contents to the packaging, so that it won’t contaminate the surrounding environment.

In addition, apart from embedding the vision and mission in its own business, the company wants to cultivate healthy living habits for its users. Serenitree hopes that more and more people are choosing lifestyles and products that are not harmful to themselves and others. Together we care for the earth because we are all precious and irreplaceable!

Do you agree with this thought? Come on, we can help make a good change in this life! Let’s preserve your skin’s health as well as our beautiful earth!

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