Body Lotion VS Body Butter, What’s the Difference?

Hi Serenitree Squad! Who is a big fan of moisturizing skin products? Do you know the difference between body lotion and body butter? Both are certainly meant to moisturize our skin. Similar but not the same, there are some significant differences between the two! We can use this knowledge to choose the right product for our skin problems. 

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these two skincare!

Body Lotion VS Body Butter

  • Body Lotion

Some of you must have tried Serenitree’s body lotion. Made from natural ingredients, our lotion has 2 variants: brightening and calming. When using it, what is the texture and characteristics like?

If we use enough body lotion, this skincare will absorb faster and feel lighter. Slightly more fluid in texture than body butter, this skincare is perfect for morning and night use. But one note, those with very dry skin should apply the lotion repeatedly to lock in maximum moisture.

  • Body Butter

The function of body butter is not much different from lotion, which is to provide hydration, protect the skin and make our skin more moisturized. However, body butter has a heavier and thicker texture than lotion because it tends to contain more oil than lotion. As the name implies, it’s “buttery”, like butter! Such a texture will certainly take longer to absorb. This is why this type of skincare is often used at night, when you’re done with your activities. 

This product is suitable for those who have very dry skin. Especially if Serenitree squad lives in a cold/extreme weather area, we would recommend choosing this type of moisturizer.

Actually, body lotion and body butter are not too different, it’s just that the texture has its own characteristics. For those of you with normal to dry skin, it is enough to use lotion, but for dryness above average, we recommend combining lotion and body butter!

Which one do you prefer, Serenitree squad?

Tips for Proper Use of Body Butter

Every skincare product will work optimally if we use it correctly. Previously, we have given tips on using lotion from Serenitree, you can read it here. Today, we will recommend some tips that you can follow! Make sure to:

  • Avoid using body butter if you have oily skin. Why? Body butter itself already contains a high level of oil. Hence this product will be more suitable for those with dry skin. 
  • Use the product on dry and clean skin. Wet or dirty skin will cause free particles to stick directly to your skin. As a result, you’ll end up itching!
  • Check out the suitable usage time. Generally, we use body butter effectively: After shower, before bed, after activities, and in cool room conditions (not hot and causing sweat). As Serenitree mentioned earlier, the texture of body butter is quite heavy! So, it’s not as casual as using lotion.
  • Wait for the product to fully absorb before dressing. Otherwise, you’ll be uncomfortable as it will leave wet marks on your clothes!
  • Take a sufficient amount of product first. If it’s not enough, add more slowly. Using too much will cause it to take longer to absorb.
  • Focus on the dry areas of your skin if you’re not too comfortable with the texture of body butter, like your heels or elbows. Other areas you can combine with lotion.

Those are some Serenitree-style tips for using body butter. Serenitree squad, have you ever tried natural skincare butter from the Kertabumi x Serenitree workshop? Stay tuned for the latest workshop or product launch info!

Which one suits your skin?

So are the two products different? The answer is yes! In terms of characteristics and texture, there are significant differences. Even the packaging is different, generally the body lotion container is a bottle/tube and the body butter is a pot/jar according to its texture. There is nothing better between the two. You just have to choose which one suits your skin needs!

Normal, dry, oily or combination skin: Use body lotion regularly morning and night. You can combine with body butter on drier areas.

Very dry skin: Use body butter every night. For those with oily skin avoid using this skincare as it can cause breakouts due to excess oil!

For maximum results, Serenitree Squad, don’t forget to use it regularly and follow Serenitree’s tips. Also make it a habit to research your skin needs before choosing skincare!

Keep your skin moisturized with positive habits

Aside from taking care of our bodies, we still need to take care of our skin from within! How do you do that? It’s so easy! For example, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising and sleeping regularly, and maintaining mental health. There are also steps that we should follow in taking care of our skin on a daily basis such as:

  • First, make sure to drink enough water every day. Water keeps our skin moisturized and hydrated from within. If your body is dehydrated, your skin will be dry! 
  • Secondly, avoid bathing in water that is too hot or too long. This can strip the skin of the natural oils that we need to keep the skin moisturized. 
  • Third, use a gentle, chemical-free soap to cleanse your skin. You can try Serenitree body wash, it’s natural and gentle on the skin! 
  • Lastly, avoid exfoliating too often either chemically or physically. We recommend exfoliating at least once a week. Also try not to rub the skin with a towel after bathing, dry it with a patting motion and use a soft towel.

In conclusion, we must balance all aspects and positive habits in our lives to get a healthy body and skin. Using skincare alone is not enough, even if it is, it will definitely not be optimal without other supporting factors. So, we wish Serenitree Squad good health. Serenitree is always there to support all your skincare needs!

Hope this article helps, see you next time!

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