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7 Ways to Clean Makeup Brush for Healthy Skin!

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In the world of makeup, brushes play an important role in creating the perfect look. We probably use them almost every day to apply makeup and get ready for our activities! However, we often forget how important it is to clean our makeup brushes regularly. In fact, cleanliness is the key to keeping your skin healthy! Therefore, in this article, we will discuss why cleaning makeup brushes is a crucial step in your beauty routine, the risks that can arise from using dirty brushes, and effective ways to clean makeup brushes.

Don’t invite bacteria to nest in your makeup brush!

Why is cleaning makeup brushes important?

Actually, it’s not just makeup brushes, we should routinely clean anything that comes into physical contact with us, such as towels. Why is the cleanliness of these objects crucial in keeping our skin healthy? The reasons are simple:

  • Avoiding Skin Infections & Acne

Bacteria, dust, and dirt can accumulate on unclean brushes. This can increase the risk of skin infections, breakouts, and aggravate our skin condition! At this point, makeup brushes can already be considered a nest of bacteria!

  • Make Our Makeup More Even & Beautiful

Brushes are an essential tool to keep our makeup look clean and nice. With a clean brush, we can apply makeup evenly, the blending process can also run smoothly.

  • Taking Care of Brushes to Last Longer

A clean and well-maintained brush will have a longer lifespan. So, we can save more money and don’t need to change brushes too often!

It turns out that the reason we have to clean makeup brushes regularly has benefits both in terms of skin health, makeup results and the quality of the brush itself! If we fail to maintain the cleanliness, then bacteria and fungi will multiply on the brush. Imagine how fatal it would be if we let a dirty brush touch our face every day!

But how and when to clean makeup brushes effectively?

How to properly clean makeup brushes

We only need a few ingredients to clean the brushes, namely: A container such as a bowl/glass, warm water, cleaning soap, towel or tissue. The trick is no less easy, Sereni-Trees can follow these 7 steps:

  1. Pour warm water into a bowl or glass.
  2. Mix the soap into warm water.
  3. Soak the brush for a few minutes.
  4. Gently scrub the brush with your fingers or a brush cleansing pad if you have one. Focus on the bristles and make sure to cleanse until the foam is discolored or no more makeup comes out.
  5. Rinse off using clean water.
  6. Dry by pressing the brush gently with a clean towel or tissue to remove excess water.
  7. Let the brushes dry naturally in an air-circulated space. Make sure there is no soap residue or excess moisture on the brushes before storing them.

Pretty easy, right? One more tip from Serenitree, try to use special makeup brush cleaning soap, baby soap free or Serenitree natural soap that is free of fragrance and harsh chemicals. Using soap like hand or dish soap can damage brush bristles and cause skin infections!

Serenitree Body Wash as a Cleansing Soap Option

This Serenitree Natural Body Wash is an ideal choice for cleaning makeup brushes as the formula itself is derived from safe and gentle natural ingredients.

The natural ingredients derived from natural oils, extracts, and vitamins in this product provide extra benefits and nutrients for brushes.In addition to cleaning effectively, this soap also helps maintain moisture and brighten brush bristles without damaging the fibers or material of the brush itself

Plus point, we can use this soap for bathing at the same time! Very multifunctional and efficient, right?

How often should we clean our makeup brushes?

The more often we use makeup brushes, for example in a daily frequency, then we should at least clean the brushes once a week. However, if you use them less frequently, for example only for special events or occasionally, cleaning them once every two weeks is also enough! 

But for eyeshadow brushes and lip brushes, we should clean them more often because we use them on sensitive areas. This also applies to brushes for products like foundation and concealer as they can contain more dirt and oil. 

For sponge-shaped makeup tools (beauty blender), it is safer to clean after every use or at least every two uses. Remember to always pay attention to how often you use and the type of makeup tools you have!

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