What Is The Function Of Bubble Bath For Skin & Body?

bubble bath

Bathing is not just for cleansing your body! You can get other benefits such as relaxing your mind or relieving muscle tension. One of the ways can be from “bubble bath”. For this particular method, Sereni-Trees will need a bathtub as her bathing medium! To know more about the function of bubble bath, tips and how to use it, make sure to read this article until the end!

What is the Function of Bubble Bath?

Bathing can be a means of me-time or self-care in the midst of a busy day. Similar to bubble bath, some of its functions for the body include:

  • Cleanse & detox skin

Of course, we don’t forget the main function of bathing, which is to cleanse the skin thoroughly! Dead skin cells, dirt, or sebum can be removed by taking a bubble bath. It’s like we’re detoxing and removing all the impurities from our skin.

  • Reduces muscle tension

Bubble baths generally use warm water to achieve their maximum function. The mixture of warm water and bubbles can relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and automatically relieve soreness! In addition, smooth blood circulation can make our skin more glowing and healthy!

  • Reduces stress levels & improves mood

As we have discussed, bubble bath also has a function for self-care. The scent of the soap coupled with the warm water and bubbles from the soap can make our body and mind more relaxed. We can also do other activities while soaking such as reading a book or watching our favourite shows. It’s quite fun to spend the day after work/school, isn’t it?

  • Nourish the skin

Usually, specialised soaps for bubble baths come with skincare ingredients, such as essential oils or vitamin E. So, besides cleansing, this activity can provide nourishment for our skin. Make sure to choose a soap without harsh chemicals such as SLS, phthalates, and the like!

  • Improving sleep quality

For Sereni-Trees who have trouble sleeping, you can try bubble bath as one of the solutions. This is because our body will feel warm afterwards so it will be easier to feel sleepy. Plus, the production of melatonin, the drowsiness-inducing hormone, increases! 

It turns out that even though we only bathe with bubbles, we get a lot of positive benefits for our bodies! Must try this, especially for those of you or your children who are often too lazy to bathe. 

Serenitree Bubble Bath Tips

Some of you might not have done bubble bath before so you might not know where to start. Don’t worry, Serenitree will provide a step-by-step guide for you to successfully make the foam/bubbles! All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Use warm water

The first step is to fill the bathtub with enough water. Generally, to achieve maximum benefits, we need to use warm temperature water. This also ensures that your body remains comfortable while soaking. Make sure it’s not too hot or cold, test it with your hands before soaking!

  • Choose the right product

To maximise the foam, we can choose a special bubble bath soap. Just pour enough according to the instructions and stir by hand to create foam. Make sure not to use too much product to avoid foam overload! You can also add other supporting products such as essential oils (as aromatherapy) or bath salt (relieves muscle tension, moisturises skin, exfoliates skin).

  • Pay attention to the duration of the bath

Although the bubble bath process is healthy for the body, we must make sure not to soak for too long! If your skin is exposed to warm water for too long, it can lose its natural oils. As a reference, you should only do this activity for 15-30 minutes maximum. An additional tip, bubble bath is more effective at night before bed.

  • Follow up with body lotion

This activity has the function of moisturising the skin, but we need to lock in the moisture with a body lotion afterwards. This is also to avoid dry skin from the warm water, especially if Sereni-Trees soak for too long! Make sure to choose a lotion with natural ingredients like Serenitree’s body lotion which is complete with olive oil, shea butter, and sunflower oil as natural moisturisers.

Look at how easy the steps are! This is a must-try for those of you who have a bathtub at home. If not, you can choose another alternative by using a large bucket/tub or do it when you are on a staycation/holiday in a hotel room with a bathtub.

Can I use Serenitree Body Wash for Bubble Bath?

Many of you may have sensitive skin, especially children, pregnant women, and mothers. Of course, you can’t just choose a soap product for a bubble bath! We have to make sure that the soap for bubble bath is free from ingredients such as alcohol and detergents (sodium laureth sulphate and cocami-dopropyl betaine). Also, we should also be aware that bubble bath soaps with too strong a scent can also be harmful to our health! What’s more, the soak lasts about 15-30 minutes, so if the ingredients are harmful or if we have allergies, the adverse effects are even greater!

The solution is to bubble bath using regular soap or Serenitree body wash (calming variant with soothing lavender essential oil). Granted, it won’t produce as much foam or smell as good, but the effect, experience and benefits are almost the same! You can also still add other products such as essential oils or bath salts to increase its effectiveness. The steps are the same, just pour in enough product and stir the water until it foams up.

Therefore, Sereni-Trees, don’t worry, because there is always a safe alternative for all skincare products and routines. We must not forget that the most important thing is to choose the safe solution. Don’t just want to follow the trend, we force the use or process of skincare that might harm us! Always remember, safety comes first!

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