Product Guide: Using Serenitree Body Wash and Body Lotion

Hi Serenitree Squad! Finally, both Serenitree skincare lines have been officially launched! Have you tried them yet? Well, today we will provide complete information and tips on how to use the Serenitree Body Wash and Body Lotion product range. The goal is for you to get the most out of our products. So make sure to keep reading!

Brightening & Calming Variant

For those of you who are not familiar with the two Serenitree skincare lines, we have just launched skincare products in the form of soap and lotion. Both products have 2 variants, namely Brightening and Calming variants. Here are the details of our current four products:

  • Hydrating & Brightening Body Wash
  • Hydrating & Calming Body Wash
  • Moisturizing & Brightening Body Lotion
  • Moisturizing & Calming Body Lotion

*Notes: You can find these four products on Serenitree’s official website, Shopee and Tokopedia along with labels and descriptions of their natural ingredients!

These two variants have their own differences and advantages. So Serenitree Squad can choose to use which variant according to skin needs. Here are the differences:

  • Brightening Variant
    • Safe for children aged 7 years and above
    • Smoothen and soften the skin
    • Even out skin tone and treat hyperpigmentation as well as dull skin problems.
    • Hydrate the skin
  • Calming variant
    • Safe for children aged 3 years and above
    • Moisturise and smooth the skin
    • Soothe the skin and provide therapeutic effects
    • Resolve skin problems such as irritation, itching or sensitive skin
    • Provide hydration to the skin

From these different functions, Serenitree Squad can see which variant is suitable for your skin! 

Although the functions of the two variants are different, there is still one thing in common. Both are safe for people with sensitive skin, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Even children are free to use according to the age restrictions listed!

Why Do You Need A Product Guide?

Why do you need a product guide? Isn’t it easy to use skincare?

It’s so easy! But Serenitree wants you to get the most out of our skincare. That’s why we’re going to give you a usage guide. Here are also some other reasons:

  • For the safety of the Serenitree Squad: This guide aims for you to understand how to use these two sets correctly and safely.
  • Increase efficiency: By reading the guide, Serenitree Squad can understand the most effective way to use the product.
  • Improve product quality: Good use of Serenitree Body Wash and Body Lotion allows us to get maximum results.

Another reason is because natural skincare is generally different from others! The difference can be in terms of texture and consistency. Skincare that uses natural ingredients will have a different texture from skincare in general. So not too many people understand the texture. We need to know the right amount in each use!

Without further ado, here’s a complete guide to using Serenitree’s “Cleanser” skincare line!

Serenitree Body Wash Product Guide

It’s easy to use once you know the texture, ingredients and the right steps!

Here are some tips from Serenitree:

  • Serenitree Body Wash

Product information: 

Serenitree Body Wash uses natural ingredients as a foam maker without SLS. SLS is commonly used to produce lather in skincare but too much use of this ingredient can risk irritation and dry skin. Don’t forget, more foam doesn’t mean cleaner!

How to apply: 

  1. Apply on wet skin.
  2. Pour enough body wash on your hands.
  3. Rub all over the skin in a circular motion in a circular motion. If you want more foam use a sponge/puff.
  4. Rinse skin water, make sure that no product remains. 
  5. Dry the body with a towel. That’s it!

So easy, right? For maximum results, we recommend that you use a combination of body wash and body lotion. Do the body lotion after the body wash!

Serenitree Body Lotion Product Guide

  • Serenitre Body Lotion

Product information:

Serenitree Body Lotion is rich in natural oils and extracts, making it more concentrated than other body lotions that are more water-based. Just by using 1/2 or 1/3 of the usual lotion, our lotion can give your skin a lot of hydration! It does take a little time to absorb into the skin. However, there are certain reasons why we chose this ingredient! Natural oils in skincare can provide more moisture and hydration than water-based ingredients. Skin can be moisturised and hydrated for longer!

How to apply:

  1. Try to use lotion after showering on dry skin for maximum results. Clean skin pores facilitate absorption.
  2. Take an appropriate amount of lotion, apply a thin layer to the skin area. It is important to use the product little by little and add more when needed. Using too much product may hinder absorption and be ineffective!
  3. Apply the product gently while massaging the skin in a circular motion. Massaging movements can make blood circulation smoother. As a result, our skin will be soft and healthy!

The key to every skincare application is “moderation”. Everything in excess is not good even if the product has positive benefits. Sometimes, less is more!

Apart from the usage guidelines, there are a few more things that you must pay attention to so that skincare products last longer. What are they?

Serenitree Body Wash and Body Lotion Storage Guide

In order for Serenitree’s skincare to have a high shelf life, we must always follow these steps:

  • Avoid the sun, try to store skincare in a cool place.
  • Close the product after use. This is to avoid any bacteria entering and contaminating the product.
  • Store the product in an upward position. Although Serenitree’s packaging is leak-proof, this step is to minimise the risk! 

Those are our tips to make the product last longer and not reduce its effectiveness! 

One important note from us to remind you that Serenitree is a natural skincare brand. Normally, natural products have a shorter shelf life than chemical skincare. For Serenitree body wash and body lotion, the expiry date is 6 months after opening and 2 years from the production date before opening. In addition, we also strongly recommend that you use products immediately after purchase to avoid damage and so on.

Now you already know the ingredients and how to use it, let’s check out directly on the website, Tokopedia or Shopee!

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