The Beginning of Serenitree: Kertabumi Recycling Center

Natural skincare and organic skincare are increasingly popular choices among skincare enthusiasts. Along with the awareness of the importance of healthy and safe skincare, many people are starting to look for environmentally friendly skincare alternatives. One of the solutions is natural skincare products like Serenitree. 

However, it’s not just in the world of skincare! Today’s society prefers everything organic. From food to fashion, everything almost always has a natural alternative. Public awareness can happen because of the technology development and the internet that has become a daily consumption of society. We can’t deny that humans are also developing intellectually time after time.

The same thing happened to the founders of Kertabumi Recycling Center. Their sense of responsibility and love for the environment, themselves and each other was the driving force behind the establishment of this organization. Find out more about Serenitree’s parent company!

Kertabumi Recycling Center: Parent Company Serenitree

The focus of Kertabumi Recycling Center is actually very simple: as an educational platform for waste management, especially on a community or corporate scale. Concern for the environment can be channeled in several ways. One of them is to process waste into useful products that do not harm our health or the environment. In the field of waste management, this organization helps communities and companies establish waste banks. To date, 107 waste banks have been established in 17 provinces and 47 cities and regencies. How cool is that?

Since 2017, Kertabumi has also established a recycling center as a follow-up to the waste collected in the waste bank. Waste recycling is done in three categories: waste to souvenir, waste to furniture and waste to construction.

In addition, Kertabumi also educates the community on sustainable living by providing various workshops. Starting from organic food, processing used cooking oil, to other recycling processes. Most of these simple activities can be done at home using waste that we no longer need. It turns out that the enthusiasm has increased rapidly! A close-knit community and creative economy among environmentalists were even formed from this effort. So, you can also sell your own recycled products!

Not only that, this organization also works on climate change. Evidence of this can be seen in the establishment of 3 conservation areas in DKI Jakarta, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. Thanks to this movement we managed to save and protect 3 main species of coastal ecosystems namely: Mangroves, coral reefs and seagrasses. The definition of effort will not betray the result!

Seeing the high enthusiasm of the community, Kertabumi gradually began to develop other natural products, namely natural skincare. The goal is to provide skincare that is safe for the environment and health for skincare lovers. You could say that aside from being an environmentally friendly business, Kertabumi is also the forerunner of Serenitree. The beginning of everything!

For those who aren’t familiar, Serenitree is a business that focuses on natural skincare. From body care, face care, and makeup, everything is made from natural ingredients so that everyone can use it without side effects. 

Why does it have to be skincare specific?

Interest in Natural Skincare

In short, natural skincare is made from natural ingredients. These ingredients can be obtained from a variety of sources such as plants, herbs, or other natural ingredients. Of course, this skincare product does not contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes so it is suitable for use by all skin types. It can be a solution for sensitive skinned people who are easily irritated.

The use of skincare is important and is included in our daily lives. But even though it plays a big role, people often neglect this routine. Another problem is that the lack of education of skincare lovers can have harmful effects on their health and the environment. Therefore, as a form of developing environmental conservation activities, Kertabumi started research and activities around natural skincare. In order to focus more, a new organization dedicated to natural skincare, Serenitree, was established.

The Serenitree brand aims to develop natural skincare based on Indonesia’s biodiversity. Therefore, the ingredients used are mostly derived from Indonesia’s natural wealth and local ingredients. With the help of the latest technology, Indonesian ingredients can create products that are no less effective than other products! The most important mission is to offer skincare solutions for everyone without compromising health values or harming the ecosystem. Already registered with BPOM, you can also check the label on Serenitree products. It’s guaranteed to be safe and effective for sure!

Good Things Start Within Ourselves

Kertabumi Recycling Center and Serenitree are some examples of businesses that care about the environment and health. To this date, Kertabumi is still handling waste management, climate change mitigation, recycling and creative economy development. Meanwhile Serenitree is still in the process of expanding its wings in developing safe and environmentally friendly skincare products. Both of these businesses show that we can protect our environment and health in a harmonious way.

With their waste recycling program, waste that was previously considered a problem can be turned into useful products. Serenitree also shows that skincare products that are safe for the environment and health can be developed using natural ingredients from within the country. This automatically helps the economy. Imagine how many lives we save? 

If we just rely on change without doing anything, it seems very difficult to be realized. Isn’t it better if we start from ourselves? We don’t need to do anything extreme, just pay attention to what we use so that it is useful and not harmful. Starting from simple things like sorting waste and starting recycling or using environmentally friendly products. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

Together, we can make changes for the better!

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