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How to use body lotion effectively, use it when your skin is wet!

Body lotion is the savior of dry skin! It can moisturize and treat the skin thoroughly. Not only that, there are also many special lotion products to brighten and even delay premature aging. Therefore, using body lotion is an essential part of your daily skincare routine! However, you should know that body lotion is most effective when the skin is still wet! Why is that?

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Why is body lotion effective on wet skin?

Do you often feel your skin dry out quickly even after using body lotion? Well, that could be due to wrong timing! It turns out that body lotion is more effective when the skin is clean and wet after bathing because it utilizes the concept of increased absorption as well as retention of skin moisture.

When we shower, the skin experiences increased moisture content due to exposure to water during the shower process. Skin that is still wet after a shower has better absorption capabilities as our skin pores are open and the outer layer of skin (stratum corneum) becomes slightly more permeable. This creates an ideal opportunity for body lotion application!

In addition, applying body lotion on slightly wet skin after showering can increase the effectiveness of hydration. As a result, the moisture we get from body lotion can be maintained better and longer. 

This concept is backed up by chemical and physical principles, where water helps in enhancing the penetration of active ingredients in the body lotion. Water helps in the formation of tiny channels within the outer layer of the skin, allowing the lotion ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. This provides more optimal benefits for skin health, including maintaining the skin’s natural moisture as well as providing nourishment and protection. This is the reason why using body lotion is more suitable when the skin is wet or moisturized.

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The Right Technique for Applying Body Lotion 

Unfortunately in Indonesia, there are not many special body lotion products that we can use while bathing. But we can still find alternatives by applying to the skin after bathing in a moist / semi-dry state. Some techniques we can try include:

  • Make sure the skin is clean from dirt by cleaning the skin thoroughly . In addition, you should first remove hand jewelry so that the use of lotion is maximized!
  • Partially dry the skin by patting a towel over the entire body.
  • Take a small amount of body lotion and apply it evenly to all parts of the body in a circular motion or massage. Another tip, the massaging motion should be from the direction of the tip of the hand/leg to the top. This can help reduce hand and foot wrinkles. In addition, the direction of movement towards the heart also makes blood circulation smooth!
  • Try to focus on areas that tend to be drier such as the elbows or knees. 
  • Wait for the lotion product to absorb before dressing! Otherwise, there is a high chance that the product may stick to the clothes and not be fully absorbed.

It’s so easy, isn’t it? For those with very dry skin, we can replace lotion products with body butter (more moisturizing). We should also re-apply lotion when our skin feels dry or if we are exposed to excessive air conditioning/cold weather. So don’t forget to bring Serenitree travel size lotion so you can easily carry it around!

Oh yes, one important note, lotions are not recommended to be used on the face, unless the product is specifically for the face. This is because the ingredients contained are too thick or contain ingredients that are too heavy. But we can still use this technique for facial moisturizers! Moisturized skin = easier to absorb!

When is the Right Time to Use Lotion ?

In addition to knowing the technique, we also have to know when is the right time and condition to use lotion. Of course, every day is the answer. Generally, the best time is right after a shower and before bed. But you can also reapply if your skin feels dry. 

Even the weather factor affects frequency! Dry and cold weather is a good time to reapply lotion frequently to avoid dry skin. Whereas in hot weather, the frequency may decrease. But remember, even in hot weather our skin still needs moisture. An alternative we can try to avoid the “sticky” feeling in hot weather is to look for lighter textured lotions. 

In conclusion, there is no silver bullet! To know which one works better, we should refer to these things.

Tips for Choosing Body Lotion

Not all individuals will be compatible with the same product, which is why we should do our research before choosing and using a lotion. The first and most important thing is to look at the moisturizing formulation. If you have dry skin, choose a body lotion that contains moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, or natural oils like almond oil or jojoba oil. For oily skin, choose a lighter body lotion, such as one with a non-comedogenic formula or one that contains ingredients like aloe vera.

Instead, avoid products with ingredients such as parabens or fragrances that are too strong because these may cause the risk of irritation. Especially for sensitive skin or children who are usually more vulnerable.

The second is to be careful with exaggerated claims. It is not uncommon to see lotion products with claims of instant “whitening” or brightening. Although not always, such products generally contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone or mercury. These ingredients may provide instant effects, but at the risk of health problems such as hormonal imbalances or skin cancer. Alternatively, we can look for safe natural brightening ingredients such as licorice root extract and coconut oil. 

The next tip is to pay attention to the texture and consistency of the lotion. Those of us with dry skin will need a lotion with a thicker consistency so that it can be more hydrating and long-lasting. Those with oily skin may need a light-textured lotion that is easy to absorb.

Lastly, make sure to always choose skincare products that are BPOM approved. This ensures that every product has been tested and is safe for us to use! Not only that, BPOM is also tasked with monitoring production so that the quality of the product is in accordance with health standards.

In conclusion, don’t let our negligence have adverse health effects! Most of the risks of dangerous skincare ingredients can be fatal. Although promised instant results, it will not be worth the risk. Let’s be a wise skincare user!

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