Tribune Shopping x Serenitree: Eco-Friendly Products & Sustainable Bodycare 

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Hi, Sereni-Trees! Back again for another webinar session with Serenitree!

In an exciting collaboration between Tribun Shopping and Serenitree, an online webinar focusing on eco-friendly products and sustainable bodycare took place. The webinar was themed “Eco-Friendly Products & Sustainable Bodycare with Serenitree” and featured keynote speaker, Sandra Djajadisastra, Founder & CEO of Serenitree. The event took place on Friday, August 25, 2023, from 15.00-16.15 via the Zoom online platform. At the end of the event, there was also a giveaway to 2 lucky participants in the form of a gift set from Serenitree. With high enthusiasm, this webinar managed to attract around 35-40 enthusiasts in attendance. An example that public awareness of natural and sustainable products is progressing.

In addition to talking about natural products and sustainable living, Serenitree also shared natural skincare recipes in the form of toners, face scrubs, and face masks with natural ingredients. Participants who are interested in joining the Serenitree x Kertabumi workshop for natural skincare must stay tuned on Instagram (@serenitree.indonesia)!

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to join the online webinar, let’s take a peek at the recap of this webinar! Who knows, you can get more knowledge about the world of natural skincare!

Protecting the Environment with Eco-Friendly Bodycare

This webinar addresses the important issue of the environmental impact of body care products and how to combat it with greener solutions. Why Body Care? Because Body Care is what we use the most, everyone takes a shower every day, right? These products will be rinsed and through the sewer, until finally exposed to the surrounding ecosystem. That is why Sandra Djajadisastra shared her views on environmentally friendly products and invited the participants to be more concerned about the environmental impact of plastic waste. 

According to Sandra, environmentally friendly products do not only depend on the container that we can recycle but also the overall content of the skincare. This is one of our ways to protect the health of the environment and surrounding biota! 

In the future, Serenitree will also launch natural-based skincare and cosmetics, stay tuned!

Statistics on Plastic Waste in Indonesia

Indonesia itself is ranked the second largest in the world in terms of plastic waste production. However, according to Sandra, this ranking is not just a result of the amount of waste itself, but rather the lack of awareness and good management of waste across the country. Moreover, around 40% of waste comes from households, such as food and plastic. Therefore, the first step we can take is to sort out our waste, a small step to sort out between organic and non-organic waste. After that, we can recycle our waste at waste banks available in Indonesia. Serenitree wants to start familiarizing this habit by providing an incentive voucher of Rp.25.000,00 for every 5 packs of Serenitree products sent to Serenitree/Kertabumi loh (More info on Serenitree’s website and Instagram).

So, instead of relying solely on the community and government, Sandra emphasizes the importance of starting the change from ourselves. Only then, our next task is to inspire and set an example to the people around us to care more about waste management. How about it, do you agree with Sereni-Trees? 

Serenitree Background

In this webinar, Sandra also talked about Serenitree, an eco-friendly body care brand. Serenitree products are not only environmentally friendly in terms of recyclable containers, but also in terms of the ingredients. Sandra explained that Serenitree is part of the Kertabumi Recycling Center (a social enterprise engaged as a waste management education platform) and the ingredients of each product also come from legal plantations that do not pollute the environment.

Although Sandra Djajadisastra, founder and CEO of Serenitree, initially has a background in Industrial Engineering, she felt the need to address her own sensitive skin issues and the need for natural body care products. Over time, she learned how to make natural skincare and developed her knowledge of botanical-based skincare (Formula Botanica and School of Natural Skincare in UK, 2019).

Serenitree itself was started in 2021 and finally successfully launched in 2023 after going through a mature research and development process. Currently, there are 3 Serenitree products, namely body wash, body lotion, and hand cream with two different variants for various skin needs.

Until now, Serenitree’s enthusiasm has been proven by the hundreds of products sold from its launching period. Have you tried yet Sereni-Trees?

Why should we start switching to natural products?

One of the key points discussed in this webinar is the benefits of choosing body care products with natural ingredients. Whatever we apply or use on the body will enter the bloodstream. Therefore, according to Sandra, the use of natural products has a positive impact on the skin and overall body health. These products are indeed safer and able to maintain skin balance better than synthetic or chemical products. Natural ingredients are generally not harmful to users, even people with sensitive skin, children (Above 3 years), and pregnant women can also do it!

The webinar ended with Sandra’s message to always focus on overall health care and using the right products. Healthy for ourselves, as well as for our environment. One crucial thing, skin health does not only depend on skincare products but we must complement it with a healthy lifestyle, regular diet, and regular exercise

How interesting was this webinar! Next time, let’s join, Serenitree Squad. Don’t forget to always stay healthy, see you later!

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